Aries Dates & How to Tell if You Are a True Aries

How to Tell if You Are a True Aries - 8 Personality Secrets

Aries Dates - How to Tell if You're a True Aries 

The Aries personality is considered as one of the strongest zodiac signs. Aries always have a thirst for adventure and spontaneity.

Do you always rummage through a pile of articles and aries dates to check if you’re an Aries or not? 

Are you always curious about what your sign means but you’re just too lazy to read hundreds of articles online?

Here’s your all-in guide on how to tell if you’re a true Aries and other interesting personality facts and traits you should know about this zodiac sign.

Before we proceed, let’s have a quick look at astrology and zodiac signs.

Many people are fascinated by astrology and zodiac signs.

It’s such a great feeling when you read about your zodiac sign and how well it matches your personality and your most recent experiences.

But what exactly is astrology and why are zodiac signs so important? 

Astrology allows us to understand how the sun, moon, stars and planets influence our lives and our character, traits, flaws and preferences.

All these are revealed through the 12 zodiac signs, with Aries taking the lead.

Now let’s get to know the accurate Aries dates and what encompasses this interesting zodiac sign.

How can you really tell if you’re a true blue Aries personality?


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Aries Dates & How to Tell if You Are a True Aries


The Day You Were Born - Aries Dates

Aries is ruled by Mars and symbolized by the ram.

If you’d like to know if you’re a true Aries, dates should be the first thing on your mind. 

Aries people are those born between March 21 and April 19.

In astrology, your zodiac sign (sun sign or star sign) is determined by the sun’s position at the moment of your birth.

The sun travels through all twelve zodiac signs in a year but changes happen when a leap year occurs.

This means that Aries dates may change from one leap year to another.

It can occasionally fall between the 20th and 21st of March and end at 19th or 20th of April.

The rule of thumb is to stick to the typical March 21 to April 19 date coverage or just double check the calendar if you are not so sure about it

Another area of concern with Aries dates and other zodiac signs is its relationship with the changing positions of the constellations.

The good news is, astronomy and astrology are two different things and any constellation change will not affect the dates or bring forth an extra zodiac sign at all.

Truth is, astrology makes use of “artificial” constellations instead of following the movement of the visible stars.

the difference between astronomy and astrology

1. You Are a Fun Person - Aries Personality

You often have the biggest smile and the loudest laugh in the entire room.

After getting angry, you can easily go back to your cheerful and funny vibe.

As a hard worker, you also play hard. 

Quality time through outdoor activities and gatherings with friends matter a lot to you.

2. You Are Fearless and Adventurous

Aside from being the pioneer of the zodiac and a born leader, an Aries person is someone who is completely fearless.

The sight of new grounds, new challenges, and a new environment never intimidates an Aries.

You are brave as can be, and you are always excited for a new day and a new set of challenges.  

You don’t believe in to-do lists, what you want are quick decisions and instant actions.

You always go beyond your comfort zone and you also don’t dwell on past failures and mistakes.

Aries likes adventure

3. You Are Ambitious

An amazing fact about people born within Aries dates is that many famous celebrities have this zodiac sign.

The list includes Robert Downey Jr., Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

Evidently, Aries people are ambitious and driven.

Being the only cardinal fire sign, an Aries personality like you is someone who is always after something. 

Your aim is to always strive for more and move forward.

But, this trait can sometimes be unhealthy and may lead to overachievement.

The Aries Zodiac Sign is ambitious

4. You desire to be “Number 1.”

The Aries dates mark the beginning of the 12-month astrological cycle.

Aside from being the first in line, an Aries like you always desires to be on the top spot.

Being second best will never satisfy you.

You always want the spotlight, you crave to be the leader of the pack and you have the burning desire to be number one.

You always want to lead the group and you never miss a chance to take initiative in just about anything.

You make the first move in group projects, work assignments and other group-related activities.

You have the unending desire to lead but sometimes it goes over the top to the point that you come off as a rude and self-centered person to others.

