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The History, Mythology And Meaning of Aquarius Symbol

The History, Mythology And Meaning of Aquarius Symbol

The Aquarius symbol is represented by waves of the water also known as the "Water Bearer" or "Water Carrier."

Birth dates from January 20 to February 18 belong to the Aquarius symbol.

The people under this zodiac are naturally born to be generous and humanitarian - who will do everything they can to help other individuals around them.

Just like the water bearer which the Aquarius symbol represents, people who were born under this zodiac are known to be filling the world with love and generosity.

If you wish to know more about the Aquarius symbol, then you have reached the perfect page.

Just like the other zodiac symbols, the history of the Aquarius symbol is also broad and equally interesting.

Read further - you will find out more about its meaning and the Greek mythology behind it here.

The meaning of the aquarius symbol


The Aquarius symbol visibly represents the waves and current of water which also believed to be discovered during the ancient times.

The Babylonians are said to be among those who have originated the zodiac symbols.

They were very advanced with reading the sky, taking note of planetary developments and astrology during the ancient times.

The Aquarius symbol that we have embraced today, may have risen in Mesopotamia around 1000 BC - but the Babylonian astrology existed way earlier than that.

Aquarius is the 10th biggest zodiac constellation in the sky.

Aquarius symbol and constellation

The Babylonians also connected the Aquarius symbol and constellation to one of their gods named Ea - they then described the constellation as "The Great One."

The constellation when carefully connected will result into a form of a human who is pouring an unidentified liquid, and mostly assumed that it was water.

But the Greek mythology states that it was Ganymede - the cup bearer of the gods.

Get to hear more about this tale which was considered as the enchanting story behind the Aquarius symbol.



According to the Greek mythology, the Aquarius symbol symbolizes the youthful and handsome Prince Ganymede.

He was the son of Tros - the King of Dardania.

But other mythological versions say that Ganymede was the son of either Laomedon, Assaracus, Erichthonius, Ilus, or even Dardanus.

There are different versions of this story but still points to one name - Ganymede.

This boy was once considered to be the most beautiful human among the race of mortals.

Zeus was said to have fallen for the young man's beauty and wanted to bring him to Mount Olympus.

And so he did - Zeus transformed into a huge eagle and abducted Ganymede.

He brought the young Prince in Mount Olympus, made him a cup bearer of the gods, and given a power of immortality.

King Tros was compensated through receiving the most wonderful horses in return of his son's permanent position as the cup bearer.

He agreed upon Zeus' conditions and rewards because for him, having a son who is a cup bearer to gods is an honor.

From then on, Ganymede stayed at Mount Olympus to serve the gods by filling in their wine cups when emptied.

All the gods were happy with Ganymede's position as the cup bearer except for the wife of Zeus - Hera.

Hera knew that Zeus had fallen in love with the young man, and she felt very jealous but cannot do anything about it.

Greek Mythology and The Aquarius Symbol

Another version of this tale is - Aquarius was a god who once taken away the lives of people but eventually gave it back.

This is a very different story compared to the Zeus and Ganymede story.

The second version revolves around the couple named Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha.

Deucalion's father warned the couple that a disastrous flood was coming, and they both need to build a huge boat for them.

The couple immediately obeyed the command and took the warning seriously.

The horrible flood indeed came - it destroyed everything and everyone.

For nine days, they were inside their huge boat and survived the flood.

When the flood slowly went away, their huge boat duct at Mount Parnassus.

They heard the voice of a god which commanded them to toss rocks and stones at the shores.

While they were walking at the shores, they noticed that the rocks and stones they have tossed were turning into humans.

Right then, the couple together with the humans given by their god have slowly built a new life in Mount Parnassus.

In this version of the story, Aquarius was the god who has tested the humanity through a big flood and gave back the lost lives to start a new beginning after a disaster.

In general, the myth of Aquarius has a lot of different stories - but the one which involved Zeus and Ganymede is still the most popular one.

Most people believe that the Aquarius symbol originally came from the tale of Zeus and the young Prince named Ganymede.



Every zodiac symbol or an established glyph is mainly a piece of calligraphic art which represents a constellation form.

These symbols are placed in birth charts which will allow people to recognize zodiac symbols easily.

The most visible image of Aquarius symbol is the water wave which represents the water that the man in the constellation is carrying.

People choose to have the Aquarius symbol or the other zodiac symbols to be in their simplest form in order to present it more easily and can be pleasantly distinguished by everyone.

And looking closer the Aquarius symbol can tell more aspects other than just a water wave.

The Aquarius symbol also stands for the humanitarian - which makes everyone successful by reaching out to each and every individual who needs help.

Aquarius people can often make great connections with families, friends, colleagues, and even strangers.

Each zodiac symbol is a work of art that states a lot of meanings and stories when deeply examined.

If you are an Aquarius, then your symbol says so much more than just a water wave.

It goes beyond just having a clear connection with other individuals and being able to handle different situations.



Aquarius symbol simply signifies a water wave but it is connected with a humanitarian personality which always strives to spread human welfare on earth.

One of the most evident attributes of those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign is that they are thoughtful, generous and kind.

They are the type of people who can feel satisfaction once they have helped someone.

However, there are times when you may find that they are very private with their emotions and would choose to be alone.

On the contrary, these people can also become rebellious and irresponsible.

Aquarius people can become unpredictable - sometimes they can be very attached to everyone, then suddenly become detached.

In spite of the fact that they can be very reserved, they are likewise mostly very concerned with everyone that surrounds them - Aquarians will in general care especially for the welfare of others and the society.

This implies that Arians are compassionate people; you can oftentimes witness them battling and crusading against abuse.

If you belong in the Aquarius symbol, then you are a natural generous person who would not just sit and do nothing when someone is in need.



One of the greatest strengths of Aquarius people is being humanistic.

They can extend genuine empathy and concern to everyone they connect with every day.

These people can share everything they have even if nothing's left for them.

This is a very attractive personality of all the Aquarius people which also carries the true meaning of the Aquarius symbol.

They are likewise intelligent and dependable the reason why everybody trust them to be their leaders.

These people always come with fast and effective ideas.

Aquarius people always excel in everything they do as a result of their intelligence.

They always use this ability to succeed in work or even in daily life challenges.

These people oftentimes do very well at work or in any activities especially if it involves analyzing.

They are full of initiative and eagerness to finish a given task successfully.

Another strength of Aquarius people is being resourceful, they can easily adapt in any tough situations.

Aquarius people are resourceful

They always come up with an inventive idea or creative ways to solve a problem.

People under Aquarius zodiac can also be very sociable - they are very friendly in nature.

These people are mostly popular in circles because they are good at entertaining companions.

They can build a very nice connection with their friends and even with people that they have just met.

These people can also become independent - they can always find a way to be financially and emotionally stable.

They can live with their own resources without bothering other people around.

Aquarius people can definitely stand on their own because they have strong personalities which oftenly result into becoming independent.



Aquarius people also have dark sides just like any other humans.

One of these traits is being rebellious - they can be very wild and go out of their usual self.

This is a result of their desire to be on top or being noticed always.

Once these people are ignored, they can get offended and hurt.

Aquarius symbol secrets

If you are one of these people, it would be best to train yourself to accept the fact that you cannot always get everyone's attention.

And - your family and real friends will still love you no matter what.

People under the Aries zodiac can also become very unpredictable at times.

They become hard to read and suddenly shift from one emotion to another.

These abrupt changes are hard for them to control - and people around might find it really weird.

If you know someone like this, it is best to just give them time to loosen up because insisting to make them act normal would not really help.

And if you are one of these people who suffer from being unpredictable, it would be best to find a way to lighten up your mood like music or your favorite food.

Another weak side of being an Aquarius is being emotionally detached.

Oftentimes they are very concern and sensitive with everything that is happening around, but there are also times when they do not care at all.

These people suddenly become cold and find it hard to connect with people's emotions.

There are also times when they tend to back off with relationships when it is about to become seriously deep.

They have a fear of being too emotionally attached with a person because they think that it would eventually fail and weaken them.

Individuals under the zodiac sign Aquarius are also constantly inclined to being stubborn since they will oftenly close their brains for other individuals' thoughts.

They are sure with their ideas enough, and this makes them believe that nobody else is better than them.

In the event that you were born under Aquarius, you should prepare yourself on how to accept somebody else's ideas.

You need to train yourself to open up, embrace and consider other individuals' opinions.

By doing this, you will end up being a progressively powerful leader and a blessing to the people around you.

Aquarius people are decisive

Aquarius individuals are also extremist - they cannot have decisions in between.

It will always be all or nothing for them.

This ability is prone to be taken advantage by people who would ask more than what they need from them.

On the other hand, this trait can also cause trouble since they always give their all.

If you are an Aquarius, you might have noticed this personality from you.

And to avoid having complications, it would be best to train yourself to reserve something for yourself.

It is always a good deed to help other individuals around, but if you have given everything you have, there is no assurance if people will help you the way you did.

Continue becoming a good person - but do not forget to put yourself first.

Aries Symbol

The Most Interesting Things About The Aries Symbol

The Most Interesting Things About The Aries Symbol

The Aries symbol is represented by an image of a ram which symbolizes courage, strength, leadership and dignity.

Just like a ram, people born under the Aries zodiac are determined and fearless.

But to dig deeper of where the Aries symbol originated, there is actually one interesting tale about it from the ancient times.

Just like the other zodiac symbols, the ram is not only based on the constellation form in the skies - but it has more wonderful untold mythical stories beyond.

Read further to unfold the hidden interesting tales behind the Aries symbol.

Aries Symbol Meaning in Astrology

The Aries Symbol Meaning in Astrology

The Aries symbol is a disentangled picture of the ram's horn which both the zodiac name and the symbol have been discovered for a very long time.

