Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Capricorn Symbol

aHere’s Everything You Need to Know About The Capricorn Symbol

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Capricorn Symbol

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) is the tenth astrological sign in the Zodiac, ruled by the planet Saturn, and belongs to the Earth element.

The forward moving mountain goat may be the most known Capricorn symbol around.

The lion is for Leo and the crab is for Cancer.

You get the idea, each zodiac sign is represented by something that encapsulates it.

It can be a special symbol, a glyph or a Mythology character closely associated with it.

Heck, it can even be a flower.

You read that right. Flowers can symbolize zodiac signs too! 

And in this special list we made, we’re gonna learn more about these Capricorn symbols and what essence of the Capricorn they represent.

So no wonder Capricorn is all about time and responsibility.

This sign strives for security and stability.

With their serious and responsible outlook in life, I guess it’s safe to say that they can achieve that seamlessly. 

People with the Capricorn symbol certainly gives you the vibe that they got their life together.

And you’re probably right, ‘cause knowing a Capricorn, they’ve probably planned their whole life already.

It’s not that they don’t know how to have fun (Do they? We’re still not sure to be honest.), it’s just that they’re never impulsive.

But this doesn’t mean they will just stay still and not get what they want, ‘cause trust us they will.

Aggressively, at that. They are just really patient individuals who know the value of time.

Capricorns are also one of the most independent signs.

Their stern-looking appearance makes it hard for people to approach them and they themselves have a hard time socializing with others.

However, given enough time, slowly you can see their best qualities and most importantly, once you’ve won the friendship of a Capricorn you’ll earn a loyal friend.

One that will be with you in the long run.

The type of people you want your kids to call Aunties and Uncles. Hopefully one of them will be a cool one.

By now, we think you can sort of imagine what kinds of symbols can encapsulate these Capricorn traits.

So, let’s just get into it!


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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Capricorn Symbol


The 5 Capricorn Symbols

The Prime Capricorn Symbol

We’re starting out with this weird looking glyph.

This Capricorn symbol may not make sense at first but it is actually a simplified design portraying a sea-goat.

In order to comprehend the glyph, we should break it down in parts. First.

Focus on the V-part, that’s actually the Goat’s beard. Is this glyph starting to make sense to you?

Next, see that squiggly, twirly part? 

That represents the fish tail.

If you’re confused why a goat suddenly has a fish tail, remember that this represents not just any goat but a sea-goat

This Capricorn symbol combines the most identifiable parts of a Capricorn, the upper half normal goat part and the lower half sea creature.

As you go along the list, you’ll notice the recurring theme of duality in a Capricorn symbol.

The first part of this glyph, the goat part, highlights the hard working and persistent nature of Capricorns.

The second part, the serpentine tail, represents the emotional side of Caps - as if always tucked and hidden away in sea form.

Caps have a tough exterior and there’s always a serious air around them but they are actually shy in nature.

It takes time for Capricorns to untuck their tails and open up to people so treasure the ones you have in your life now.

Capricorn Symbol explained

The Sea-Goat

Finally, we’ll get to know more about the sea-goat creature representing Caps.

This Mythological creature comes in many names.

There's the Sea-Goat, Goat-fish and mermaid goat.

The horned goat with a fish tail is one of the most popular Capricorn symbols.

The horned goat represents the Earth sign aspects of being a Capricorn.

Their ever-productive nature that could sometimes lead to workaholic problems and their innate stubborness. 

More so, this also represents the masculine and almost stoic appearance of a Cap.

The sea part of the Capricorn, on the other hand, highlights their emotional side.

They possess a trait commonly found in water signs.

This sensitive side to Capricorns helps with the balance that they need in their life.

 Just like how the water nourishes the earth, Capricorn dual nature helps them become a better person.

So long that they balance it.

Sea Goat Capricorn Symbol


I told you flowers can symbolize zodiac signs.

Enter Pansy. It is the birth flower for the Astrological sign of Capricorn. 

This beautiful flower, much like the Capricorns, only gets better with time.

This parallels with the resilience of the Capricorns and their tenacity to strive even after a long time of endurance.

This flower symbolizes how patience and hard work bears fruit in the long run.

Next time you see a Pansy, we hope you remember the most hardworking Cap in your life.


Garnet is the Capricorn birthstone.

This crystal is even often used in making Capricorn birthstone jewelry.

It comes in many colors but the Red is the most fitting for Capricorns.

The deep red Garnet is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. I mean it can’t get any more Capricorn than that.

Additionally, it is known to be a spiritual stone of higher wisdom, very much like the mature sensibility of a Capricorn.

This is definitely the perfect stone for the earth sign.

The Goat

We can’t talk about Capricorn symbols without mentioning the Goat itself.

We know you’re familiar with this. Scorpions are for Scorpios, crabs are for Cancers and lions are for Leos.

And the animal that best symbolizes the Capricorns is goats.

We’ve already talked about the sea-goats and their duality nature but goats, on the other hand, focuses on the Earth nature of the Capricorns.

The Goat encapsulates both the negative and positive traits of Capricorns.

Goats are strong-willed animals that will work to the bones.

They are practical and are quick to get back on their feet and can easily regain their balance.

Have you ever seen a mountain goat? Seriously, parkour has nothing compared to their natural skills and perseverance.

Do watch a documentary about mountain goats so can get in on this.

They can literally scale a steep mountainside.

They may look like just a herd of unstable goats but behind their unassuming appearance is their crafty technique! Just like Capricorns!

Capricorns may look plain and stoic but once you get to know them, you’ll see how creative and reliable they are!

Goats are also notoriously known for being stubborn. And that’s one trait Capricorns can’t lie about.

Wow, you’ve stuck with us ‘till the end! This is indeed a very strenuous and tricky topic but we hope you learn a thing or two about this sign!

It seems like we can see the good nature of Capricorns almost everywhere, from flowers to actual stones and from glyphs to

Mythological characters! Patient, wise, practical and hardworking - these prominent traits of Capricorns shine through every symbol we have listed.

Of course, there were the not so good traits as well, like the fundamental shyness and stubbornness of the Goats.

But these qualities are the ones that they can easily work with.

And hey, we’re talking about Goats here. 

They will certainly have the time (lots of them) to improve themselves.

That, we’re pretty sure about.

After knowing so much about Capricorns, we know they can always rise upon any opportunity that would better themselves.

To be honest, we all need this outlook in life. Get a Capricorn and know their ways!

Zodiac signs sure have so many things to offer.

The meaning behind each symbol and the signs representing more about ourselves - it seems like we still have more to learn about them!

Knowing more about the astrological signs is clearly one way of exploring not only ourselves but the people surrounding us as well.

By knowing more about Capricorns, we hope you can create a more harmonious with the Capricorns surrounding you.

Think of all the Caps in your life.

The ones who stuck with you through the bad times, the loyal friends pushing you to be your best self and the ones who have finally opened up to you after a long time - we hope you remember these people every time you see a Capricorn symbol.