The History, Mythology And Meaning of Aquarius Symbol

The History, Mythology And Meaning of Aquarius Symbol

The Aquarius symbol is represented by waves of the water also known as the "Water Bearer" or "Water Carrier."

Birth dates from January 20 to February 18 belong to the Aquarius symbol.

The people under this zodiac are naturally born to be generous and humanitarian - who will do everything they can to help other individuals around them.

Just like the water bearer which the Aquarius symbol represents, people who were born under this zodiac are known to be filling the world with love and generosity.

If you wish to know more about the Aquarius symbol, then you have reached the perfect page.

Just like the other zodiac symbols, the history of the Aquarius symbol is also broad and equally interesting.

Read further - you will find out more about its meaning and the Greek mythology behind it here.

The meaning of the aquarius symbol


The Aquarius symbol visibly represents the waves and current of water which also believed to be discovered during the ancient times.

The Babylonians are said to be among those who have originated the zodiac symbols.

They were very advanced with reading the sky, taking note of planetary developments and astrology during the ancient times.

The Aquarius symbol that we have embraced today, may have risen in Mesopotamia around 1000 BC - but the Babylonian astrology existed way earlier than that.

Aquarius is the 10th biggest zodiac constellation in the sky.

Aquarius symbol and constellation

The Babylonians also connected the Aquarius symbol and constellation to one of their gods named Ea - they then described the constellation as "The Great One."

The constellation when carefully connected will result into a form of a human who is pouring an unidentified liquid, and mostly assumed that it was water.

But the Greek mythology states that it was Ganymede - the cup bearer of the gods.

Get to hear more about this tale which was considered as the enchanting story behind the Aquarius symbol.



According to the Greek mythology, the Aquarius symbol symbolizes the youthful and handsome Prince Ganymede.

He was the son of Tros - the King of Dardania.

But other mythological versions say that Ganymede was the son of either Laomedon, Assaracus, Erichthonius, Ilus, or even Dardanus.

There are different versions of this story but still points to one name - Ganymede.

This boy was once considered to be the most beautiful human among the race of mortals.

Zeus was said to have fallen for the young man's beauty and wanted to bring him to Mount Olympus.

And so he did - Zeus transformed into a huge eagle and abducted Ganymede.

He brought the young Prince in Mount Olympus, made him a cup bearer of the gods, and given a power of immortality.

King Tros was compensated through receiving the most wonderful horses in return of his son's permanent position as the cup bearer.

He agreed upon Zeus' conditions and rewards because for him, having a son who is a cup bearer to gods is an honor.

From then on, Ganymede stayed at Mount Olympus to serve the gods by filling in their wine cups when emptied.

All the gods were happy with Ganymede's position as the cup bearer except for the wife of Zeus - Hera.

Hera knew that Zeus had fallen in love with the young man, and she felt very jealous but cannot do anything about it.

Greek Mythology and The Aquarius Symbol

Another version of this tale is - Aquarius was a god who once taken away the lives of people but eventually gave it back.

This is a very different story compared to the Zeus and Ganymede story.

The second version revolves around the couple named Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha.

Deucalion's father warned the couple that a disastrous flood was coming, and they both need to build a huge boat for them.

The couple immediately obeyed the command and took the warning seriously.

The horrible flood indeed came - it destroyed everything and everyone.

For nine days, they were inside their huge boat and survived the flood.

When the flood slowly went away, their huge boat duct at Mount Parnassus.

They heard the voice of a god which commanded them to toss rocks and stones at the shores.

While they were walking at the shores, they noticed that the rocks and stones they have tossed were turning into humans.

Right then, the couple together with the humans given by their god have slowly built a new life in Mount Parnassus.

In this version of the story, Aquarius was the god who has tested the humanity through a big flood and gave back the lost lives to start a new beginning after a disaster.

In general, the myth of Aquarius has a lot of different stories - but the one which involved Zeus and Ganymede is still the most popular one.

Most people believe that the Aquarius symbol originally came from the tale of Zeus and the young Prince named Ganymede.



Every zodiac symbol or an established glyph is mainly a piece of calligraphic art which represents a constellation form.

These symbols are placed in birth charts which will allow people to recognize zodiac symbols easily.

The most visible image of Aquarius symbol is the water wave which represents the water that the man in the constellation is carrying.

People choose to have the Aquarius symbol or the other zodiac symbols to be in their simplest form in order to present it more easily and can be pleasantly distinguished by everyone.

And looking closer the Aquarius symbol can tell more aspects other than just a water wave.