The Babylonian or Mesopotamian are the said to be among those who have originated the zodiac symbols.

They were very advanced with reading the sky, taking note of planetary developments, and astrology during the ancient times.

The zodiac signs and symbols that we have embraced today, may have risen in Mesopotamia around 1000 BC.

Yet - Babylonian astrology most likely existed way back older than that.

As of now, we have the idea that Babylonians associated the Zodiac sign to the ram but it actually did not start that way.

Early Babylonian astrology considered the sign and its heavenly body the Agrarian worker - most likely as a result of its beginning at the Spring equinox.

That was the moment at which warmth and light have returned.

Hence, the farmers got the chance to work their fields and plant crops again.

Unlike some of the other star constellations, the Aries symbol cannot be visibly seen in the star alignments.

The purpose behind the name and the symbol of the Aries zodiac may rather be identified with some Babylonian mythology.



Aries or "ram" in Latin have a zodiac symbol of a ram, and its tale started from an act of heroism.

According to Greek mythology, the backstory of the ram symbol has another tale which involves the king of gods - Zeus.

Zeus' wife named Hera was once being deeply admired by an evil King named Ixion.

Zeus heard about Ixion's evil plans which was to seduce and abduct his wife.

He abruptly made his own plan to stop Ixion from taking away his wife away from him.

He took a small amount of cloud and created a cloud-nymph or a divine spirit who exist in a human form.

He made it look exactly like Hera to confuse Ixion and named it Nephele.

Nephele was made by Zeus to trap and reveal the dark secrets of the evil King Ixion.

Zeus release Nephele and successfully made Ixion thought that it was Hera.

Ixion and Nephele had a romantic affair - Zeus have seen everything and proved that king Ixion was really after his wife.

He then sent King Ixion to Tartarus for an eternal punishment.

Nephele was left alone and later found out that she was pregnant with King Ixion's child.

She gave birth of a supernatural being, a half-man and half-horse or also known as the first Centaur.

Zeus set her free to the earth to take away her loneliness and she met a King named Athamas.

She had a romantic affair with King Athamas and got pregnant again.

But unfortunately, the King left Nephele for another woman named Ino.

Nephele remained strong after all the unlucky incidents and gave birth to a twin.

She named the boy Phrixus and the girl was named Helle - the twins grew up as good children.

But Ino, the new wife of King Athamas, wanted to erase everything between Nephele and him.

Much worser, she wanted the kids dead.

She planted an evil plan where she began roasting all the crop seeds of the town to prevent these from growing.

Ino also paid the farmers to spread a lie and told everyone that the oracle or the speaker of the gods demanded to offer Phrixus and Helle to the gods to solve the problem.

Nephele cannot do anything about it and just prayed to the gods to ask for help.

Zeus heard her prayers and sent a golden-fleeced ram with ivory wings - it was named Chrysomallus.

The ram rescued the children of Nephele just when they were about to be killed.

Chrysomallus let the children hop on to its back and flew away from the chaos.

Ino was very frustrated and failed her evil plans.

The ram continued flying swiftly together with the children and commanded them to never look down.

But after a long fly, Helle forgot the command and suddenly looked down the beautiful sea.

She slipped off from the ram's back, lost her balance, and fell in the vast ocean.

Helle unfortunately died in the sea and people later called the sea as "Hellespont" or sea of Helle.

While Phrixus, managed to hold on though very devastated by his sister's loss.

They landed in a mysterious place of Colchis; the furthest town of the Greek world.

The ram commanded Phrixus to take him in the forest and offer the ram in the grove of Ares.

Phrixus obeyed what the ram said and hang its golden fleece in a branch of a huge tree.

The braveness of the ram remained heroic and Chrysomallus' soul was honored by placing it in the skies as the constellation of Aries.

And that was where the ram symbol came from which states that it is not just an ordinary symbol - it is a symbol of courage and strength.



Every zodiac symbol or an established glyph is mainly a piece of calligraphic art which represents a constellation form.

These symbols are placed in birth charts which will allow people to recognize zodiac symbols easily.

The most noticeable form of the Aries symbol is a V-shape which both tips are curled and this symbolizes a horn of a ram.

People choose to have the Aries symbol or the other zodiac symbols to be in their simplest form in order to present it more easily and can be pleasantly distinguished by everyone.

And looking closer the Aries symbol can tell more aspects other than just a horn of a ram.

The Aries symbol also stands for unity that brings every individual in one place.

Aries people can often effectively gather people for activities or even genuine friendships which was drawn beyond the Aries symbol.

Each zodiac symbol is a work of art that states a lot of meanings and stories when deeply examined.

If you are an Aries, then your symbol says so much more than just a ram.

Aries People and Zodiac Symbol


An Aries zodiac is represented by a symbol of a ram which emphasizes aggressiveness, and excels in any situation - regardless of whether it is physical or mind challenges.

They are commonly very idealistic individuals, and confident enough of their capabilities.

Those people under Aries zodiac regularly have an extremely uplifting views in life and seldomly feel sympathy for themselves compared to other different zodiac signs.

These people can be very hot tempered, and will always try to justify their point which can oftenly end up in arguments with other people.

These people likewise are probably not going to withdraw from those clashes because they believe that they are always correct, whether they are right or wrong.

These people can be a defender for themselves or for other people - depending on where their thoughts are in favor of.

These individuals who were born under the Aries zodiac sign are generally courageous, strong and optimistic.

They have an inner drive to search out new learnings that can push them as far as possible.

Aries Character Traits


Arians or Aries people are naturally born as optimistic in life.

If you are one of those people born under the Aries zodiac, having positive views in everything you do is surely one of your strengths.

You will likely move forward with your plans with always carrying the thought of positivity.

You always trust yourself that you can make things right and will make everything fall into place.

These people are also mostly energetic, love outdoor and physical activities.

Travelling is also one of their ways of exploring and learning more about life.

These people would love hanging out, traveling with friends, and they become more active when they are surrounded with a lot of people.

Lazy days seldom come to those people born under the Aries zodiac.

Arians are also courageous and are not afraid of taking risks - they are always brave enough to jump on tough situations.

These people always believe that they can overcome all the challenges in work and even in life.

They have a strong foundation of courage and trust themselves enough to make risky steps.

A lot of successful people were born under Aries zodiac because they are naturally ambitious.

This is one of their strengths which is also one of the keys to success.

These people are known to always pursue their dreams and not stopping until they have reached their goal.

They do not just go with the flow of life because they always love making plans and work for it immediately.

Being motivated is also one positive trait for people who were born Aries.

They usually exert so much effort into something they really want to achieve.

Once they have set a plan, they focus on it and motivate themselves to reach that goal.

For these people, it is already a part of their life to be ambitious,motivated, and courageous.

negative characteristic for Aries people


One common negative characteristic for Aries people is being impulsive.

They are known of becoming out of control when doing the actions, and also does not know when to stop.

This negative trait could sometimes lead them to wrong moves because it lacks planning.

If you were born under the Aries zodiac, it would be best to practice yourself to slow down when making decisions.

Even if you are very sure about it, evaluating your actions will surely make your move become more effective.

People under the zodiac sign Aries are also prone to arguments because they tend to close their minds for other people's ideas.

They are confident with themselves enough, and this makes them think that no one else is better than them.

If you are one of these people, you should train yourself how to avoid getting stubborn.

You have to develop yourself to become open and equal with other people's thoughts.

By doing this, you will become a more effective leader and gain enough respect from people around you.

Arians can likewise become stubborn but can also be sensitive.

It is because they get offended quickly when they hear unfavorable opinions from people other than themselves.

These people under the Aries zodiac mostly do not accept advices no matter how nice the way a person tells it.

If you are one of them, try your hardest to listen and accept advises from people who love you because it is always for your own betterment.

They love to ask for your advice and share their problems with you - there is nothing wrong if you do the same.

People born under the Aries zodiac can also tend to let go of a certain thing easily and leave things undone.

Because of being impulsive, they have high chances of making actions which they would regret in the long run - and this makes them suddenly lose interest with it.

Once they lose interest, they would just quickly drop it and rush with another plan.

If you are one of these people, you must learn to stick with something and never let go until it is finished.

There is also one weakness that Arians got which needs keen attention because it can lead to a serious depression.

They find it so hard to express or share their deep emotions especially when it comes to failure.

Negative Character Traits of Aries

They used to admiring and trusting themselves a lot , so they tend to forget the purpose of the other people that exist in their lives.

If you were born under Aries zodiac, notice this weakness to avoid heavy burdens from within.

Learn to look around you, embrace the love and concern that the people are offering you.

Emptying those bottled feelings is absolutely alright, it will make your heart feel lighter for sure.

Nobody in this world can live alone - that is why other people exist to let us build a solid companion.

Scorpio Element

All About Scorpio Element, Symbol & Traits You Should Know

All About Scorpio Element, Symbol & Traits You Should Know

Are you a Scorpio or do you know someone born with this sign?

Then you’re in for a ride of a lifetime!

Scorpios are known to be the most misunderstood out of all the signs.

They’re also one of the signs with the strongest and most powerful characteristics. 

In this article, let me share with you everything about the Scorpio element, including its symbol, traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s take a closer look into the world of a Scorpio born and discover how we can easily mesh with them.

As a Scorpio, let me show you how you can maximize your strengths and use your weaknesses to your advantage.

Understanding your Scorpio element and how your zodiac works is an essential part of your day-to-day life.

Knowing your own or a fellow Scorpio’s quirks and moonds can help you build a lasting relationship and avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in the entire zodiac wheel.

Scorpios are notorious for being intense people, but their long list of qualities doesn’t end there.

They have traits you will like, traits you will hate and traits you would want to have even if you belong to another sign.

Can you really cope with these Scorpio traits or is it possible to change them?

