The Most Interesting Things About The Aries Symbol

The Most Interesting Things About The Aries Symbol

The Aries symbol is represented by an image of a ram which symbolizes courage, strength, leadership and dignity.

Just like a ram, people born under the Aries zodiac are determined and fearless.

But to dig deeper of where the Aries symbol originated, there is actually one interesting tale about it from the ancient times.

Just like the other zodiac symbols, the ram is not only based on the constellation form in the skies - but it has more wonderful untold mythical stories beyond.

Read further to unfold the hidden interesting tales behind the Aries symbol.

Aries Symbol Meaning in Astrology

The Aries Symbol Meaning in Astrology

The Aries symbol is a disentangled picture of the ram's horn which both the zodiac name and the symbol have been discovered for a very long time.

The Babylonian or Mesopotamian are the said to be among those who have originated the zodiac symbols.

They were very advanced with reading the sky, taking note of planetary developments, and astrology during the ancient times.

The zodiac signs and symbols that we have embraced today, may have risen in Mesopotamia around 1000 BC.

Yet - Babylonian astrology most likely existed way back older than that.

As of now, we have the idea that Babylonians associated the Zodiac sign to the ram but it actually did not start that way.

Early Babylonian astrology considered the sign and its heavenly body the Agrarian worker - most likely as a result of its beginning at the Spring equinox.

That was the moment at which warmth and light have returned.

Hence, the farmers got the chance to work their fields and plant crops again.

Unlike some of the other star constellations, the Aries symbol cannot be visibly seen in the star alignments.

The purpose behind the name and the symbol of the Aries zodiac may rather be identified with some Babylonian mythology.



Aries or "ram" in Latin have a zodiac symbol of a ram, and its tale started from an act of heroism.

According to Greek mythology, the backstory of the ram symbol has another tale which involves the king of gods - Zeus.

Zeus' wife named Hera was once being deeply admired by an evil King named Ixion.

Zeus heard about Ixion's evil plans which was to seduce and abduct his wife.

He abruptly made his own plan to stop Ixion from taking away his wife away from him.

He took a small amount of cloud and created a cloud-nymph or a divine spirit who exist in a human form.

He made it look exactly like Hera to confuse Ixion and named it Nephele.

Nephele was made by Zeus to trap and reveal the dark secrets of the evil King Ixion.

Zeus release Nephele and successfully made Ixion thought that it was Hera.

Ixion and Nephele had a romantic affair - Zeus have seen everything and proved that king Ixion was really after his wife.

He then sent King Ixion to Tartarus for an eternal punishment.

Nephele was left alone and later found out that she was pregnant with King Ixion's child.

She gave birth of a supernatural being, a half-man and half-horse or also known as the first Centaur.

Zeus set her free to the earth to take away her loneliness and she met a King named Athamas.

She had a romantic affair with King Athamas and got pregnant again.

But unfortunately, the King left Nephele for another woman named Ino.

Nephele remained strong after all the unlucky incidents and gave birth to a twin.

She named the boy Phrixus and the girl was named Helle - the twins grew up as good children.

But Ino, the new wife of King Athamas, wanted to erase everything between Nephele and him.

Much worser, she wanted the kids dead.

She planted an evil plan where she began roasting all the crop seeds of the town to prevent these from growing.

Ino also paid the farmers to spread a lie and told everyone that the oracle or the speaker of the gods demanded to offer Phrixus and Helle to the gods to solve the problem.

Nephele cannot do anything about it and just prayed to the gods to ask for help.

Zeus heard her prayers and sent a golden-fleeced ram with ivory wings - it was named Chrysomallus.

The ram rescued the children of Nephele just when they were about to be killed.

Chrysomallus let the children hop on to its back and flew away from the chaos.

Ino was very frustrated and failed her evil plans.

The ram continued flying swiftly together with the children and commanded them to never look down.

But after a long fly, Helle forgot the command and suddenly looked down the beautiful sea.

She slipped off from the ram's back, lost her balance, and fell in the vast ocean.

Helle unfortunately died in the sea and people later called the sea as "Hellespont" or sea of Helle.

While Phrixus, managed to hold on though very devastated by his sister's loss.

They landed in a mysterious place of Colchis; the furthest town of the Greek world.

The ram commanded Phrixus to take him in the forest and offer the ram in the grove of Ares.

Phrixus obeyed what the ram said and hang its golden fleece in a branch of a huge tree.

The braveness of the ram remained heroic and Chrysomallus' soul was honored by placing it in the skies as the constellation of Aries.

And that was where the ram symbol came from which states that it is not just an ordinary symbol - it is a symbol of courage and strength.



Every zodiac symbol or an established glyph is mainly a piece of calligraphic art which represents a constellation form.

These symbols are placed in birth charts which will allow people to recognize zodiac symbols easily.