The Aquarius symbol also stands for the humanitarian - which makes everyone successful by reaching out to each and every individual who needs help.

Aquarius people can often make great connections with families, friends, colleagues, and even strangers.

Each zodiac symbol is a work of art that states a lot of meanings and stories when deeply examined.

If you are an Aquarius, then your symbol says so much more than just a water wave.

It goes beyond just having a clear connection with other individuals and being able to handle different situations.



Aquarius symbol simply signifies a water wave but it is connected with a humanitarian personality which always strives to spread human welfare on earth.

One of the most evident attributes of those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign is that they are thoughtful, generous and kind.

They are the type of people who can feel satisfaction once they have helped someone.

However, there are times when you may find that they are very private with their emotions and would choose to be alone.

On the contrary, these people can also become rebellious and irresponsible.

Aquarius people can become unpredictable - sometimes they can be very attached to everyone, then suddenly become detached.

In spite of the fact that they can be very reserved, they are likewise mostly very concerned with everyone that surrounds them - Aquarians will in general care especially for the welfare of others and the society.

This implies that Arians are compassionate people; you can oftentimes witness them battling and crusading against abuse.

If you belong in the Aquarius symbol, then you are a natural generous person who would not just sit and do nothing when someone is in need.



One of the greatest strengths of Aquarius people is being humanistic.

They can extend genuine empathy and concern to everyone they connect with every day.

These people can share everything they have even if nothing's left for them.

This is a very attractive personality of all the Aquarius people which also carries the true meaning of the Aquarius symbol.

They are likewise intelligent and dependable the reason why everybody trust them to be their leaders.

These people always come with fast and effective ideas.

Aquarius people always excel in everything they do as a result of their intelligence.

They always use this ability to succeed in work or even in daily life challenges.

These people oftentimes do very well at work or in any activities especially if it involves analyzing.

They are full of initiative and eagerness to finish a given task successfully.

Another strength of Aquarius people is being resourceful, they can easily adapt in any tough situations.

Aquarius people are resourceful

They always come up with an inventive idea or creative ways to solve a problem.

People under Aquarius zodiac can also be very sociable - they are very friendly in nature.

These people are mostly popular in circles because they are good at entertaining companions.

They can build a very nice connection with their friends and even with people that they have just met.

These people can also become independent - they can always find a way to be financially and emotionally stable.

They can live with their own resources without bothering other people around.

Aquarius people can definitely stand on their own because they have strong personalities which oftenly result into becoming independent.



Aquarius people also have dark sides just like any other humans.

One of these traits is being rebellious - they can be very wild and go out of their usual self.

This is a result of their desire to be on top or being noticed always.

Once these people are ignored, they can get offended and hurt.

Aquarius symbol secrets

If you are one of these people, it would be best to train yourself to accept the fact that you cannot always get everyone's attention.

And - your family and real friends will still love you no matter what.

People under the Aries zodiac can also become very unpredictable at times.

They become hard to read and suddenly shift from one emotion to another.

These abrupt changes are hard for them to control - and people around might find it really weird.

If you know someone like this, it is best to just give them time to loosen up because insisting to make them act normal would not really help.

And if you are one of these people who suffer from being unpredictable, it would be best to find a way to lighten up your mood like music or your favorite food.

Another weak side of being an Aquarius is being emotionally detached.

Oftentimes they are very concern and sensitive with everything that is happening around, but there are also times when they do not care at all.

These people suddenly become cold and find it hard to connect with people's emotions.

There are also times when they tend to back off with relationships when it is about to become seriously deep.

They have a fear of being too emotionally attached with a person because they think that it would eventually fail and weaken them.

Individuals under the zodiac sign Aquarius are also constantly inclined to being stubborn since they will oftenly close their brains for other individuals' thoughts.

They are sure with their ideas enough, and this makes them believe that nobody else is better than them.

In the event that you were born under Aquarius, you should prepare yourself on how to accept somebody else's ideas.

You need to train yourself to open up, embrace and consider other individuals' opinions.

By doing this, you will end up being a progressively powerful leader and a blessing to the people around you.

Aquarius people are decisive

Aquarius individuals are also extremist - they cannot have decisions in between.

It will always be all or nothing for them.

This ability is prone to be taken advantage by people who would ask more than what they need from them.

On the other hand, this trait can also cause trouble since they always give their all.

If you are an Aquarius, you might have noticed this personality from you.

And to avoid having complications, it would be best to train yourself to reserve something for yourself.

It is always a good deed to help other individuals around, but if you have given everything you have, there is no assurance if people will help you the way you did.

Continue becoming a good person - but do not forget to put yourself first.