The answer depends on you and how you deal with each trait, but another way is to just let things run its course and accept the extremities of this sign. 

Remember that the key to building harmony and peace within the astrological wheel is to accept that each of us has his/her own flaws and shortcomings.

With all of these, I’m very sure you are thrilled to discover more about the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Let us now dig deep and know more about this zodiac.

What You Should Learn About The Scorpio Element And Symbol

1. Scorpio: Element, Planet, Symbol and Fast Facts

Scorpio Fast Facts

Scorpio Mode: Fixed

Governing Planets: Pluto

Scorpio Element: Water

Most Compatible Signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, 

Least Compatible Signs: Aquarius, Leo, Aries, Gemini

Opposite Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Scorpios are individuals born between October 23 to November 22. 

Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign in the astrological cycle. It forms part of the water signs along with Pisces and Cancer. 

Scorpio Sign

The Scorpio symbol is represented by a scorpion and its stinger. 

Scorpio zodiac is said to be ruled by this all-powerful and enigmatic animal. 

Scorpio’s spirit animal influences this sign to wait for the right timing to strike or attack its opponents. 

The glyph for Scorpio is also illustrated as a tailed letter “M” that is said to symbolize the scorpion’s pointy tail. 

The Scorpio sign is also said to be represented by other strong animals such as the eagle and the phoenix. 

Scorpio is often mistaken to have a fire element although it actually is under the element of water. 

Water influences Scorpios to be still and calculate every move while planning several strategies before heading for the big battle.

Scorpio is also related to the colors dark red, crimson, black and maroon. 

Individuals born with this sign are either called Scorpio or Scorpion. 

Scorpio is governed by Pluto, the planet of transformation and destruction. 

Scorpio Planet

Scorpio Eminent Personalities


  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Julia Roberts
  • Emma Stone
  • Richard Burton
  • Demi Moore


  • Mahalia Jackson
  • Katy Perry
  • Paul Simon
  • Art Garfunkel


  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Lucy Hawking
  • Pablo Picasso


  • Indira Gandhi 
  • Joe Biden
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton
Scorpio Element

2. Traits of the Scorpio Element

Let us now navigate to the strengths, weaknesses, negative and positive characteristics of Scorpions

In this part, I will help you figure out how to utilize the Scorpion strengths to your advantage and how to lessen or deal with Scorpion weaknesses properly. 

Positive Scorpio Traits

Trait # 1: Scorpios Are Strong, Intense And Passionate

These three qualities may sound intimidating for some.

That’s 100% true but these traits are also part of the reason why Scorpions turn out to be effective leaders.

Scorpios have strong physical features and they are strong from the inside, too. 

They have this intense aura that can either please you or irritate you.

You will always feel the presence of a Scorpio whether it be at school, work or at home. 

Their emotions and actions portray their intensity and extremity. 

A Scorpion’s energy is limitless, and this person’s passionate nature is praiseworthy. 

People born with this sign are strong-willed and always motivated by goals and aspirations. 

However, these strong energies can often drive a Scorpio to be forceful and filled with both positive and negative thoughts.

A Scorpio’s strong aura can also easily intimidate people within his/her circle. 

They can also be filled with overwhelming thoughts that drives them to become emotional and overly dramatic.

Just like its spirit animal, a Scorpio can be too aggressive at times. 

People with this sign can either inspire you or intimidate you.

How to deal with it: 

Scorpio Relationship Secrets

If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, you should show interest in this person’s passion and aspirations in life.

You should also learn how to embrace their intense and emotional side and accept that it is part of their nature. 

In any case, you should understand that their Scorpio element is a powerful one and the best you can do is to appreciate their positive side and accept or just ignore the negative side.

Scorpios are a pleasure to be with for they make effective leaders but you should also learn how to stand your ground without disappointing them.

As a fixed sign, it might be impossible for a Scorpio  to change so the best you can do is deal with their quirks and have extra patience during their worst moods. 

Why Scorpio's Are Intelligent

Trait # 2: Strategic,  Intuitive, Ambitious And Brilliant

Scorpios have a more profound comprehension of life.

They have a deeper understanding of the human race and they always think differently compared to their opponents. 

Often called the psychic of the zodiac, a Scorpion has strong intuitions and they are always able to perceive events like no one else can.

They take time to calculate each action and come up with strategies to help scale up their business, improve their personal lives or defeat an opponent. 

They willingly enter unknown horizons and battles no one would ever dare join. 

The combination of their instincts, tactics and intelligence makes them advance through life and win in every challenge that comes their way.

The drawback is that a Scorpio can exhibit slow movement and progress during most times. 

Another impressive quality of Scorpions is that they are ambitious and goal-driven.

They have a can-do attitude that is hard to surpass and ambition is in fact the name of their game. 

This is evident in the list of eminent personalities that were born under the Scorpio element. 

However, they can also be overly competitive and extreme when it comes to challenges and battles.

People can sometimes dislike them because of their fierce and competitive side.

Nevertheless, the above mentioned positive traits of a Scorpio can help them achieve their goals in life, no matter how slow their progress is. 

The Honest Scorpio

Trait # 3: Honest, Loyal and Protective

People born with the Scorpio element value honesty and loyalty a lot.

They exhibit these wonderful traits but they expect to get the same amount of trust and loyalty from those within their circle. 

Scorpions are ideal as a life partner because they can protect you and give you the importance you deserve. 

They will never let you down and you can always count on them during your worst times. 

The downside is that Scoprios can be overprotective at times and they can be very demanding in terms of feelings, time and attention. 

Talking about trust, another thing to know is that this sign can be extremely unforgiving once you've double-crossed them. 

They dread being betrayed by people that they just drift away once their instincts tell them to do so.

They tend to avoid individuals who don’t seem to deserve their trust and loyalty. 

Scorpions trust and love their partners so much but once they are betrayed, it will be hard to gain their loyalty back.

They are loyal to family and friends but they can easily burn bridges once they get tot heir tipping point.

People with the Scorpio element are an unforgiving bunch so make sure to avoid getting into conflicts with them.

Honesty is also a great Scorpio personality but it can be a double-edged sword for them.

While Scorpios love connecting with people, they can also be brutally honest when it comes to giving expert tips and life lessons.

When in a relationship with a Scorpion, expect that they can give hurtful statements at times and they may also find it hard to comfort you with sweet, flowery words.

Nevertheless, Scorpios will always have something to say and what they say is usually true and makes a lot of sense. 

Scorpios also exhibit an air of mystery even when they are popularly known for being open and trustworthy.

They love keeping secrets and they will never open up to you, especially if you have a bad reputation or if you have already ruined their trust. 

Scorpios can be very hard to read, especially when they are in a heavy mood.

Why Scorpios Want To Win So Bad

Trait # 4: Scorpios Are Focused And Detail-Oriented

Scorpios have a strong need to win and they do it by being focused and detail-oriented.

Their need for perfectionist endless and they are intense in every challenge or task they face. 

People born with the Scorpio element have an unending desire to outshine the rest of the team and they do this by being the best version of themselves.

The downside is that they tend to be perfectionists and they tend to make a big deal out of the smallest things.

A simple path can turn into a complicated roadmap for a Scorpion and this can either make or break them.

Scorpions also tend to be too hard on themselves and they can end up sacrificing their physical and mental health in their desire to be perfect.

As a Scorpio, you may often feel more stressed that the rest of the signs because you always push yourself to the limits.

Learn how to find that perfect balance wherein you are reaching your goals without overthinking and feeling overly stressed.

Avoid going overboard by reaching out to people and accepting that success is easier to achieve if you learn how to accept help from like-minded people.

Your ability to focus allows you to reach your goals but it does not have to compromise your health and emotions.

When in a relationship with a Scorpion, learn to cope with their moodiness and accept that they can get very angry especially when things start going downhill.

In addition, learn to give the Scorpion the space and time he/she needs because this person can get very angry when disturbed. 

The Strenghts Of The Scorpio Symbol Are Impressive

3. The Takeaway

The strengths of a Scorpio are truly impressive, especially the fact that they are always motivated, focused and strong-willed in whatever they do.

These people are also the type you’d want to have for a partner because of their loyalty and protectiveness. 

These people are also great to have as leaders because they know what they want and they always have a prepared set of plans to achieve their goals. 

However, they can be a pain to deal with, especially if they are in their worst mood.

They can also be very intense when it comes to challenges so you should learn how to treat them as an ally more than as an enemy. 

Scorpios go all-in when it comes to offering their love and trust so make sure to exert the same amount of feelings and effort to make the relationship work. 

pisces characteristics

Top 3 Pisces Characteristics Secrets of the Pisces Sign

Top 3 Pisces Characteristics Secrets of the Pisces Sign

There's a whole other world to discover inside the Pisces zodiac

If you were born between February 18 to March 20, then you are one of the great Pisceans anyone would ever want as a friend, family member or lover. 

Let’s take a closer look into the creative yet intriguing personality of Pisceans and get to know how we can handle them or treat them better.

All You Need To Know About The Pisces Character Traits

As a Piscean, let me share with you how you can use your positive side to an advantage and how you can work on your not-so-good Pisces characteristics.

Harmony within the zodiac wheel is better achieved through understanding and knowing more about each sign so let me take you on an exciting journey and unravel the top 3 secrets of the Pisces sign.

Secret # 1: Pisces Sign, Symbol, Element and Ruling Planet

Before revealing the top Pisces characteristics, let us get to know the basic things about this interesting sign. 

As a Pisces conceived on the above-mentioned dates, you have a character that is loaded with imagination and desire. 

pisces characteristics what you should know about this zodiac sign

Pisces is the last sign in the astrological cycle and is considered as a beautiful mix of all the attributes and energies encompassed within the other zodiac signs.