As an Aries, you also have the power to make people follow your lead.

Unfortunately, you are not a good follower, and you disregard other people’s opinions. 

Sometimes, you become too commanding and too competitive and these are the things you will need to improve on as an Aries person.

Another downside is that you jump from one battle to another.

You never really finish anything for you are always on the run to lead a new team and start a new game.

Aries and the astrological cycle

5. You Don’t Accept Defeat

Your desire to lead comes with your desire to win.

Losing is never an option for you. 

Your willingness to win comes from the fact that an Aries is a cardinal sign.

You will risk everything just to win, no matter how small or big the battle may be.

Aries people want to win

6. You Are Independent

As a person born in the Aries dates, begging for help is not in your dictionary. 

You see yourself as a strong and independent person who does not need a helping hand.

People find it hard to offer help, and it would take them several times before you accept the kind gesture.

Another thing is that sometimes you become too independent that you want things to go your way.

You become a rebel who won’t even listen and accept what people have to say.

People under the Aries Symbol are independent

7. You Are Straightforward

Sugarcoating things is not part of your system.

You find it hard to hold back and think twice before saying a word. 

When friends ask you for advice, you keep it real and tell them what they need to hear.

Being straightforward and real is fine, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little sensitive to how others would feel.

As a person born within the Aries dates, you also dislike drama, excuses, and anything that seems fake.

You have high regard for honesty and you expect people to be as honest as you are.


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Aries Dates & How to Tell if You Are a True Aries


Aries are fiery and passionate

8. You Are Fiery And Passionate

As the only cardinal fire sign in the zodiac, a fiery and passionate nature is common for an Aries personality person.

You are likely to get angry at the slightest of things. You often do or say things without thinking twice. 

Furthermore, a person born in the Aries dates is always passionate and excited about something.

Yet, too much passion is not good, and it can easily turn an Aries into an impulsive and controlling individual.

If you’ve checked your calendar and said yes to almost everything stated above, then you really are born under the Aries zodiac sign.

Your leadership skills, creativity, positivity, fearlessness and love for adventure makes you a great leader, life partner, friend and colleague.

Meanwhile, your fiery, blunt, impulsive and selfish attitude can earn you enemies and bad impressions.

This zodiac sign does not end with just having the correct Aries dates.

It also involves knowing the perfect balance between being a good leader and follower, a listener and a friend and being a winner and a fair fighter.

Being the firstborn in the circle of zodiac signs, an Aries person like you should always maintain a good balance of everything to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings with the rest of the group.

The Aries zodiac sign is, in fact, an interesting part of the 12 zodiac signs.

It shows the importance of having a burning fire within you and having a winning attitude in every given life situation.

For the rest of the zodiac signs, keep in mind that Aries are lovable people.

Knowing an Aries person is like having a loyal companion, a motivated leader, and a passionate partner in your life.

The Moon in Aries

The Moon in Aries

Let's make a quick recap for those of you who are not familiar with the difference between the Sun sign and the Moon sign.

Your Sun sign has to do with the date you were conceived.

On the other hand, the exact date and time you were born determines your Moon sign. 

The Moon moves relatively fast in each zodiac and only remains there for two days, which is why it is important to determine one's moon sign by knowing the exact time of birth.

Your moon sign can be determined by your natal chart, or what is popularly known as your astrological chart.

It is a comprehensive guide to the placement of the stars and planets during the exact moment you were born. 

Aries Dates Sun Sign

The Moon sign is next to the Sun and it is just as important as it determines our propensities, inner feelings, raw emotions, and reactions to certain circumstances in life.

This teaches us about our dark side, our weaknesses, shortcomings and strengths, and the things we want to feel happy and optimistic with.

It exposes our innermost yearnings and our psychological and instinctive existence. 

Moon sign is very different from the Sun sign as the latter only represents what is on the surface and what's predicted in your zodiac.

As someone with the moon in Aries, you are the fierce leader and trailblazer.

Within an Arian, the Moon sign drives emotions and strong feelings, including the passion of this sign to innovate, spearhead things and blaze their own trail.

