Top 10 Aries Eminent Personality Traits You Should Know

Top 10 Aries Personality Traits You Should Know

Top 10 Aries Eminent Personalities Traits You Must Know

Aries (March 21 - April 19) is the official zodiac baby. Not only is it the very first sign of the zodiac, but it also represents the earliest stage of life—infancy to seven.

If you’re a Ram, chances are you got a couple of Aries eminent personalities without even knowing about it. It’s that or you’re just too stubborn to admit that you’re a classic Aries.

Well, being stubborn is a big part of your personality, so no surprises there.

Let’s dig deeper on what makes you Rams unique in this little Aries crash course we’ve prepared for everyone out there—Aries or not.

By the end of this article, you’ll know more about your sign and ultimately, yourself!

But before diving on the Aries eminent personalities that you Rams have, let’s refresh your Astrology 101.

This sign symbolizes birth and in turn, a new beginning on the life cycle.

This explains their childlike energy and their innate desire to start things off.  

Another characteristic that will follow Aries no matter where is their fiery personality. 

Aries is a sign that belongs to the fire element and is ruled by Mars. Their bold nature really checks out.

Brave, trendsetter and maybe just a tad bit impulsive—Does this sound like any Aries in your life?

They’ve got this unapologetic Go Go Go personality that both brings out their good and bad side.

Like the cardinal signs that they are, Aries are natural instigators.

They’re ready to charge ahead and even rally people behind them. 

Their charismatic nature contributes to their strong leadership sense.

But as said before, their Go Go Go personality also brings out their bad side.

We’re talking about fiery Rams after all, so it’s expected that they got tons of stories involving sudden fits of rage. 

And not to mention a long list of unfinished arguments.

Aries individuals are really proving to be a raw force—you just don’t know what’s gonna happen with them around. 

Is the night gonna finish with an Aries starting a massive moshpit at a concert or are you gonna find yourself a part of a fistfight? 

Lucky for all the non-Aries around, you got this handy cheat sheet so you can smoothly navigate your relationship with them.

And for all you Aries reading this, continue below so you can understand yourself better.

Who knows, you might discover a thing or two about yourself that you’ve never noticed before.


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Top 10 Aries Eminent Personality Traits You Should Know


Ten Aries Eminent Personalities

You’re the definition of #BOSS.

Like the first in zodiac signs, Aries individuals have a strong tendency to lead.

They have a great sense of purpose and they know the value of marching towards the goals that they’ve set.

They are indeed natural leaders, there’s no doubt about that.

We should also note that these fiery Rams are always up for a challenge, something all ambitious people have in common.

Apart from all these, what makes Aries individuals great leaders are their ability to bring people together.

As long as they’ve got the drive and a vision, the people around the Rams will be more than happy to follow their lead.

Think Lady Gaga, a true Aries with a #BossBabe attitude in life. Not to mention she got actual legions of followers.

She’s an Aries Queen we’ll definitely follow for life.

People under the Aries Zodiac Sign are like a Boss

Rams are competetive . . .maybe even a liitle too competetive.

If you want to win, make sure you’ve got an Aries in your team.

These are the people who would literally break a leg (doesn’t always mean their leg) just to win the game.

If you’re an Aries, you have to admit that you get your kick on anything that remotely resembles a competition.

Especially if there’s a trophy, doesn’t matter how small it is, you’ve got your game face on and you’re ready to beat these suckers.

If you ever find yourself in a friendly game of table tennis opposing an Aries, best believe you won’t find a friend across the table.

All you’ll see is a beast ready to pounce on any chance available.

This competitive side is a major part of Aries eminent personalities that falls under the grey area.

We can’t deny that having the drive to reach a goal is something we should all have but if that drive turns us into someone who can no longer recognize the value of healthy competition—that’s when we should all rethink our actions.

Aries are like Rams and very competitive

You do you, 24/7. 

You try to be the human form of the 100 emoji, just as you’re thought by Queen Gina Linetti. These Rams are confident.

They take care of their outward appearance and their style plays a big role in that.

Catch them strutting their stuff on a bold piece of clothing. If they know they got the stuff, they’ll be sure to flaunt it.

But that level of confidence doesn’t stop there.

They have a strong sense of self—they stand by their goals, values, and ideals.

And they’re not scared to voice them out. This potentially leads to an argument (a neverending one), but more on that later!

Aries love to be the center of attention

Admit it, you love it when all eyes are on you.

Yes, you do you. But sometimes you do you too much.

Your attention-seeking tendencies are made even worse by your natural talent of luring people over.

The saying ‘All attention is good attention’ speaks to you on a spiritual level.

You just can’t help it, you thrive in a social setting.

But careful, you know you’ll eventually mess up, everyone does. 