It is actually more than just a mix for Pisces greatly emerges as one great result of the strengths and weaknesses of Aries, Taurus, Gemini and so on. 

Additionally, Pisces characteristics don’t come last, whether at work, school or at home. 

Pisces has been deciphered and characterized contrastingly all through societies and decades, however one thing is without a doubt—Pisceans are individuals brought into the world with an imaginative and creative personality. 

The Pisces image is commonly illustrated as two fish swimming in various ways. 

It is said to symbolize the duality of this sign or its tendency to have contrasting characters. 

A Pisces can be double in a few different ways. 

Individuals brought into the world with the Pisces sign tend to feel confused between the present reality and dream land. 

They generally think that its difficult to settle on even the littlest choices since they want to analyze things deeply. 

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet associated with dreams and creativeness. 

Governed by the component of water, a Piscean can always adapt and adjust to any environment he/she faces. 

Water also influences fluidity in a Piscean's life. 

Be that as it may, the water component is additionally the motivation behind why Pisces locals are usually faltering. 

The same thing holds true with other water signs in the zodiac, namely Scorpio and Cancer. 

Pisces is one of the four mutable signs, much the same as Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. 

Mutable pertains to signs that are adaptable and versatile. 

Positive Pisces Characteristics

Secret # 2: The Positive Pisces Characteristics

Pisces individuals are an intriguing bundle yet they have so much praiseworthy qualities within them that you’ll surely love. 

Just imagine how great it is to be a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune, right? 

They have all the good things within their spirit so it’s really easy to be attracted or make friends with a Piscean. 

Pisces Zodiac Sign Is Creative

Positive Trait #1Creative and Artistic

As mentioned, you have the influence of Neptune within you, making you a totally creative and artistic person.

You can convey your emotions through different types of channels such as music, dance, painting and acting. 

Pisceans demonstrates mastery in all that they put their attention on. 

You're amazingly enthusiastic about whatever starts your inventive personality and whatever challenges your mind. 

You see the world through a totally different lens and your innovativeness is boundless. 

You have a relentless need to learn, hence your brilliant mind and skillful personality. 

It's wonderful to have someone like you at work or at home since you can move and draw in people with your aptitudes. 

A Pisces like you fills in as a positive effect to the system and that is the explanation why you are valued by many. 

Given the correct assets and the appropriate measure of positive energies inside them, Pisceans can without much of a stretch ace any ability they put their heart into.

The Pisces Sign Has A Vision

Your unique perspective of the world inspires you to be original and artistic. 

You are likely to enjoy any career or activity that has a creative flair to it.

You think out of the box that is why you serve as a source of inspiration for many. 

As a Piscean, you always want to innovate and do the impossible that is why you are likely to lose all sense of direction in fantasies and inventive contemplations.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Likes To Help Others

Positive Trait #2 Humanitarian

You are certainly the humanitarian in the zodiac wheel.

You are extremely empathetic and sympathetic towards people within and outside your circle.

You’re that kind and compassionate person anyone would want to have as a friend or a romantic partner. 

People come to you for help or advice because you know how to relate to them.

Perhaps this is one of the best in the list of Pisces characteristics.

You have this magic in you that draws people in and encourages them to convey their hearts and souls like never before.

This unique ability of yours can also be your pitfall because people have the chance to take advantage of you.

You’re always a giver, but you refuse to receive any help from your circle. 

You’re this praiseworthy person who has an overwhelming amount of love to share with anyone who crosses his/her path. 

As a Piscean, you view people positively and ignore their faults and shortcomings. 

You have this constant need to blend in, connect and feel what others feel. 

Pisces Horoscope Sign Can Adapt Quickly

Positive Trait # 3: Adaptability

One of your strongest Pisces characteristics is your ability to adjust to anything life gives you.

You welcome change with open arms and you mesh with your environment so well. 

You can retain the vibe and adjust to any character that encompasses you without exerting much effort. 

You don't fear change or new beginnings and you embrace it wholeheartedly. 

In any case, your flexibility and versatility has its limits. 

You can adjust to any character yet you likewise expect something fundamentally the same as from others. 

You can get puzzled with impolite people or those who don’t fit within your standards.

Despite how versatile you are, you realize when it's a great opportunity to leave individuals who are steady in making you extremely upset or pulling you down. 

Be that as it may, understanding this can require significant investment since you are regularly seen to be impressionable and overly optimistic most of the time. 

Since you have an open mind and a big heart for other people, you excuse them effectively.

However, once you've arrived at your tipping point, there's no turning back and no more space for second chances. 

In addition, due to your flexibility, you have a tendency to choose different career or life paths throughout your lifetime.

Like a chameleon, you adapt to any new settings in your life and try your best to keep up with these transitions. 

You are likely to go after dreams and hopes no one would even dare imagine. 

The Pisces Sign Is Positive

Positive Trait # 4: Positivity and Friendliness

What a terrific  combination, right?

You have a way of bringing out the best in each person in the room. 

You have an air of positivity that can easily influence everyone in the crowd.

You have a way of lifting people up because you know how to relate with their stories and grievances. 

As a Piscean, you have a penchant for walking around different neighborhoods in your mission for new contemplations and in your desire to save humankind.

You love taking out the pain from people and encouraging them to think positive and move forward. 

Tackling another person’s problem excites you the most but sometimes you let their emotions get the best of you. 

You invest time and effort in people, especially the ones who look like they really need a helping hand. 

A great part of your Pisces characteristics is your willingness to hold another person’s hand without expecting anything in return. 

Negative Pisces Characteristics

Secret #3: The Negative Pisces Characteristics

Negative Trait # 1: Indecisiveness

As mentioned, you always seem to get pulled in two entirely different locations. 

Your duality influences you to have contrasting Pisces characteristics that can make or break you.

Negative Pisces Trait Can't Decide

Most of the time, you find it hard to decide on even the littlest issues in life.

You are 100% questionable and uncertain, even in the silliest things. 

You measure your options mindfully and you require some genuine time and vitality in thinking about the aftereffects of your actions.

The Pisces Sign Is Mysterious

Negative Trait #2: Mysterious and Elusive

You're an exceptional communicator and you have such a significant number of friends and acquaintances. 

However, your duality also pushes you to forget the world suddenly and escape into your fantasy land.

You are very open yet you can also have an air of mystery within you.

As a Piscean, you know how to express yourself well but you can also disappear into thin air and settle in your own world just to figure things out our focus on new skills and talents.

Different signs will find it hard to discover what’s running on your mind.

Even though you love connecting with people, you tend to shy away from the crowd, especially in times of confusion and decision-making. 

It’s also natural for you to run and escape during a confrontation because of your optimistic character. 

Pisceans are emotional

Negative Trait # 3: Emotional

Yes, you sure are an emotional crybaby. 

In fact, others view you as someone with emotions as deep as the ocean.

This is the reason why you are able to express yourself through art tremendously.

However, this is also the reason why some might dislike you.

Perhaps people should also understand that as a Piscean, you absorb both negative and positive feelings from your surroundings.

You also find it difficult to snap out of another individual’s drama, hence your tendency to be emotional.

Because you absorb too much from your environment, the conflicts and drama made by others get the best of you and overpower your very own emotions.

They can be expressive but they can also keep their feelings bottled up that is why communicating with your Piscean friend or lover is essential. 

Overall, dealing with a Pisces can be delightful and painful at the same time.

They’re a group of highly creative and dependable people who are always on the positive side of things.

However, they can also be the mysterious, elusive and emotional ones who can get to your nerves at times.

The key to dealing with a Pisces is to let the person be but also try to help him/her improve as a person. 

As a Pisces, the key to a harmonious bond with other signs is to show more of your positive side without being overly positive, and make use of your negative side as a motivation to change and live a better life.

Gemini Symbol - 10 Secrets Every Gemini Should Know

Gemini Symbol – 10 Secrets Every Gemini Should Know

Gemini Symbol - 10 Secrets Every Gemini Should Know

Have you ever taken a second look at the Gemini symbol?

Have you ever tried looking closely at articles explaining what Geminis are really like?

If you answered no to both questions, then this article can help you in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, if your answer is yes, you still need to read this article further for there are a lot more secrets I will unravel for people with the Gemini symbol like you.

If you are not a Gemini, I strongly suggest that you use this article as a guide on how to deal with your friend, lover, neighbour, relative or colleague with this zodiac sign.

Let us first reveal the 10 secrets every Gemini should know. I will divide it into three categories: the symbol, the positive things and the negative things.

This way, we can better read about the most important things a Gemini like you should avoid, maintain, improve and keep in mind.

Secret # 1: The Gemini Symbol

The Zodiac is divided into twelve parts and its origin comes from the Babylonian system that involved mapping the sky and observing planetary movements.

The Gemini Symbol

Gemini (Latin) simply means “twins.”

The Babylonians connected the Gemini zodiac sign to the twins and coined the term “The Great Twins” for the Gemini symbol. 

This is because this constellation clearly shows an image of two stickmen.

The constellation was then associated with two of its brightest stars, the twins in Greek Mythology named Castor and Pollux.

The Gemini symbol or glyph is also connected to the twins for it is characterized by the Roman numeral II.

People with the Gemini symbol are those born between May 21 to June 20.

Secret # 2: Geminis Are Smart And Creative

Yes, you are.

The Gemini symbol holds the element of air and your power comes from the mind. 

Geminis Are Smart And Creative

You are intelligent and you use your brain more than your heart. You never let emotions overpower you.

A Gemini like you is always filled with ideas and your cognitive skills are on top.

You love having a smart conversation and are easily bored when you do not feel mentally stimulated.

You like asking questions and gaining a bit of knowledge about anything that surrounds you.

Gemini-born people like you can easily entertain people with your wit and humour.

