The Gemini Zodiac Sign: Gemini Element, Symbol, Ruling Planet, and Top 5 Personality Traits

The Gemini Zodiac Sign: Gemini Element, Symbol, Ruling Planet, and Top 5 Personality Traits

The Gemini Zodiac Sign: Gemini Element, Symbol, Ruling Planet, and Top 5 Personality Traits

”Being happy never goes out of style.”

- Lilly Pulitzer

Have you ever met someone who makes your stomach hurt from laughing?

Or someone who lights up the atmosphere the moment they enter the room?

How about someone who is generally fun to be around with?

If you like these kinds of people (because who wouldn’t, right?), then you should definitely meet the main character of our topic for today – the Gemini.


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The Gemini Zodiac Sign_ Gemini Element, Symbol, Ruling Planet, and Top 5 Personality Traits


The Gemini Zodiac Sign − Introducing the Gemini

Gemini is the 3rd astrological sign of the Zodiac, taking its place after the Taurus and before the Cancer season.

Its symbol is the Twins (represented by a character similar to the Roman numeral II), and Mercury serves as its ruling planet.

Gemini is often associated with the period between May 21 and June 21. If you were born on those dates, then you’ll take Gemini as your sun sign for the rest of your life.

Gemini is also one of the 3 air signs, the other two being Aquarius and Libra.

Their quality is known to be mutable – meaning, a Gemini can easily adapt to change without breaking a sweat.

Like a Rubik’s cube painted with multiple, colored sides, people born under the Gemini are packed with overflowing characteristics and personality traits that sets them apart from other signs.

If you think you’ve figured them out, think twice.


To help you understand the Gemini, let’s take a closer look at their given symbol, element, ruling planet, and top 5 personality traits.

This will help you gain a better understanding of who they are, what they are like, and how you can get along with them.

So…  without further ado, buckle up and let’s go!

The Story Behind Gemini And Greek Mythology

The Gemini Symbol − The Twins

The Gemini takes the symbol of the Twins.

Designed with two parallel lines sitting next to each other (similar to the Roman numeral II) , the symbol is believed to be a visual representation of the Gemini’s unique and special duality.

At first look, their symbol might be seen as too simple and plain-looking…. but if you use your eyes with a dash of creativity, then you’ll see that it hides a deeper meaning and interpretation.

Now -- you might be wondering: “Where did the Gemini symbol come from?”

Let me explain.

The Gemini sign originated from the constellation of Gemini – a Latin name meaning “twins”.

Now, this constellation is known to represent twins from a Greek mythology: Castor and Pollux.

Aside from being twins, Castor and Pollux were also half-brothers in the Roman & Greek Mythology, and they were together known as the Discouri. When Castor died, Pollux asked Zeus to allow him to share his immortality with Castor and keep him together with his twin brother.

And as a grant to Pollux’s wish, Zeus turned them into the constellation called…. you guessed it−Gemini.

And…Voila! THAT is the reason why Gemini takes the symbol of the twins.

Now you know the story behind it. And in all honesty, the story represents some of the greatest qualities of a Gemini: selflessness, kindness, and love.

Like twins who stick together in days of tears and laughter, a Gemini will always be by your side.

The office and the gemini sign does not go along

The Gemini Element – The Air Sign

Imagine this:

You spend 8 hours of your day in an office -- back hunched in front of your computer desk.

You work non-stop. You feel the exhaustion spreading to your body like a wildfire. You want nothing but a time off.

And at the end of the day, when your job is finally done, you walk out of the revolving doors --  the cool, gentle evening breeze welcomes you with a kiss on the face. You smile.

Sounds relaxing, right?

Similarly, a Gemini can be your evening breeze. They will cheer you up in times of great sorrow and despair, turning your frown upside down.

Now − here’s the thing:

As briefly mentioned at the beginning of this article, Gemini is one of the 3 air signs in the Zodiac, Aquarius and Libra being the other two.

You might be wondering: ”What does it mean when you have an air sign?”

In astrology, air signs are seen as one of the most expressive signs in the Zodiac.

Like the wind−both free and unstoppable−a Gemini shares their opinions, thoughts, and emotions without holding their tongues back.

If you give them the chance to speak, they would use it without a doubt.

There’s more:

On a similar note, air signs are also excellent communicators. A Gemini connects well with other people, making the painful process of socializing easier for them.

They love meeting new faces, hearing new stories, and hanging out with people from all walks of life.

For this reason, a Gemini can be everyone’s best friend inside and outside the office. Talking to them is easy….

…. Just ask them a question, and the rivers of conversation will come flowing in.

The bottom line?

Like the element they have, a Gemini is a breath of fresh air. (Just prepare your ears, though, because they sure do talk a lot!)

Gemini people can network with people easily

The Gemini Ruling Planet – Mercury

As you probably know, every sign in the Zodiac is ruled by a certain planet.

In this case, Mercury pairs with Gemini.

You might ask: “What does Mercury have to do with the Gemini sun sign?”

Good question.

In the realms of astrology, Mercury represents intelligence, rationality, and logic. The planet portrays the complexity of the human mind – influencing the behaviors, feelings, and reasoning of every human being with an invisible astrological force.

It identifies the way you see life.

From new ideas, new concepts, and new knowledge, Mercury affects your unique ability to give meaning and interpretation to the world you’re living in….

