10 Surprising Signs You Have a Gemini Moon Sign

10 Surprising Signs You Have a Gemini Moon Sign

10 Surprising Signs You Have a Gemini Moon Sign

I think it’s time we polish your Astrology know-hows so we can finally determine if you have a Gemini moon sign.

But first, a little refresher.

When you check your Horoscope of the day, you immediately know where to look, right?

After all, you know which sign you belong to.

But what you’re actually looking at is just your sun sign.

If you think you already know everything you need to know about your sign, well you are terribly mistaken.

Astrologically speaking, there are actually many signs that affect you. Shocker, I know.

But among those, these are the holy trinity of zodiac signs: Sun, Moon, and Rising (or ascendant).

Together, these three signs can provide an overview of who you truly are.

But how do you know what your signs are?

To find out what your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign is, we need to look at your birth chart.


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10 Surprising Signs You Have a Gemini Moon Sign


On your birth chart, you can see the different signs representing the significant celestial bodies of our solar system.

And when talking about the holy trinity, this is the basic gist: your sun and moon signs are the constellation in the sky that the sun and moon were in at the time that you were born.

The rising sign, on the other hand, is the constellation rising on the eastern horizon at the exact moment that you were born. 

What’s the difference between a sun, moon and rising sign?

Each of these signs heavily controls an aspect of yourself.

And though the sun sign remains the most popular among the three, it’s only because most people have no more than a basic understanding of astrology. 

It even comes to the point where it’s the only sign people know! We’re here to fix that.

Let’s start with everybody’s favorite—the sun sign. Sun signs are by far the most well-known part of your natal chart.

And why is that? Simple.

Because it’s easy to determine what your sun sign is.

All you need is your birthday and birth month and you got yourself a sun sign.

No calculators required.

Your sun sign is the one that pulled you to the magical world of Astrology in the first place.

Your core personality and your center—these are what your sun sign represents.

Under this sign, you will know more about your true nature and your constant self.

It describes what challenges and motivates you.

The traits that come with your sun sign are the ones that will appear most naturally for you.

Strictly speaking, your sun sign even describes what you are striving to become (be that good or bad).

Most importantly, sun signs show your values and your ego—the ones that will greatly affect your life in the long run.

Now, let’s move out from this light and on to the moon sign.

If the sun sign tackles what you eventually become, the moon sign describes what you already are (even subconsciously).

It’s your emotional side. 

Just like how the moon shines in the darkest, your innermost private self shows your vulnerabilities.

What makes you tick. Your base instincts.

Your inner world. Beneath the surface, your moon sign is what’s most true to you (ooh and we’ll be digging even deeper later).

If your sun sign is your personality’s center and your moon sign is your private self, then the rising sign is your surface-level personality.

It’s what people see in you at first glace. 

Most astrologers call this ‘the veil’. It’s the way you come across to others.

Basically, it’s your outer self.  

It’s the mask that you wear day-to-day. It’s somewhat superficial, yes, but it’s still a side that completes your overall self—what makes you unique.

Now that you know the difference between sun, moon and rising signs, let’s dive even deeper!

Let’s focus on the moon sign, your inner self. And for now, let’s put the Gemini moon sign in the spotlight!

Let’s see the unique qualities of a Gemini moon sign.

Yes, it’s time to find out whether all this time you were a Gemini all along.

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10 Suprising Signs You Have a Gemini Moon Sign

You love to talk and you’re proud of it.

What do Geminis need? Communication!

When do they want it? Now. Constantly. It’s no secret that Geminis love to talk.

And when they start, ooh you know it’s gonna be awhile.

They can’t help it, they just love exchanging ideas with people. 

They have this innate need to know more about their surroundings and they do this by literally talking to everyone.

You may crap about Geminis being so talkative but they’re great conversationalists.

Be it a serious discussion among colleagues at work or silly banter on your group chat, Geminis always have something interesting to say.

Geminis always have something to say

Gemini moon signs tend to gossip (a lot).

Come on, you know you love some juicy gossip.

Blame it on being the air sign that governs communication, you go gaga when there’s drama (you know, the one that doesn’t involve you).

If someones spilling some tea, you just know a Gemini is the first to hear about it. 

Though most likely, they were the ones working on the background, ever so slightly tipping the teacup.

Don’t act surprised. I told you they loved communication and part of that is sharing information. (Be that good or bad)

They just have the weakness for anything scandalous.

They wanna know what’s happening on other people’s lives and as soon as they got the juice on what’s happening, you know your Gemini friend will be giving you the details. (Whether you asked to or not)

Oh and be careful, Geminis have a hard time keeping secrets, better choose what you share with them.

Listen up, Discretion is key.

Geminis need to develop this trait or else your love for gossips gonna create some serious backlash. 

Just chill for a while and learn to control your impulses.

geminis love to gossip

‘Shoot your shot’ speaks to you on a spiritual level.

When you see something interesting, you’re gonna go for it.

Big time. 

Born with the Gemini moon, you are naturally curious. You have an active mind that is easily stimulated by anything remotely interesting for you.

Scrolling on your Instagram feed, you see a beginner yoga class opening and without a beat, you’re signing up for it.

That’s just how you roll. You just love anything new.

You thrive on different experiences, you’re adaptable and you make that work for you.