And if you’re under all these people’s scrutiny, that tiny blunder can warp into a massive career-ending oopsie. (Read: Logan Paul. Though his blunder was nowhere tiny, to begin with. And yes, you guys have the same sun sign, you just have to live with that. )

Aries like all eyes on them during a social party

You are a brave mama bear.

You value friendship above all else. Your loyalty is built upon mutual trust so of course, you can get overprotective with your friends.

You’re the resident Mama Bear of the group and you wear that like a badge.

If anyone, and we mean anyone, messes with one of your friends, you’ll be sure to return the favor.

On your own, you can kick ass. You’re just naturally brave like that.

But with friends, that courage multiplies and you become stronger as you protect someone. 

Mars ruling your sign explains this as well as the Aries, being the cardinal fire sign.

Ultimately, this is one of the Aries eminent personalities that makes you one of the best friends to have in the long haul.

If you’re not an Aries, take this as a sign to thank all the Aries friends in your life.

Aries find friendship more important than everything else

You’re a little impatient (a lot.)

If you want something, you want that now. Like the complete Diva that you are, impatience runs through your veins.

Blame it on your fire sign that you have a hard time sitting still.

Though, since you’re an Aries, if you do want something, you’ll get it done yourself.

So, props I guess? You’d rather do it alone than wait for someone to finish it. 

But it could’ve been done either way; you were just too impatient to let someone do their job.

Whether you admit it or not this impatience not only translates to things getting done quickly but also to people in general.

You can be seen as quite insensitive or cold. 

You’re not as emotionally equipped like the water signs so it’s easy for you to disregard others’.

Unchecked, this can make you a narrow-minded individual who only sees her own way. 

That kind of mentality will not only make the people around you suffer but it’ll destroy you as well.

The minute that you lose yourself in this selfish way of thinking, you’d create a rift between the people that are important to you that may be unmendable.

Aries sign people only need one loyal friend

TBH, you’re too honest for your own good. (But don’t change)

You can crap about Ariens’ unfiltered mouth all day long, but you’ll have to admit that you’d have a hard time finding a dishonest Aries around.

They’re frank and their words will cut but what you see is what you get. No masks here just real, raw people.

If you want brutal honesty, best believe an Aries will tell what you need to hear—no matter how dark and heavy it gets.

You don’t want someone who’ll sugarcoat things for you in the long run.

Keep an Aries beside you for an honest friend who’ll give it to you 100 percent.

Impulsive is your middlename. 

You talk a big game, but sadly you don’t always follow through.

You’ve got an active mind that is easily stimulated by anything that’s interesting for you.

It doesn’t matter how small, random and incredibly niche it is; when you find something you think will be worth your time, you’ll try it at least once.

And sadly after that first try, you immediately lose interest.

That’s the thing with Aries, they burst like sparkles: abrupt, intense heat that fizzles out right after.

This is one of the Aries eminent personalities that is hard to grow out of but just like every trait, all you need is a proper balance.

People under the Aries zodiac sign are full of positive energy

You’re a chunk full of positive energy. 

For some, you’re a grumpy bossy Ram and that’s true in some level, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have a good time.

You enjoy making people laugh and entertaining a huge crowd doesn’t phase you.

You’d most likely steal the spotlight from the actual host of a party, but you don’t care about that. (You actually do.)

As a fire sign, Rams are innately warm people who’re very easy to approach.

They’re just not in touch with their emotional side so their sense of empathy gets lost in the way but once you’ve earned their interest and trust, you’ve one yourself a loyal friend.

‘Yelling! Angry! Waving my hands a lot! Specific point of view on things!’

Question is this a quote by Schmidt from the movie 22 Jump Street or is this you as your argument reaches its climax?

Chances are, it’s both. That’s just how you operate.

You’re a stubborn Ram who can never lose an argument. No matter how small it is.

Your views and morals have a tight grip on you.

This is one of the Aries eminent personalities that is mostly related to your sign and we both know why.

You have a hard time masking emotions, that’s part of your honesty.

However, this makes it hard for you to calm down once an argument or confrontation is happening. 

You’ll have no control over your emotions once drama ensues.

Your voice might get louder and your face—redder by the minute, but that’s it. After that, you’re done. 

You don’t hold grudges. You just need to say your piece.

That’s the upside to your nature. 

Your anger might blow but it’ll fizz out. No beating around the bush, just facing the problem head-on.

Your energy can be overwhelming for some people—what’s normal for you may seem a a little too extra for others.

But all the more reason to be proud of your Aries eminent personalities!

You have a strong sense of self.

You know deep down what you want and you’re steadily marching for that goal. 

That’s what most of us wishes to have on a good day anyway and that drive just comes naturally for you.

You should be proud. However, you forget your limitations and boundaries once you start pursuing your interests.

Find someone who can ground you, someone who can keep up with your crazy antics.

A person who can keep you in balance—someone who can be your peace. ‘Cause let’s be honest you need to chill out.