People with this zodiac sign mostly belong to the creatives.

Secret # 3: Geminis Are Social Butterflies

As with your Gemini symbol representing twins, you have a strong urge to communicate.

You are a social butterfly and you blend in well with the crowd.

You can easily connect with anyone and adjust to whatever social situation you are in. 

Geminis Like To Network With Other People

You have the ability to draw friends into their circle.

You are very friendly and flexible that is why you become friends with people no matter who or what they are. 

Being incredibly smart, Geminis also love sharing their knowledge with others.

They aim to always make a lasting impression and bring something positive to the table. 

A Gemini like you has a distinct charisma that is hard to find in other signs.

Secret # 4: Geminis Are Great Speakers And Communicators

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which represents communication and intelligence.

Geminis have a way with words.

In the working class, they are always the journalists or entrepreneurs.

Your communication skills are very strong.

Gemini people have strong communication skills

You can express yourself well and you always know the right things to say.

You can also stand your ground and speak up for whatever you think is right. You have a solid urge for self-expression.

You are a good debater and conversationalist.

Secret # 5: Geminis Are Positive People

You are free-spirited and fun-loving.

You are a breath of fresh air in a room full of negative vibes. 

Gemini people have a positive mindset

You are the mediator, the peacemaker, the neutral one and the one in between fights.

You are a very happy person, and you tend to take things lightly. 

Positivity radiates within you and you bring an optimistic air to the crowd.

Gemini people are enthusiastic and always full of life.

The Negatives

Secret # 6: Geminis Lack Consistency And Focus

Because you dislike monotony, you always jump from one thing to another.

The Gemini Zodiac Sign Lack Disicpline

This results in piles of unfinished tasks, incomplete paperwork, and many more unaccomplished things in your life.

You easily get distracted and you lose focus quickly.

It is difficult for you to stay interested in anything you start with. 

Your lack of consistency and focus causes major drawbacks in your life.

Secret # 7: Geminis Have Dual Personalities

Same with the Gemini symbol that represents twins, you also have dual personalities.

In some cases, Gemini people end up having more than just that.

Gemini people have moodswings often

This is because of your desire to adjust to every person, every mood and every situation. 

Your willingness to adapt oftentimes becomes your downfall for you for people often perceive you as someone who has terrible mood swings and a two-faced personality.

Also, your love for duality gives a bad impression to those around you.

Sometimes, you’re the outgoing one and sometimes you prefer locking yourself up. 

This makes you come off as inconsistent, unstable and hard to understand.

People see you as a two-faced person but in reality, you just have two or more personalities because of your versatility and desire to fit in.

Secret # 8: Geminis Are Superficial

You love knowing a little about everything, but digging deep into things is not your forte.

This habit of yours makes you seem superficial to others.

The Gemini Horoscope Has a Positive Aura

You also don’t dig deep into other people’s personalities and judge them based on superficial knowledge.

At times, you take things too lightly, making others see you as a shallow person.

You have a positive aura but sometimes it’s just way too much.

You just laugh off problems and you’re not fond of being emotionally attached to certain situations.

Secret # 9: Geminis Love Attention

Not that it’s bad.

However, a person with a Gemini symbol often seeks attention too much that they become exaggerated and at some point, deceptive. 

The Gemini Sign Craves For Attention

In their desire to be in the spotlight, Geminis tend to add certain twists and turns to make their story interesting.

Once their turn on the spotlight is over, they leave and look for other places to shine.

Secret # 10: The Secret To Dealing With a Gemini

Now that you know the secrets and the reason why you are what you are as a Gemini, it’s time to make others understand you as well.

The Gemini Horoscope Sign Is Happy In Life

This part is for you, so you know how to adapt and how people should adjust to your positives and negatives.

Furthermore, this part is for a friend, relative, or partner, who might be having a hard time dealing with a Gemini person like you.

Geminis are very friendly, bubbly and social. However, they also need some time to recharge and rest.

What you should do is to let that Gemini friend, partner, relative or colleague take a sweet time off and restore his or her energy.

Also, Geminis may shift from one mood to another and treat people and situations differently.

Geminis are fun and positive, so try to avoid drama and negativity when dealing with them.

Geminis are smart and they know all sides of the story.

Arguing with a Gemini is pointless so try not to start a fight for this person certainly knows his or her way around things. 

People with this zodiac sign also love meaningful conversations so try to keep topics interesting when speaking with a Gemini.

Moreover, Geminis are free-spirited, so try to avoid restricting them or stomping on their freedom.

The Takeaway: The Key To Understanding And Being Understood

Every zodiac sign has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives, ups and downs.

Geminis are great people to be with, but things can be messed up if you fail to make an effort to adjust to a Gemini as much as he or she adjusts to you.

For Gemini people, the traits stated here may be relatable but you also need to know which to keep and which areas you should improve on.

The world is such a beautiful place to let our signs ruin our relationships with each other. 

Try to keep this article close to you as a guide and share it with your friends so they get to understand you better.

We should understand in order for us to be understood.

We should accept the good and the bad in each sign to keep things in order and to keep our community at peace.

Sagittarius loves outdoor activities

3 Secrets of the Moon in Sagittarius

3 Secrets of the Moon in Sagittarius

Have you ever come across articles about your moon sign?

If you haven’t already, you’ve come to the right place!

Many of us are familiar with our zodiac, particularly our sun signs. 

Your sun sign is determined by the month and day you were born and is represented by your zodiac personality.

Meanwhile, your moon sign is defined by the month, day and time you were born.

It describes your inner personality, emotional nature and everything about your inner world. 

There is also a third aspect called the rising or ascending sign and it is about how the world sees you and how you represent yourself to the community you belong to.

It refers to the sign that is ascending on the eastern horizon when you were born.

These three signs make the world of astrology more interesting and a good knowledge of these can help you walk through life better.

In this article, let’s know more about signs and traits, specifically about the moon in Sagittarius.

A Closer look at the Moon Sign

Before we take a closer look at the moon in Sagittarius, let us first know more about the significance of a moon sign.

The natal chart is a map that represents the position of the heavenly bodies the moment you were born.

These movements involves three segments and those are the sun, moon and the rising.

Your moon helps complete your astrological profile for it unravels your deepest desires and your most hidden personalities. 

It shapes your inner being and uncovers your inner soul.

Your moon sign represents your greatest fears and unleashes your darkest emotions.

Only those within your circle know what your moon sign is like.

Sometimes, you may feel disconnected with your sun sign so it is also a good thing to check what your moon sign is. 

How do you exactly know your moon sign if it’s not readily published in online articles or magazines?

Because it involves your time of birth, you can try out different astrology calculators online or better yet consult an astrologer for this matter.

The Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon in Sagittarius

Now it’s time to discover more about the moon in Sagittarius.

Let me share with you three of the most kept secrets of the Sagittarius moon sign.

Today, you will uncover who Sagittarians really are and you will discover how to deal with them better.

Join me as we take a journey into the inner world of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Moon’s Secret 1: The Positive Side

1. The Optimistic Adventurer

Sagittarius is an adventurer

As someone born with the moon in Sagittarius, you are always seeking for higher grounds, wider horizons and bigger goals.

You are an expansive person who never gets tired of looking for answers to life’s biggest mysteries.

Just like how the Sagittarius symbol is pointed upwards, you always aim for higher ideals and positive energies in life.

You are a very optimistic person and your sunny personality shines through the crowd.

You love looking for new adventures, creating new life chapters and expanding your horizons.

Adventure is definitely the name of the game for you.

Sagittarius ruled by the planet of Jupiter

2. The Intelligent and Creative One

Sagittarius is a sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and knowledge. It’s no wonder why Sagittarius moon people are also very intelligent and creative.

Just like their love for adventure, the moon in Sagittarius also loves to seek for new ways to learn, grow and improve.

These people like to expand their knowledge to its full potential by enrolling for new classes, meeting a diverse set of people or immersing themselves in educational activities or points of interest.

3. The Free Spirit

The moon in Sagittarius influences you to live life without rules and boundaries.

You are on top of your game when you feel independent and when nobody else is holding you back. 

You live in your own terms, and this makes you the free spirit of the zodiac.

4. The Charismatic Friend

You have so many friends and followers, thanks to your unique charm and sociable personality.

You are an engaging person who loves good and hearty conversations with people.

People are drawn to you because you know how to inspire and uplift them with your optimism and knowledge.

5. The Honest and Generous One

You don’t only inspire others with words but you also make them feel special with your generosity.

You go out of your way to help others and you’re willing to go to great lengths just to help out in a charitable event or volunteer for a summer camp.

Your compassion for others is probably one of the best traits you have as a Sagittarius moon.

Another good thing about you is that you are very honest and sincere.

You value honesty and truthfulness and sugar coating things to protect another’s feelings is definitely not your forte.

Sagittarius Moon’s Secret 2: The Negative Side

Now let’s talk about the negative traits of the moon in Sagittarius.

These traits are pretty much easy to handle, especially once you’ve figured out the reasons behind the quirks and moods of a Sagittarius moon.

1. The Reckless and Inconsistent One

Sagittarius loves outdoor activities

It is definitely hard to locate or pin down a Sagittarius moon.

Due to this person’s love for the great outdoors, they are always on the run and it will be impossible to keep up with their speed.

Although their love for new adventures is commendable, this can also be their downfall at times. 

They can become inconsistent due to their penchant for jumping from one adventure to another.

Their restlessness can also lead to a lack of focus and interest in one particular task.

Sagittarius moons can also become reckless and irresponsible because they easily lose interest in routinely projects or tasks.

2. The Spontaneous One

Sagittarius moons have an open heart and an open mind.

It’s not like being spontaneous is negative, but Sagittarians can become too unconstrained that it’s hard to keep up with them at all.