This great characteristic is mainly due to the Gemini moon being a mutable sign.

You can easily engage in a new situation because you see the merit in variety and change.

geminis love new things

Admit it, you are one distracted child. 

Yes, you shoot your shot but you don’t follow through. Oof.

The problem with spontaneity is as fast as you see something interesting, a looming sense of boredom will quickly come.

You seek this stimulation but you can’t help but be easily bored.

Thay yoga class you signed up for?

You’ll probably forget about it by the time the first class is in session.

By then, you’ll already have a new thing you’re working on.

You take all these tasks and experiences but you’re just too easily distracted that very few of them are actually done. 

If unchecked, it may even come to the point where you no longer enjoy what’s happening now because you’re always chasing after the next big thing.

geminis are distracted like a child

Gemini moon signs are the witty moon signs

Don’t act coy. You know you’re the life of the party.

You know how to create a lighthearted fun environment for the people around you. 

As the Mercury rules over your Gemini moon sign, you know what to say to people to lift up their spirits.

It’s part of your nourishing nature. Your witty humor is welcome anywhere.

With Gemini being your moon sign, you might enjoy a touch of dark humor here and there.

You hate to admit it but you love exchanging jokes with your closest friends that would probably put the both of you in hell.

Well, at least you’re all gonna be together. And that’s what’s important, right?

geminis love to go out

You can get along with anyone.

Geminis are social butterflies. Put them in any room and they’ll befriend someone within 10 minutes.

They’ve stocked up on conversation starters that meeting new people doesn’t phase them anymore.

They would even most likely welcome it.

They’re very approachable and they flourish in social situations.

The idea of mingling with different people excites a Gemini. 

When they see someone interesting, they’ll go out of their way to approach and get to know them.

Just as long as they remain interesting, the minute a Gemini is bored, they’re gonna drop them just like that.

geminis can network easily

You’re fickle and you know it. 

Gemini is the sign of the Twins. It’s no surprise you have a hard time making decisions.

You’re just a tad bit indecisive. Is this familiar? You’ll start a thought and end it with something that contradicts it.

You can see the pros and cons of any given option. That’s just how your mind operates.

You can say it’s meticulous thinking, but no one's gonna buy that. You’re just wishy-washy and you know it.

It’s a difficult trait to outgrow but a trait that’s understandable nonetheless.

You see, inside your head, is the two minds of a Gemini, constantly disagreeing with one another.

Your energy can rival a child hyped on sugar. 

You easily carry two person's energy. You’re in go go go mode 90 percent of the time.

It’s part of your charming personality, you never lose your spirit no matter what.

In retrospect, this just shows how strong Geminis are.

I know the word strong is not likely the first thing that comes to mind when Geminis are concerned, but their ability to keep spirit surely shows how determined they are, right?

I deem them the resident strong man-child of the Zodiacs.

You’re the go-to friend when someone needs to vent.

Yas. If you’re not a Gemini, this is a sign for you to thank all the Geminis in your life for always being there when you need to rant.

If you are a Gemini, thank you, you beautiful drama loving friend.

Stressed out? Somebody did you wrong? Office dilemma? Geminis are here for you.

They want all the details. They want all the facts.

And most importantly, they need to know who you’re gonna talk crap about. 

They may be the gossip-loving talkative Geminis, but you can’t disagree they’re the best people to rant with.

If you’re angry, they’re gonna bring that same level of energy when talking about your problem.

Sometimes you just need someone who’ll be on the same boat with you.

Someone who always got your back. Problems are just lighter when you can vent out.

geminis are the shoulder to cry on for friends

Contrary to popular belief, you’re NOT two-faced. 

Tada! We got your back Geminis! Yes, Geminis are not two-faced.

You may have seen all the memes and tweets bashing Geminis for being two-faced ala Regina George but that’s where you’re wrong.

Being two-faced means you say and act in a way that’s completely different from what you’re actually thinking and that’s far from what Geminis are.

This is just a mean misconception about Geminis that is most likely rooted in the sign’s symbol having literally two faces.

Geminis will act in any way they want regardless of who sees it.

They just don’t care. (In a good way.)

They don’t shy away from expressing themselves and that might result in a good or bad ending but the main point is that they won’t lie about who they really are.

Leave you two-faced fake news on the door because Geminis just won’t have it.

So, did you find out you were a Gemini all along? Well, even if you’re not.

At least you learn a thing or two about Geminis.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we all need Geminis in our life.

A spicy friend ready for any adventure and a loyal friend who’ll always be by your side.

Not to mention, they’re someone you won’t get bored talking to, just remind them it’s your turn once in a while

If you are a Gemini, be proud and don’t let the hate get to you.

Every sign has a nasty side, ‘cause that’s what being human is all about—we’re flawed and growing. 

You just do you but remember to just chill out every once in a while. Take a breather and relax. And please, do control your impulses.

But hey, this is just your moon sign. This is just a glimpse at your inner self.

A small part of the puzzle that won't be complete unless you know what your sun sign (you probably already know this) and rising sign is.

Go to your birth chart and uncover all the cosmic information you need, so you can know more about your true self.

And hey, if you ever feel like you can’t relate to your sun sign, isn’t it great that now you know another sign that represents you?