The most noticeable form of the Aries symbol is a V-shape which both tips are curled and this symbolizes a horn of a ram.

People choose to have the Aries symbol or the other zodiac symbols to be in their simplest form in order to present it more easily and can be pleasantly distinguished by everyone.

And looking closer the Aries symbol can tell more aspects other than just a horn of a ram.

The Aries symbol also stands for unity that brings every individual in one place.

Aries people can often effectively gather people for activities or even genuine friendships which was drawn beyond the Aries symbol.

Each zodiac symbol is a work of art that states a lot of meanings and stories when deeply examined.

If you are an Aries, then your symbol says so much more than just a ram.

Aries People and Zodiac Symbol


An Aries zodiac is represented by a symbol of a ram which emphasizes aggressiveness, and excels in any situation - regardless of whether it is physical or mind challenges.

They are commonly very idealistic individuals, and confident enough of their capabilities.

Those people under Aries zodiac regularly have an extremely uplifting views in life and seldomly feel sympathy for themselves compared to other different zodiac signs.

These people can be very hot tempered, and will always try to justify their point which can oftenly end up in arguments with other people.

These people likewise are probably not going to withdraw from those clashes because they believe that they are always correct, whether they are right or wrong.

These people can be a defender for themselves or for other people - depending on where their thoughts are in favor of.

These individuals who were born under the Aries zodiac sign are generally courageous, strong and optimistic.

They have an inner drive to search out new learnings that can push them as far as possible.

Aries Character Traits


Arians or Aries people are naturally born as optimistic in life.

If you are one of those people born under the Aries zodiac, having positive views in everything you do is surely one of your strengths.

You will likely move forward with your plans with always carrying the thought of positivity.

You always trust yourself that you can make things right and will make everything fall into place.

These people are also mostly energetic, love outdoor and physical activities.

Travelling is also one of their ways of exploring and learning more about life.

These people would love hanging out, traveling with friends, and they become more active when they are surrounded with a lot of people.

Lazy days seldom come to those people born under the Aries zodiac.

Arians are also courageous and are not afraid of taking risks - they are always brave enough to jump on tough situations.

These people always believe that they can overcome all the challenges in work and even in life.

They have a strong foundation of courage and trust themselves enough to make risky steps.

A lot of successful people were born under Aries zodiac because they are naturally ambitious.

This is one of their strengths which is also one of the keys to success.

These people are known to always pursue their dreams and not stopping until they have reached their goal.

They do not just go with the flow of life because they always love making plans and work for it immediately.

Being motivated is also one positive trait for people who were born Aries.

They usually exert so much effort into something they really want to achieve.

Once they have set a plan, they focus on it and motivate themselves to reach that goal.

For these people, it is already a part of their life to be ambitious,motivated, and courageous.

negative characteristic for Aries people


One common negative characteristic for Aries people is being impulsive.

They are known of becoming out of control when doing the actions, and also does not know when to stop.

This negative trait could sometimes lead them to wrong moves because it lacks planning.

If you were born under the Aries zodiac, it would be best to practice yourself to slow down when making decisions.

Even if you are very sure about it, evaluating your actions will surely make your move become more effective.

People under the zodiac sign Aries are also prone to arguments because they tend to close their minds for other people's ideas.

They are confident with themselves enough, and this makes them think that no one else is better than them.

If you are one of these people, you should train yourself how to avoid getting stubborn.

You have to develop yourself to become open and equal with other people's thoughts.

By doing this, you will become a more effective leader and gain enough respect from people around you.

Arians can likewise become stubborn but can also be sensitive.

It is because they get offended quickly when they hear unfavorable opinions from people other than themselves.

These people under the Aries zodiac mostly do not accept advices no matter how nice the way a person tells it.

If you are one of them, try your hardest to listen and accept advises from people who love you because it is always for your own betterment.

They love to ask for your advice and share their problems with you - there is nothing wrong if you do the same.

People born under the Aries zodiac can also tend to let go of a certain thing easily and leave things undone.

Because of being impulsive, they have high chances of making actions which they would regret in the long run - and this makes them suddenly lose interest with it.

Once they lose interest, they would just quickly drop it and rush with another plan.

If you are one of these people, you must learn to stick with something and never let go until it is finished.

There is also one weakness that Arians got which needs keen attention because it can lead to a serious depression.

They find it so hard to express or share their deep emotions especially when it comes to failure.

Negative Character Traits of Aries

They used to admiring and trusting themselves a lot , so they tend to forget the purpose of the other people that exist in their lives.

If you were born under Aries zodiac, notice this weakness to avoid heavy burdens from within.

Learn to look around you, embrace the love and concern that the people are offering you.

Emptying those bottled feelings is absolutely alright, it will make your heart feel lighter for sure.

Nobody in this world can live alone - that is why other people exist to let us build a solid companion.