They hate routine and anything that occurs on a regular basis. With them, you always have to make sure to bring something new to the table.

Having a Sagittarius moon lover can be very hard because you have to make sure they’re not bored or else they will flee and look for a livelier environment.

Variety and exciting plot twists are the must-haves when you’re with a Sagittarius moon.

Their freedom and love for expanding horizons can be bothersome at times but it’s just how they are hardwired.

A little understanding goes a long way and a little twist to old routines can possibly help spice up the relationship.

3. The Straightforward Friend

Like I said, people with the moon in Sagittarius in them value honesty so much that they won’t make up lies just to please you.

Asking your Sagittarian friend for advice means you have to be ready for some real talk and some offensive statements.

It’s not like they want to offend or hurt anybody.

It’s just that they believe you deserve to hear what’s real and true.

Sagittarius Moon’s Secret 3: How to Deal With Them

Now I’m going to reveal the most effective ways in dealing with a Sagittarius moon.

Note that not all individuals are the same, and there can be differences in how you should handle or deal with people born under this sign.

The important thing is we know how to appreciate, understand and accept how these people roll.

First, you have to embrace their negative side and I must say, their bad traits are pretty easy to deal with.

Have a Sagittarius friend who is too blunt?

Don’t take it personally for this person just wants to help or give advice. Have a Sag lover who’s hard to tie down?

Let him be and respect that he needs his own creative space.

Is your Sagittarius moon relative easily bored?

Try something new and fun like visiting a new restaurant or signing up for an art class.

At the end of the day, small adjustments and big spaces for love and understanding can do the trick.

Strengths of the Virgo Moon

All About the Virgo Moon Sign

All About the Virgo Moon Sign

Have you ever read through your horoscope and felt like the personality of your Virgo zodiac does not define who you really are?

Have you ever encountered a time when you saw your exact personalities in a different zodiac sign?

This must be the answer: Your zodiac sign is comprised of three parts and these are the sun signs, moon signs and rising signs.

These parts are calculated differently and may or may not have the same characteristics therein.

While we only follow the popularly known patterns and predictions of our sun sign, it’s still important to see the other sides so we can fully assess which sign matches us the most.

In this article, let me share with you the differences and similarities of each sign and how it can possibly help you in your daily life encounters and goals.

Let’s focus primarily on the moon sign, specifically the one that encompasses the Virgo zodiac sign.


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All About the Virgo Moon Sign


The Sun and the Virgo Zodiac Sign

Sun, Moon and Rising Signs: What are they?

Each person’s natal chart serves as a roadmap to understanding the twists and turns of life.

It contains the position of the celestial bodies the moment you were born. 

These movements are classified into three: the sun, the moon and the rising signs.

Your Sun sign is defined by the month and day you were born. It is a representation of your outer self or what is commonly expected from your assigned zodiac.

It is who you are based on your sign’s details written in horoscopes and astrology books.

On the other hand, your moon sign defines who you truly are from the inside. It represents your inner self, your deepest fears, and your most hidden emotions.

Your moon sign is determined by the exact month, day, and time you were born into this world. 

The moon describes your natural self, and it is not entirely on the same level with your sun sign.

Meanwhile, the rising sign, better known as your ascendant, is all about the impressions you make on other people.

It represents how you present yourself to society and how others see you.

Like the sun sign, it is also about your outward personality, but on a deeper and wider level.

There are different ways to know which sun, moon or rising sign you are in.

Some consult an astrologer while some rely on online charts or references.

There are also people who take a trip to the library or spend extra time online to study about their birth chart and its meaning.

Whatever your resource is, the best thing to do is to bookmark this article so you will have an all-in guide to the ins and outs of the Virgo moon sign. 

Before we dig deeper into the topic, remember that a better understanding of the different signs will help you understand yourself better and will provide you with a clearer path towards your life’s journey.

Now that we’ve run through the three classifications, let us now move forward to the more exciting part.

Let’s get to know more about people born under the Virgo moon sign and discover ways on how to deal with them effectively.

Let us uncover their strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.

Strengths of the Virgo Moon

Strengths of the Virgo Moon

1. The Systematic And Analytical One

A Virgo moon person is all about organization, structure and detail.

If you were born under this sign, you are likely to work better in an environment where there is system and order.

You are inclined to follow routines, whether at home or at work. 

You feel most secure when things are arranged in an apple-pie order and you feel uncomfortable in a disorganized setting.

As an analytical thinker, you function best by following methods, logical strategies and well-established plans.

You carefully analyze any tasks at hand and you make sure every step is done correctly.

Your systematic and practical approach in life leads you to greater heights and makes you a great asset in the workplace. 

Your amazing eye for details bring forth success into both your personal and professional life.

Additionally, you love smart and meaningful conversations, for it helps stimulate your brain and sharpen your mind.

Virgo moon disorganized homes

2. The Meticulous And Organized One

Your need for order is not limited to rules and standards within your society.

It is also evident in how you clean your home and your surroundings. 

You get frustrated with disorganized homes, piles of clothes, stacked papers, and anything that is not clean or not arranged properly.

Cleanliness is on top of your list and you feel happy and satisfied in an environment that’s neat and orderly. 

Your neatness reflects even in your healthy habits and physical appearance.

Virgo is a helpful and loyal friend

3. The Helpful And Loyal Friend

Their quick way of thinking and problem-solving skills make the Virgo moon a friend anyone can count on.

People born with this sign are always there to lend a helping hand and offer sound advice to anyone who needs it.

These people are born to serve and provide guidance and assistance to friends, colleagues, families, partners and even to strangers.

Reaching out to others provides you with a sense of fulfillment nothing else can replace. 

They’re the shoulder to lean on and the person you can count on at any given situation.

Born with the moon in Virgo, you put your organizational skills and methodical approach to good use by being a service-oriented person to the community.

You love being like a therapist, physician, parent or healer and you do it really well.

The moon in Virgo

Weaknesses of the Virgo Moon

1. The Overthinker

Although unintentional, you tend to submit to overthinking and overanalyzing quite often.

You arrive at wrong conclusions, make regrettable decisions and become a worrywart and this is all because of how you think and strategize on things.

It’s awesome that you love structure and order but it won’t hurt to loosen up a bit and let things happen naturally.

Remember that overthinking leads to stress and stress can cause burnout, and all these can affect your performance and productivity at work.

2. The Perfectionist

I hate to break it to you, but your thirst for order and cleanliness can sometimes become your weakness or downfall.

The Virgo moon influences you to seek for stability, control and neatness in every single thing.

As a result, you become the perfectionist that everybody dislikes.

You become a control freak and an unreasonable person when things are in disarray. 

As a Lunar Virgo, your analytical skills and perfectionism can be a double-edged sword in your life.

What you can do is relax, breathe and accept that everything is not hardwired to be perfect.

Maintain your drive for cleanliness but avoid being a control freak so as not to cause conflict with the rest of the signs.

3. The Realist

Remember how I said you can always count on a Virgo to help you and give you advice?

Well, you have to prepare your ears and heart for what this person has to say.

The Virgo zodiac is represented as the virgin, the realist and the purist of the zodiac. 

The Virgo moon is an intensified version of the realist in the Virgo sun sign.

Simply put, this moon sign has a sharp tongue and is not a fan of filtering words or statements. 

As someone born with the Virgo moon, your way of helping is by making the person realize what’s real and true.

Yes, your straightforward personality is indeed refreshing, but be careful because you might end up hurting a person instead of helping out.

Dealing with the Virgo Moon

Dealing with the Virgo Moon

People born with the Virgo moon exhibit numerous impressive personalities that are beneficial to the workplace and to society.

As someone born with this sign, you are more of a follower than a leader.

As a follower, you make sure that you carefully analyze every step and examine every piece of the puzzle.

However, you also come close to being a perfectionist and a control freak in the process.

To avoid this, you have to relax and try to calm down in the midst of a mistake or in the course of a roadblock.

Another thing to remember is that your genuine desire to help may not be beneficial for everyone.

There are people who get offended by words easily and who are not good in accepting the realities of life.

Try to be a little more careful with words in order to avoid conflict.

If you’re in a relationship with a Virgo moon, you need to be considerate and exert the same effort in keeping the house organized.

When working with someone with this sign, you need to understand their methodical and logical approach to every task or project.

It’s not bad to express yourself and let them know if you feel uncomfortable, but you should also try to accept and understand them first. 

Lastly, keep in mind that more than their negative qualities, they have more than enough qualities you’ll definitely love.

How To be An Astrologist

The 3 Secrets of the Moon in Capricorn

The 3 Secrets of the Moon in Capricorn

We’ve always looked at zodiac signs as how they are portrayed through online articles and newspapers.

But did you know that there’s actually a deeper meaning and classification in every zodiac?

Each one of them consists of a sun, moon and rising sign or to put it simply, each sign has three sides that exhibit similarities and differences altogether.

Still not clear? Let me share with you the different sides of the story through this article.

This explainer will also highlight on the moon in Capricorn and what steps you can take in order to maintain the positive power of the moon and get rid of all the negative energies that surrounds it.


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The 3 Secrets of the Moon in Capricorn


The Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

This part is for the benefit of those who have no idea as to what the sun, moon and rising signs are.

This is a great place to start especially if you’d like to know yourself more and you’d like to get a grasp of your actions, moods and everything that happens within your circle.

Let’s go over the most familiar one first.

Your sun sign is determined by your month and day of birth.

The sun sign is also characterized by the superficial things or simply what you are on the surface. 

It is also about how you are portrayed in zodiac articles, horoscopes and many other basic references.

It may or may not apply to you but it is basically how people see you based on the content written in the said materials.

It’s mainstream and a majority of us grew up knowing we only have a Capricorn sun sign, Libra sun sign and so on.