One of the dominant qualities that you will find in an Aries is your need for creativity, getting something off the ground, or leading a mission or plan.

The trailblazer in you is always excited about new beginnings, and you will always be more than willing to lead the way, no matter how tough it may be.

Your spirit is ignited by new things and you are always searching for places where you can work on your own terms.

If you have the Aries moon sign, what you can do is to take deep breaths and learn to take things slow. 

The moon in Aries also influences you to be full of life and positive vibes. You know where to utilize your energies and you know how to accomplish and fulfill your needs. 

You have more than enough power and spirit in you that it can sometimes make or break you.

Your limitless energy influences you to be creative and hardworking but it can also lead you to wrong decisions and impulsive choices.

Lastly, the Aries moon is also known for its independent and idealistic behavior.

This person is willing to fight all odds and go through aches and pains just to make sure they accomplish their goals.

Additionally, they do not like conforming to rules or standards and what they want is to build their own empire and succeed in it. 

This may sound good, but displaying excess idealism and independence can set you up for failures and mistakes at times.

Aries Eminent Personalities

Aries Eminent Personalities

There are several celebrities born with the Aries zodiac sign.

They exude the amazing traits of a true blue Arian.

Music industry is comprised of notable Arians such as Diana Ross, Selena and Jessie J.

This sign is also filled with people from the showbiz industry such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Shannen Doherty, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon and Leighton Meester.

There are also Arians in the field of  xfg basketball such as Kyrie Irving, Chris Bosh, Kyle Lowry, Brook Lopez and Quinn Cook. 

Dating an Aries

Dating an Aries

First thing to note is that an Aries loves freedom so never make your Arian lover feel tied down or locked up. 

They do not have the habit of following rules or standards so be sure to avoid restricting them and give them time to spend alone and unplug.

Nevertheless, you should also try to make them feel that you are concerned and you love them. 

Another thing is that Arians are ambitious and passionate so be sure to have at least the same amount of drive and motivation when with this sign.

As a fire sign, you can also expect them to have a burning passion and a fiery response to things. 

They love a good argument so make sure to come prepared and try to fight for your point in a good way at least.

Also make sure to come up with twists and turns because this sign dislikes routine and repetitive things. 

Aries Dates: Birthstone

Aries Dates: Birthstone

Diamond is the toughest natural substance when it comes to jewelries. 

Probably because of its beauty, clarity and durability, this stone is indeed every woman’s best friend in the world of jewelry. 

Aries, meanwhile, is represented by the Ram and is known in the zodiac wheel as the most hard-headed sign. 

Those with the Aries sign are fearless and are never afraid of dark paths and unknown directions.

Although this may seem like a good thing, it can expose a ram to potential dangers and unfortunate events.

Diamonds represent purity and simplicity more than just their physical beauty and clarity.

It simply means that Diamonds will help the Aries native think rationally and make sound decisions. 

This brilliant gem helps an Arian to stay grounded and connected to the physical world.

It allows the eager ram to pause and take a break from a busy day. 

In fact, Diamonds are subjected to intense pressure for the longest time before they reach the market, and this can be directly compared with how an Aries is able to go through struggles just to claim victory.

A great bonus for Aries is that Diamonds always attract wealth and prosperity, and that's something Arians would certainly like.

Not All Aries People Are The Same

The Takeaway

Not all Arians are the same. Some are smart enough to cultivate their strengths and mitigate their weak sides.

Many simply can not find a perfect balance between what traits should be adjusted and what should be maximized. 

The attributes of Aries always consists of things that benefit society and the workplace.

An Aries completes the zodiac wheel with its powerful leadership skills, zest for life and passionate personality, and this is something that the rest of the signs should definitely recognize.

Overall, there are cool qualities in an Arian that may seem easy to handle.

The main point is to let them do their own thing, but never be afraid to talk when you feel things are not heading in the right direction.

Just like any other signs, there is always a long way to go with an open mind and a giving heart.