Gemini Symbol – 10 Secrets Every Gemini Should Know

Gemini Symbol - 10 Secrets Every Gemini Should Know

Have you ever taken a second look at the Gemini symbol?

Have you ever tried looking closely at articles explaining what Geminis are really like?

If you answered no to both questions, then this article can help you in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, if your answer is yes, you still need to read this article further for there are a lot more secrets I will unravel for people with the Gemini symbol like you.

If you are not a Gemini, I strongly suggest that you use this article as a guide on how to deal with your friend, lover, neighbour, relative or colleague with this zodiac sign.

Let us first reveal the 10 secrets every Gemini should know. I will divide it into three categories: the symbol, the positive things and the negative things.

This way, we can better read about the most important things a Gemini like you should avoid, maintain, improve and keep in mind.

Secret # 1: The Gemini Symbol

The Zodiac is divided into twelve parts and its origin comes from the Babylonian system that involved mapping the sky and observing planetary movements.

The Gemini Symbol

Gemini (Latin) simply means “twins.”

The Babylonians connected the Gemini zodiac sign to the twins and coined the term “The Great Twins” for the Gemini symbol. 

This is because this constellation clearly shows an image of two stickmen.

The constellation was then associated with two of its brightest stars, the twins in Greek Mythology named Castor and Pollux.

The Gemini symbol or glyph is also connected to the twins for it is characterized by the Roman numeral II.

People with the Gemini symbol are those born between May 21 to June 20.

Secret # 2: Geminis Are Smart And Creative

Yes, you are.

The Gemini symbol holds the element of air and your power comes from the mind. 

Geminis Are Smart And Creative

You are intelligent and you use your brain more than your heart. You never let emotions overpower you.

A Gemini like you is always filled with ideas and your cognitive skills are on top.

You love having a smart conversation and are easily bored when you do not feel mentally stimulated.

You like asking questions and gaining a bit of knowledge about anything that surrounds you.

Gemini-born people like you can easily entertain people with your wit and humour.

People with this zodiac sign mostly belong to the creatives.

Secret # 3: Geminis Are Social Butterflies

As with your Gemini symbol representing twins, you have a strong urge to communicate.

You are a social butterfly and you blend in well with the crowd.

You can easily connect with anyone and adjust to whatever social situation you are in. 

Geminis Like To Network With Other People

You have the ability to draw friends into their circle.

You are very friendly and flexible that is why you become friends with people no matter who or what they are. 

Being incredibly smart, Geminis also love sharing their knowledge with others.

They aim to always make a lasting impression and bring something positive to the table. 

A Gemini like you has a distinct charisma that is hard to find in other signs.

Secret # 4: Geminis Are Great Speakers And Communicators

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which represents communication and intelligence.

Geminis have a way with words.

In the working class, they are always the journalists or entrepreneurs.

Your communication skills are very strong.

Gemini people have strong communication skills

You can express yourself well and you always know the right things to say.

You can also stand your ground and speak up for whatever you think is right. You have a solid urge for self-expression.

You are a good debater and conversationalist.

Secret # 5: Geminis Are Positive People

You are free-spirited and fun-loving.

You are a breath of fresh air in a room full of negative vibes. 

Gemini people have a positive mindset

You are the mediator, the peacemaker, the neutral one and the one in between fights.

You are a very happy person, and you tend to take things lightly. 

Positivity radiates within you and you bring an optimistic air to the crowd.

Gemini people are enthusiastic and always full of life.

The Negatives

Secret # 6: Geminis Lack Consistency And Focus

Because you dislike monotony, you always jump from one thing to another.

The Gemini Zodiac Sign Lack Disicpline

This results in piles of unfinished tasks, incomplete paperwork, and many more unaccomplished things in your life.

You easily get distracted and you lose focus quickly.

It is difficult for you to stay interested in anything you start with. 

Your lack of consistency and focus causes major drawbacks in your life.

Secret # 7: Geminis Have Dual Personalities

Same with the Gemini symbol that represents twins, you also have dual personalities.

In some cases, Gemini people end up having more than just that.

Gemini people have moodswings often

This is because of your desire to adjust to every person, every mood and every situation. 

Your willingness to adapt oftentimes becomes your downfall for you for people often perceive you as someone who has terrible mood swings and a two-faced personality.

Also, your love for duality gives a bad impression to those around you.

Sometimes, you’re the outgoing one and sometimes you prefer locking yourself up. 

This makes you come off as inconsistent, unstable and hard to understand.

People see you as a two-faced person but in reality, you just have two or more personalities because of your versatility and desire to fit in.

Secret # 8: Geminis Are Superficial

You love knowing a little about everything, but digging deep into things is not your forte.

This habit of yours makes you seem superficial to others.

The Gemini Horoscope Has a Positive Aura

You also don’t dig deep into other people’s personalities and judge them based on superficial knowledge.

At times, you take things too lightly, making others see you as a shallow person.

You have a positive aura but sometimes it’s just way too much.

You just laugh off problems and you’re not fond of being emotionally attached to certain situations.

Secret # 9: Geminis Love Attention

Not that it’s bad.

However, a person with a Gemini symbol often seeks attention too much that they become exaggerated and at some point, deceptive. 

The Gemini Sign Craves For Attention

In their desire to be in the spotlight, Geminis tend to add certain twists and turns to make their story interesting.

Once their turn on the spotlight is over, they leave and look for other places to shine.

Secret # 10: The Secret To Dealing With a Gemini

Now that you know the secrets and the reason why you are what you are as a Gemini, it’s time to make others understand you as well.

The Gemini Horoscope Sign Is Happy In Life

This part is for you, so you know how to adapt and how people should adjust to your positives and negatives.

Furthermore, this part is for a friend, relative, or partner, who might be having a hard time dealing with a Gemini person like you.

Geminis are very friendly, bubbly and social. However, they also need some time to recharge and rest.

What you should do is to let that Gemini friend, partner, relative or colleague take a sweet time off and restore his or her energy.

Also, Geminis may shift from one mood to another and treat people and situations differently.

Geminis are fun and positive, so try to avoid drama and negativity when dealing with them.

Geminis are smart and they know all sides of the story.

Arguing with a Gemini is pointless so try not to start a fight for this person certainly knows his or her way around things. 

People with this zodiac sign also love meaningful conversations so try to keep topics interesting when speaking with a Gemini.

Moreover, Geminis are free-spirited, so try to avoid restricting them or stomping on their freedom.

The Takeaway: The Key To Understanding And Being Understood

Every zodiac sign has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives, ups and downs.

Geminis are great people to be with, but things can be messed up if you fail to make an effort to adjust to a Gemini as much as he or she adjusts to you.

For Gemini people, the traits stated here may be relatable but you also need to know which to keep and which areas you should improve on.

The world is such a beautiful place to let our signs ruin our relationships with each other. 

Try to keep this article close to you as a guide and share it with your friends so they get to understand you better.

We should understand in order for us to be understood.

We should accept the good and the bad in each sign to keep things in order and to keep our community at peace.