Meanwhile, your moon sign is the one that controls your internal being. The moon in Capricorn or any other sign knows your genuine emotions, state of mind, inner character, and everything that’s deep within you.

Your moon sign is determined not just by month and day but also by the time you were born. It’s a more detailed, more specific and significantly deeper portrayal of yourself and your personality.

On another note, the rising sign is is dictated by the zodiacal sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon during the moment of your birth. Your rising sign is also called as your ascendant and it pertains to how others see you and how you portray yourself through your initial and spontaneous reactions to daily life situations.

Your moon sign and rising sign can be easily determined through astrology-related apps or online calculators.

You can also consult an astrologer to uncover more about you and what signs surround you.

These three form an integral part of who you are and it is important to know your specific sign for each because it can help you manage your quirks and improve your entire self in the long run.

For now, let’s go ahead and know more about the moon in Capricorn and what lies beneath this interesting zodiac sign.

How To be An Astrologist

The Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac wheel.

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn, and it is categorized under the element of Earth.

Capricorn is also known as a negative sign and it belongs to the four cardinal signs along with Aries, Cancer and Libra.

Cardinal sign represents those people born with active and ambitious personalities like being active, self-motivated, insightful and ambitious.

Get ready as I take you into the world of people born under the moon in Capricorn. Here are the 3 secrets you should know about this particular sign:

Capricorns planet is saturn

1. The Moon in Capricorn Wants Stability, Structure and Balance

Being the grounded earth sign, the moon in Capricorn intensifies this sign’s yearning for stability and structure.

The sign’s strong need for structure and balance often becomes their elements for success.

You are the traditionalist who respects people and life events that exhibit longevity and commitment.

You always make sure that you’re one step ahead and you make sure to live up to expectations using your well-planned strategies or tactics.

You exemplify outstanding performance at work or wherever you are in life. You are big on accomplishments and social status.

You feel emotionally secure when you are surrounded by foundations and structures.

You are the achiever who has everything all figured out and who always makes sure to do the best you can, especially when it comes to your personal life.

Balance is the key to your happiness and you feel even more contented when everything turns out as planned.

Every move and every action you make is calculated or measured.

The negative side and how to deal with it:

Because of your intense need for structure and balance as a Capricorn moon sign, you tend to be a control freak.

You often appear as restrained to other people even if your only intention is to achieve your goals in life. 

People may see you as all work and no play because you want to be in control of so many things.

You often forget to seek help from others, and you come off as a know-it-all. This can be avoided but it will be hard if you have this character intensified within you.

As someone with this sign, you can try relying on others little by little.

For someone who has a Capricorn moon friend or lover, try to understand and adjust, then let them know you are there to help them keep things in control. It is important to note that someone with this particular sign can feel very frustrated when things are out-of-order so you should try to keep things in order as much as possible, especially when dealing with a Capricorn moon boss or partner.

Capricorns element is Earth

2. The Moon in Capricorn is Mature and Responsible

The reason for your desire for structure and goals is because you are such a responsible person.

It’s possible that people had very high expectations from you when you were young, during your school days or within your workplace.

You are always the responsible one and you don’t want to mess up things and disappoint other people within your circle.

Your maturity shows through your actions and you are always on the hunt for productive things to do whether at home or at work.

As a mature and responsible person, you are also very disciplined and you make sure to conform with rules and standards.

The negative side and how to deal with it:

As someone with the moon in Capricorn, you may often feel that you are the only one who can do it right.

You can also be too hard on yourself just because you want to live up to everyone’s expectations.

This sign can often feel like they are giving 100 percent of themselves and they don’t even get anything in return.

Sea Goat Capricorn Symbol

3. The Moon in Capricorn Exhibits Strength and Ambition

Having the Moon in Capricorn builds an unbreakable kind of strength within you.

You do not act based on emotions, you act based on what is logical, what is realistic and what is fruitful in the end.

You have an intensely strong sense of purpose and a need to achieve your goals using your very own methods.

Your strong will and your realistic ambitions are the reasons why you are always ahead of the game.

You are very focused and concentrated in whatever task or challenge you are in.

Even in the toughest situations, you put on a brave face and you make sure to always be in your element.

The negative side and how to deal with it:

This sturdy goat sign may appear rough and unforgiving at times, causing mishap among the rest of the signs.

Your strong facade can sometimes make you appear as a cold-hearted person who cares about nothing else but herself/himself.

Your family and friends may see you as an insensitive person. Conflicts may arise especially when in a relationship with the moon in Capricorn due to this sign’s inability to express care and deep emotions.

You also find it hard to talk about your frustrations and your troubles, and these may largely affect your physical and emotional health.

People may see you as self-sufficient when in reality, you just want to be on top of everything and act like a mature person.

As a Capricorn moon person, don’t be too hard on yourself and try to breathe and relax when things don’t go your way.

Might sound hard at first, but you’ll get the hang of it, eventually. Being strong is okay, but it’s not bad to let your guard down sometimes.

Now that you know the 3 secrets of the moon in Capricorn, here’s a rundown of how you should appreciate their positive side and how you should manage their negative side.

This part is especially important for those with the Capricorn moon sign.

As someone born with the Moon in Capricorn, learn to laugh and maintain a work-life balance.

Open up and try to share your weaknesses, your hesitations and worries with people you trust. While you feel like you can handle everything, it’s always a smart move to seek help from other people in your circle.

Remember, you cannot do everything alone as much as you want to. 

You need to be confident with your partner or your coworker’s strengths and abilities. You need to realize that you don’t have to be strong 100 percent of the time.

Don’t be afraid of failures and rejections for nothing is perfect in this life.

For people in a relationship with a Capricorn moon, learn to adjust to their quirks and don’t hesitate to reach out to them when they’re already showing too much negative traits than positive ones.

 Appreciate that they are people who just want to get the job done and they want to be a great leader in every path they choose to take.

The 13th Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus and the 12 Other Signs

The 13th Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus and the 12 Other Signs

Just when you thought you knew all about the zodiac signs, the discovery of the 13th sign enters the scene and makes you feel like you’ve got the wrong information all along.

The transition from 12 to 13 zodiac signs became a trending topic for a long time and until now, there’s still an ongoing debate on whether the 13th sign should be considered as such or not.


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The 13th Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus and the 12 Other Signs


13 Zodiac Signs: Why and Why Not?

Let’s try to simplify the factors on why we should and why we shouldn’t acknowledge that there are actually 13 zodiac signs instead of 12.

A few years back, NASA identified Ophiuchus as the 13th sign between Scorpius and Sagittarius.

NASA pointed out that even though ancient Babylonians knew about the 13 constellations encompassed in the zodiac, they pushed through with acknowledging only 12 signs.

They did this to make sure that the zodiac signs will align with their 12-month lunar calendar and it will fit into the 360-degree path of the sun.

Meanwhile, along with this announcement, NASA also emphasized that they were not trying to change the signs from 12 to 13 zodiac signs in the astrological wheel, rather, they were just doing the math and laying out the facts.

They were also quick to clear that Astronomy is different from Astrology.

Astronomy pertains to the study of the universe and all the things that are outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Astronomers are the ones who analyze the motions, positions and properties of the sun, moon, planets and other celestial objects.

On the other hand, Astrology is a pseudoscience wherein astrologers attempt to analyze how these cosmic objects influence the lives of every individual on earth.

From here we can see that these two are slightly different.

There are also statements that even if astronomers acknowledge the existence of a 13th constellation, astrologers will still stick to the 12 instead of 13 zodiac signs because Ophiuchus is a constellation and it’s not a sign.

Constellations represent the positions of the stars while the astrological signs are based on the phases of the moon and the projection of the sun, among many other factors.

The Story Behind Ophiuchus

The talk about the 13 zodiac signs continues to spread like wildfire, and people have expressed different views about it.

Despite the conflicting statements, there are still articles explaining the personality traits of this interesting constellation.

Whether you or your astrologer believes that there are 13 zodiac signs, it will be a big advantage for you to know about this 13th constellation.

Because it exists in the middle of Scorpio and Sagittarius, Ophiuchus zodiac sign consists of people born between November 29 to December 18. Ophiuchus is popularly known as the serpent bearer and is symbolized by a man and a snake depicted as Serpens Caput and Serpens Cauda.

Ophiuchus is also correlated to its neighboring constellation, Serpens. Ophiuchus are known as the curious, passionate, humorous and intelligent ones.

This constellation, which is believed to be a part of the 13 zodiac signs also consists of creative and imaginative people.

Negative traits of an Ophiuchus is that they are very impulsive, secretive, jealous, sarcastic and straightforward.

The 12 Zodiac Signs: A Refresher

Before the talk about the 13 zodiac signs, we were already inclined to the 12 signs that encompass the zodiac wheel.

Let’s get to know them once more.

The Capricorn Zodiac Sign


December 22-January 19

The Capricorn symbol is represented by a mountain goat with a fish's tail.

Capricorn is governed by Saturn and is associated with the Earth element.

People born under this sign exude a strong willpower, a razor sharp memory and unmatched strength.

They are ambitious and hardworking.

Negative traits of a Capricorn include being stubborn, straightforward, moody and being a pessimist.

The Aquarius Zodiac Sign


21 January-18 February

The Aquarius sign is represented by a water bearer named Ganymede, a Greek mythology figure.

The glyph for Aquarius is also seen as water waves or ripples that translates to spiritual energy, duality, communication, and humanitarianism.

Aquarians are known for being truthful, open and pure.

They are people who show compassion and are always known to have a soft spot for everything or everyone.

Aquarians are very intelligent and are also creative, spontaneous, and explorative.

This sign does not like routine and is always up for something exciting, fun and adventurous.

Their negative side is that they can be sarcastic, extreme, cold, detached and unpredictable at times.

