A Closer Look at Aries: The 20 Secrets Of The Aries Personality

A Closer Look at Aries: The 20 Secrets Of The Aries Personality

A Closer Look at Aries: The 20 Secrets Of The Aries Personality

Arians are passionate people so as soon as something piques their interest then they will surely put all of their time and effort into it until they make things happen.

Are you born under the Aries sign?

Do you want to feel closer to it? If so, then this post is definitely where you need to be.

This article will serve as your guide in understanding how the Aries horoscope works.

We’ll give you a closer look at the world of Aries such as the meaning of its symbol along with some of the trademark Aries personality and characteristics.  

So, with that being said, let’s start with a quick introduction to Aries.


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A Closer Look at Aries The 20 Secrets Of The Aries Personality


Aries Personality: The First Zodiac Sign

Aries is the first of the 12 zodiac signs in the astrological chart and applies on people who are born in dates of March 21 to April 19.

It is represented by the symbol of a ram, listed as a fire sign, and ruled by the planet of Mars

The Ram defines the Aries Symbol

Aries: Symbol and the Meaning behind It

The Aries zodiac sign is represented by the symbol and glyph of a head of a ram, which is a sheep with massive curved horns.

There have been a lot of speculations as to what its symbol truly means but the explanation that makes the most sense is that it represents their vigorous personality and tendency to face challenges head-on.


After giving you a quick introduction to the Aries zodiac sign and symbol, let’s go straight ahead to our discussions about the Aries personality.

Arians are known to have bold characteristics which can sometimes get them into trouble.

But despite their strong-willed selves, they are some of the best persons you will ever meet.

Are you ready to know more about their traits?

Then let’s first take a look at the things that make Arians the way they are.

Aries Personality: Planet, Quality, Element

1. Planet 

One of the primary reasons why Arians have fiery Aries personality is the fact that they are ruled by the planet of Mars.

Known in mythology as the God of war, Mars is popular for having bold characteristics such as being driven, ambitious, passionate, and extremely determined about solving problems or achieving goals.

In addition to that, Mars is also known for being competitiveness, courage, assertiveness, energy, and violent tendencies at times.

The planet of Mars encourages people to give their best in everything they do, and these things give Arians their bold, fearless, and daring nature.

how the planet mars is related to aries

2. Quality 

Thanks to their Cardinal quality, Arians have great leadership skills that go well with their other Aries personality traits.

They are clever, ambitious, driven, and very active in achieving their goals.

Cardinal girls and gents are very enthusiastic when it comes to starting projects, they can also be too focused on the things that they are doing that they may ignore everyone else around them.  

But since they are more of initiators than doers and finishers, they tend to lose their interest in their ventures and just start another one along the way.

Aries girls are very enthusiastic on projects

3. Element 

Aries is ruled by the element of Fire.

Signs that are under the element of fire are known for their bold and fiery personality.

They are not the type that you can push to the sidelines for so long because they know how to fight back and rise up to the occasion.

People whose signs are ruled by this element tend to be impressively courageous, spontaneous, and creative.

They are also considered great lovers and are very skilled in the bed department.

However, Arians and other folks who are born with the fire element also often come across too strong, hot-headed, and self-centered.

They can have an ego and bluntness that will rub people the wrong way. So yes, they are not the type of people you want to mess with.

Aries is ruled by the element of fire

Aries Personality: Strengths

4. Dauntless 

Arians are naturally courageous.

They love to be challenged and are not afraid to be in situations they are not familiar with.

The fearless nature of Arians allows them to face any problem and work their way out it with ease.  

Aries are courageous

5. Independent

Being independent is something that is inherent among Aries folks.

Arians don’t need other people to do stuff for them as they are more likely to accomplish it themselves.

They like to keep things going and are always ready to do anything with or without company.

Aries are independent

6. Competitive

Aries peeps are highly competitive too, whether it is a debate about random stuff or a friendly competition with loved ones, Arians always do their best to come out on top.

While this can be a bad thing depending on the situation, it is a good one most of the time as being extremely driven can help them succeed in anything they do in life.

Aries are highly competitive

7. Has a Zest for Life

Arians desire to live their lives the way they want it to, so you can bet that they will put their whole heart in anything and everything they do.