…. It opens new doors that lead to a deeper understanding of ideologies in the grand scheme of things. It aims to shape you in more ways than one.

Essentially, Mercury sticks to your identity.

But wait – there’s more:

In Greek mythology, Mercury was known as Hermes. He was the fleet-footed and winged messenger of the gods – portrayed as both a trickster, and again, a messenger.

Likewise, Gemini-born people have the knack for effective communication…. a ‘messenger’, if you will.

A Gemini knows how to articulate their thoughts and turn it into coherent and inspiring words. They are believed to make amazing hosts, teachers, and lawyers. For this reason, a Gemini takes the cake in activities that require the gift of speaking.

Moreover, Mercury is also an airy planet.  It depicts the never-ending flow of intelligence, and the art of communication serves as its vital instrument. A figurative bridge, if you will.

In short?

Mercury rules the Gemini sign.

The Planet Mercury Rules Over The Gemini Zodiac Sign

The Gemini Sign Personality Traits – Top 5 Most Common Personality Traits of a Gemini

So…. now that you know the Gemini’s symbol, element, and ruling planet, let’s now look closer at some of their most common personality traits.

Let’s start.

Gemini Personality no. 1 – Funny & Witty

Feeling sad and gloomy?

Worry no more because a Gemini will turn that frown upside down.

A Gemini loves being funny and witty. They often make jokes and witty comments, making them one of the most fun Zodiac signs….

…. Not to mention, their witty and sarcastic comebacks will hurt your stomach from laughing.

If a Gemini sees you frowning, they would find different ways to put a smile on your face – be it a joke, a comment, or in desperate times, a fry shoved up their noses (it might be disgusting, but you’ll laugh, nonetheless).

For this reason, a room often booms with laughter when a Gemini is present. They are a joy to be around with, and fun is in their DNA.

If you like funny people, then you’ll love a Gemini.

Gemini People Love To Laugh

Gemini Personality no. 2 – Adaptable & Versatile

Gemini-born people also adapt well to change.

They know how to handle varying and unfamiliar situations…. no matter how difficult and challenging it may be.

Because of this, a Gemini can easily pick up the change that is happening in their lives, helping them survive every day.

Their adaptable nature also gives them an advantage when it comes to social and human interactions.

Their versatility lets them connect with all sorts of people, making it easier for them to gain new friends, make new networks, and build a good rapport.

If you put them inside a room full of strangers, they would come out of it with new friends strolling right beside them.

A Gemini doesn’t fear change….

…. Instead, they embrace it and welcome it with arms opened wide.

Gemini Personality no. 3 – Smart & Intelligent

Need a study buddy?

Look no more because a Gemini is what you need.

Gemini-born people are highly intelligent and smart.

They pick up on things with ease, and their mind works in outstanding ways.

They love the idea of  learning, and they find great pleasure in discovering new things such as new places, new cultures, and new concepts. More often than not, this is why traveling is on their bucket list.

You’ll often find a Gemini with a book clutched on their hand, reading and immersing into another world.

Their minds are filled with brilliant ideas… but sometimes, fear stops them from sharing it with the world.  

Nevertheless, their brilliance and intelligence remains intact like letters engraved  in a stone….

… And hopefully, they’d soon find the courage to show it for everyone to see.

Gemini people like to experience new things

Gemini Personality no. 4 – Outgoing & Adventurous

Gemini-born people are also outgoing and adventurous.

If you ask them if they’re up for a road trip, a hike, or any activity that requires an adventurous spirit, then you’ll receive an answer along the lines of “heck yes” (unless, they are busy, of course).

A Gemini loves being active.

They find pleasure in socializing and hanging out with other people, and their adventurous spirit makes them fun to be around with. They hate doing nothing, and so they’d often find exciting ways to pass the time.

If you give them the chance to explore the world, a Gemini would take it at the drop of hat.

For this reason, traveling the world is one of a Gemini’s life goal….

…. And with their adventurous nature, reaching that goal isn’t far from reality.

A Gemini would say yes to a roadtrip

Gemini Personality no. 5 – Indecisive & Anxious

While a Gemini is abounding with great qualities, they still aren’t perfect.

One of their most common negative trait is indecisiveness, and the other is anxiety.

Gemini-born people tend to overanalyze every single thing down to the tiniest details. As a result, making decisions in life is easier said than done….

…. Not to mention, it’s causing them a great deal of anxiety.

A Gemini might be doing fine at first look, but deep down, anxiety and overthinking could be consuming them.

To put a stop to this, a Gemini must develop new sets of values and qualities.

For example: Embracing their mistakes (and  learning from them), would help a Gemini overcome indecisiveness.

More often than not, they tend to fear making decisions BECAUSE they are afraid of making mistakes.

And once they realize that making mistakes is a vital part of life, coming up with decisions would be easy as pie.

On the other hand, seeing the world through lens of hope would also help them with the occasional anxiety.

A Gemini must take the time to connect with their inner self and know that they are worthy despite feeling otherwise.

Once they learn how to do these things, they would feel so much better, and life will be brighter than ever.


So… do you now understand the Gemini sign?

I hope you do.

The Gemini’s untold history, distinct qualities, and unique personality traits deserves more attention and recognition.

It shouldn’t be hidden.

Instead, it must be embraced, accepted, and most of all, shared for the world to see. Because a Gemini, like every other sign, is a gift to the world.