The Pisces Zodiac Sign


February 19-March 20

The Pisces symbol is often illustrated as two fish swimming in different directions.

This means that this zodiac sign always feels like it’s being directed towards different routes.

As an empath, Pisces tends to absorb people’s negative and positive energies and this may not work as an advantage for them.

Pisces are romantic, imaginative, and pleasure-seeking.

On the negative side, they can be idealistic and over-sensitive.

The Aries Symbol Is a Ram


March 21-April 20

The Aries is popularly recognized as the most hard-headed sign in the astrological wheel.

Aries people are not afraid of the unknown and would always dive headfirst into any situation. 

Arians have a zest for life and are always excited to learn and experience new things.

The problem is, an Arian has a tendency to become careless, argumentative and arrogant due to their strong desire to be number one.

The Taurus Zodiac Sign Dates


April 20-May 20

People with the Taurus sign are gentle, loyal, generous and dependable.

They will do their very best to show their love and concern for the people within their circle. 

On the negative side, Taurus can be too stubborn, argumentative and possessive.

The Gemini Zodiac Sign Dates


May 21-June 21

Geminis are very adaptable, intelligent and outgoing.

They communicate well with others and they have a burning desire to impart any new knowledge that they have.

On the other side, they can come off as indecisive and irresponsible in the eyes of other people.

The Cancer Zodiac Sign Symbol


June 21 – July 22

Cancerians are very loving and sympathetic people but at the same time they can be aggressive and they have the tendency to complain and nag a lot.

They have a wide imagination and you can expect their loyalty in friendship. However, Cancerians can also be moody, pessimistic, and manipulative at times.

Leo Zodiac Sign Symbol


July 23 – August 22

Leo carries the power of love and bravery.

Leos are great leaders and adventure-seekers. Leos are all about anything grand, dramatic, luxurious and flashy.

As a great leader, they can sometimes be overwhelmed and come off as bossy and arrogant. 

Another negative side of Leo is that they can be selfish, self-centered and overly competitive.

Virgo woman is an earth sign


August 23-September 22

Virgos are analytical and highly meticulous people.

They get the job done and they make sure every step is polished to perfection. Virgos are pure and real, just like their zodiac symbol that represents a maiden/virgin.

Virgos can help people solve their problems because they tend to see what others don’t.

The negative side of a Virgoan is that this person can over analyze to the point of judging people too much and they can also feel very frustrated when things don’t come out as planned.

The Libra Zodiac Sign


September 23-October 22

Libras always have an easy-going nature. They yearn for balance, beauty and love.

Libras are also fair-minded, cooperative and gracious people.

They value relationships among other things and they love pleasing people. 

They are also optimistic, clever and gentle.

On the negative side, they can be indecisive and unreliable at times. Librans can also become troublemakers, self-indulgent and selfish people.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign


October 23-November 21

Scorpio is surrounded by passion, intensity, ambition and focus.

As a strong and powerful sign, they can also be very competitive.

On the negative side, Scorpios can be brutally honest and they can also be very moody especially when things don’t go their way.


November 22-December 21

The Sagittarius star sign is always up for an adventure and a higher perspective.

Their energy is limitless, but it can sometimes cause their downfall because the Sag finds it difficult to direct energy in the correct place.

Sags are very adaptable, generous, loving and flexible so it’s really great to have a Sag as a friend or partner.

Based on the information above, it is understandable if the Babylonians really left out Ophiuchus since it does not fit in their 12-slice pizza.

Aside from NASA’s disclaimer, acceptance of the 13th sign will depend entirely on you or your astrologer.

Astrologer vs. Astrologist

Astrologer vs. Astrologist: What’s the Difference?

Astrologer vs. Astrologist: What's the Difference?

Astrologers play a major role in the world of zodiac signs and horoscopes.

But have you ever come across the word astrologist?

I’m sure this left you confused or maybe, this made you think that this word is synonymous with astrologer. 

In this article, I will discuss with you why or why not an astrologer should be called an astrologist or if the latter really exists in dictionaries and references.

Before we dig deeper into the differences or similarities of these two words, let us take a quick refresher on the world of astrology.


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Astrologer vs. Astrologist What's the Difference


Astrologist Stars

Astrology Fast Facts 

Astrology is a kind of divination that examines the influence of the celestial bodies to earthly and human events.

This pseudoscience involves the observation, interpretation, predicting and forecasting of human affairs based on the movement of the planets, sun, moon and stars.

The word astrology is equivalent to the early Latin word astrologia. In Greek language, the word astrology means “study of” or “account of the stars”.

In summary, astrology is searching the sky or the heavenly bodies for life’s meaning and purpose.

In the past, astrology was commonly correlated with astronomy, meteorology and medicine.

This method of divination varies from one culture to another and the details are so diverse that it can be really hard to digest at first. 

There are so many references about astrology in different mediums so it’s always best to check whether your source is legitimate or if an opinion really holds value to your life.

Astrologer vs. Astrologist

Astrologer vs. Astrologist

You can see the word astrologer in newspapers, websites, books and in many other references.

This shows that it’s a commonly used term in the world of astrology.

But what about the word astrologist?

Let’s look at a summarized version of all the definitions I found on dictionary sites and other reliable references about this topic.


  • a person who practices astrology to tell people about their lives, including their personalities and their future.


  • someone who predicts the future by the positions of the celestial bodies such as the planets, and sun and Moon.

Can you see the similarities or differences?

An astrologer is defined as someone who practices astrology and we’ve discussed that astrology is the study of the sun, moon and planets.

Meanwhile, an Astrologist is someone who predicts the future using the same references.

The major difference in these definitions lies in the word “practices”.

Simply put, the word astrologer is more fitting for someone who’s professionally practicing the craft versus an astrologist who can just be a hobbyist or someone who’s a firm believer in astrology.

Don’t be confused when you see other references that might tell you that these words are synonymous.

Or other references that will include the word “practice” in defining both of these terms.

Let me tell you why. After looking up the two terms online, these are the things I encountered:

  1. You can see the word astrologer instantaneously.
  2. They’re in almost every dictionary and astrology-related sites.
  3. The word astrologist is hard to find in dictionaries, astrology sites, blogs and other related things.
  4. Apart from dictionary sites, you can also look up search trends online and you will see that there are more searches for keywords related to astrologers compared to astrologists.
  5. Based on what I’ve observed, people who are astrology professionals often describe themselves as astrologers and not astrologists.

Note that there are still a few professionals who use the term astrologist instead of astrologer.

This does not mean that they are less credible or they are not legitimate. I guess the usage of this word entirely depends on the person.

Some want to go against the norm, while some find the less-used word more fitting for their craft.

Nevertheless, the legitimacy of a person should not be based on his/her title but her actual credentials and abilities.

It’s also important to remember that we should give the same level of respect to every individual, whether they’re an astrology professional or not.

A lot of people are hobbyists or are just fascinated with astrology, but it doesn’t mean that we should avoid them or ignore them completely.

How To be An Astrologist

The Takeaway

Just like how different astrology is to each and every one of us, we may have different opinions about whether astrologer or astrologist should be used as a job title.

The word astrologer is widely accepted and is used more commonly compared to the lesser-known term astrologist.

However, this does not change the fact that we are entitled to our own choices and it’s completely up to you whether you want to go for astrologer or you think astrologist is more fitting.

It’s also totally up to you if you choose to consult a professional or you’re contented with self-study or with asking help from astrology hobbyists.

Let’s not forget the saying, “To each his own” and always keep in mind that people are free to choose whichever looks better and sounds better for them.

The more important part is how we apply what we learned from every prediction made and we deal with everyday encounters using our consultant’s best practices.

Remember that our horoscope is all about our story, our character, and what the future entails.

We are fortunate enough that we can just look up information instantly but be sure to use your learning wisely and always seek for a second judgment or professional advice when things get serious or complicated.

Responsibilities of an Astrologer

Responsibilities of an Astrologer

We’ve already defined the basic meaning of being an astrologer, or astrologist if you prefer to be called that way.

We know that an astrologer examines a system of horoscopes and tries to figure out the positions of the sun, moon and planets and their relationship with the zodiacal signs.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at some of the tasks and responsibilities of an astrologer.

  • Perform professional one-to-one readings with the client.
  • Analyze the birth chart of a client and the position of the celestial bodies during the time of the client’s birth.
  • Correlate the movement of the celestial bodies with the client’s character.
  • Predict significant events in a client’s life by understanding the position of the sun, moon and planets.
  • Interpret and explain these future events to a client in a clear and understandable manner. In addition, an astrologer sees to it that technical terms involved in the prediction are transformed to more comprehensible words.
  • Express compassion and understanding towards the client, especially when there are negative things surrounding the client’s horoscope.
  • Ensure that the client’s details are kept private and confidential.
  • Apart from face-to-face readings, there are also astrologers who write columns for newspapers or create blogs and online articles for everyone’s reference.
Astrologist Tips

Bonus tip: How to be an Astrologer? 

After all this career talk, I’m sure you’re wondering what it’s like to be an astrologer.

Here are a few things you should prepare once you have decided to take the road to being an astrologer.

Note that these tips are just a heads up as you enter the world of astrology and the formal online or offline education is a different story.

  • Prepare your birth chart.
  • Utilize free astrological blogs, articles and resources online.
  • Participate in astrological forums and get to know real astrologers.
  • Familiarize yourself with the ephemeris, a reference book that shows the trajectory of celestial bodies.
  • Study the birth charts of your family, friends, and other people in your circle. You can also

All in all, the world of an astrologer is really fascinating. Astrology gives people many opportunities to interact, to practice through self-learning or to enhance their craft and become an astrology professional.

No matter how you choose to call yourself, at the end of the day, it’s all about how you made a difference in a person’s life and how much you have gained from every consultation you made.

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