They have this positive aura that just radiates and affects other people around them.

Arians appreciate life so much that they intend to fill it with as much happiness, excitement, and meaning as possible.

8. Passionate

People who are born under this sign will give their whole heart in anything that interests them whether it’s a school project, a work-related task, or a relationship with someone they admire.

9. Adventurous

Another classic Aries personality is being naturally adventurous.

People who are born under this zodiac sign love to take risks and are always looking for new ways to experience a rush of adrenaline pump through their veins.  

The Aries zodiac sign loves adventures

10. Strong Sense of Justice

If there’s something that you can really trust Arians on is that they firmly believe in justice.

They will always stand up for their loved ones and fight for what they believe is right even if it lands them in trouble.

Aries relies on justice

Aries Personality: Weaknesses

11. Stubborn

Arians can be inherently stubborn especially when someone is trying to change their opinion about something.

This makes it very hard to deal with them at times.

12. Single-Minded

Aries folks can become so focused on what they are doing that they will literally ignore everything and everyone else in their environment.

13. Arrogant

One of the biggest downfalls of Arians is their arrogance.

Aries folks tend to have fixed opinions and beliefs that are almost impossible to change.

This trait makes it very difficult for them to accept that not everyone shares the same views and may, therefore, make them come off as very insensitive of other people’s emotions.

14. Hot-Headed

Since Aries is a fire sign and ruled by the planet of Mars, which is as you may know was named after the mythological God of War, it should be no surprise that Arians can sometimes be very bad-tempered.

The short patience of Aries folks especially towards people who are their exact opposites is the primary reason why they lose their temper faster than other zodiac signs.

15. Impulsive

Arians don’t like to wait and think about each move they are going to make that’s why most often than not, they tend to go with the first thought that enters their mind.

This trait can be harmful especially when they go shop for things or make an important decision.

16. Annoyingly Blunt

People who are born under this sign have a telling-it-like-it-is attitude.

They can be painfully candid about anyone they notice and tend to voice out their opinions with little to no regards to that person’s feelings.

17. Aggressive

Arians love to get physical whether in sports or fight.

Partnered with their highly competitive and confrontational nature, the aggressiveness of Arians will have them involved in sticky situations more times than what they want to.

This also gives them a reputation for being troublemakers.

Aries are aggressive

Aries Personality: Family, Friends, and Love

18. Family 

Their short temper and competitive nature will most often result in fights with their siblings.

But despite their frequent sibling trouble, Arians are very supportive, loving, and loyal to their family.

You can count on Arians to protect their loved ones as much as they can.

Family is everything for Aries people

19. Friends

The competitive, bad-tempered, and impatient nature of Aries folks will likely lead to some friction with their friends as well.

And although these traits may cause them to lose some of their so-called ‘friends’, Arians will stand up for the people they are close to whenever the situation calls for it.

20. Love 

Aries are naturally romantic and sexy, making them excellent lovers.

However, when it comes to relationships, they tend to look for their equal.

That’s the reason why if their partner doesn’t have a similar personality as them, they tend to end the relationship without giving it any second thoughts.

Aries are naturally romantic

Top Reasons Why You Should Be Proud That You Are an Aries

1.    Your determination to achieve your goals in life is exceptional.

2.    You are dauntless, the courage that you have is special and unmatched compared to other signs.

3.    It’s easy for you to get along with people due to your warm and welcoming personality. You’ll surely have no problems making friends wherever you may go.

4.    You are highly creative.

5.    You are an expert in the bed department. *wink*

6.    You work hard and play harder.

7.    You are ready to fight for your loved ones. In a world filled with hate, it’s important to have people like you who are ready to get dirty just to protect the people they love.


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A Closer Look at Aries The 20 Secrets Of The Aries Personality


Famous People Who Are Born Under the Aries Zodiac Sign

1.    Robert Downey Jr.

2.    Lady Gaga

3.    Emma Watson

4.    Marlon Brando

5.    Vincent Van Gogh

These are the things you need to know about the Aries horoscope, symbol, and Aries personality.

Hopefully, this post brought you closer to your zodiac sign and made you feel like each quality you have finally made sense.