10 Powerful Leo Characteristics For Dating a Leo

10 Powerful Leo Characteristics For Dating a Leo

10 Powerful Leo Characteristics For Dating a Leo

Leo's tend to be the life of the party, catch them out-hosting the actual host of any event. Seriously, they just have too much energy!  They’re often dubbed as the ‘eternal children’ of the Zodiac, always wanting to live in the moment.

When talking about Leo characteristics, their need for attention definitely comes to mind.

But, what do you do when a Leo catches your attention?

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to date a Leo?

Let us help you! By the end of this article, you will know more about Leo characteristics and realize that dating them doesn’t mean you have to worship them! (Well, maybe a little bit.)

Known as the royal leaders of the Zodiac, Leo (July 24th-Aug 23rd) is a sign that belongs to the Fire element and is also ruled by the Sun.

No wonder they got such a fiery personality.

Driven, straightforward and a touch dramatic - Leo is all about self-expression.

There’s this unapologetic air of boldness in their every move.

It’s not that they intend to be reckless and blunt-spoken, they’re just very passionate people who like to be larger than life.  

Another thing, if you want to date someone who’s ready to rage on any party with you, Leo is definitely the one.

Among the long list of Leo characteristics, their fun-loving attitude clearly stands out.

Leo is not always about fun and games, they also know when to get serious.

The symbol of the Leo in the horoscope is a Lion meaning that a Leo is someone who knows how to take charge.

They are very clear about what they want and you’ll never catch them being wishy-washy.

 ‘Doubt’ is not part of their dictionary, once a goal is set they’ll do everything to achieve it.

Are these the Leo characteristics that hooked you in?

We totally understand.... 

They seem to be passionate and affectionate lovers who’ll pamper you!

But, we just barely scratched the surface. Dun Dun Dun.

There's more to know about Leo.

If you want to get along with this sign and eventually start your relationship in the right foot, keep on reading. 


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10 Powerful Leo Characteristics For Dating a Leo


Positive and Negative Leo Characteristics

  1. Natural Leaders

Leo the Lion of the Zodiac, doesn’t put the term ‘King of the Jungle’ to shame. 

Their drive and ambition are grounded with their hard work.

They are diligent workers who want to end tasks perfectly and with control.

They lead with a big heart and pushes their teammates to grow their skills.

Most importantly, like a true leader, Leo is someone who is courageous enough to aim further than what is required. 

One of the notable leaders falling under Leo is President Barack Obama - a man of palpable charisma.

Think of all the leaders you’ve once gladly followed whether at school or office, they might just be a Leo. 

Leo is a natural leader
  1. Domineering             

Leo sure sounds like such a stand-up person, truly a charismatic leader.

But careful, too much and you’ll just end up with a person with a hero-complex.

As much as they are good in leading they can really be as domineering as well.

It’s one thing to be taking charge, it’s another thing to be overbearing.

Though Leo likes to work in a team, they’re pretty independent as well.

This means they have their own way of doing things and they need to be in control.

If unchecked, that attitude translates badly in a work setting.

This bossy attitude will piss off someone especially if you’re pushing your own work ideals and system on them without prompt.

More so in a relationship.

If you let a Leo do as they please and let them drag you along on their whims, you’ll end up with an unhealthy relationship.

Leo the zodiac sign symbol
  1. Straightforward

You can always trust a Leo to be honest with you.

They have strong opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them out.

If you need brutal honesty, best-believe that a Leo will tell you everything you need to know.

This makes their words special. You just know that this person will never throw a careless ‘I love you’ at anyone.

Leo's mean everything that they say
  1. Blunt

Leo is so unguarded with words that sometimes they rub off people the wrong way.

Especially if it’s an unsolicited comment or suggestion.

We get that you need to speak your truth but if no one is asking and you just want to spill the tea just so you can be part of the conversation - that’s not being honest.

That’s just being plain nosy. Oof.

  1. Loyal

One of the best Leo characteristics is their burning loyalty.

Whether you are a friend or a lover, a Leo will always be by your side.

They treasure every person that they consider special in their life.

Think about all the Leo around you, check if those are the people who stood by you on your lowest days.

Leo’s loyalty as a friend is gassing you up when you're feeling down and dragging you to the nearest party or their ability to get angry for your sake.

They’re the ones you need in moments when you just want someone who’ll be brave for you.

Someone who will pick you up until you can stand on your own.

If that loyalty in friendship wowed you, Leo’s loyalty as a loving partner will make you swoon.

No more worrying about third parties.

When a Leo finds someone to love, that person will be drowning with affection and adoration.

Leo’s idea of ‘being in love’ fills them with happiness and a sense of purpose.

They want their love life to be fun and exciting.

They will treasure you and will go out of their way to show you that you are indeed very important to them.

  1. Jealous

We think by now, you know where this is going.

There’s an ugly side to the previous Leo characteristic.

Since Leo treasures each special person in their life, they have a tendency to be possessive at times.

Leo despises being second place. In that regard, by not placing Leo in your top priority, you are not meeting their expectations.

This makes their idealistic notions about love slowly crumble.

And in the truest nature of Leo, they expect that their big gestures of love and loyalty are returned with reverence.

You need to show that you’re very grateful for what they’ve done and shower them with compliments.

Their demanding nature in this sense is somewhat balanced by their almost limitless generosity.

They just really need the attention of their partner, after that, it’s back to lovey-dovey, rosy romance.

Leos are indeed taxing as lovers but just like they say; Go big or go home.

Sometimes Leo can be unhealthy in a relationship
  1. Self-confident 

Like the lion that they are, Leo exudes confidence, especially in their skin.

Like mentioned before, Leo is all about self-expression.

This holds true to their appearance as well.

Leo’s public image is very important to them so they always dress to impress. 

They celebrate their sense of style and doesn’t shy away from a head-turning mix of drabs. If you got it, flaunt it!

From appearance to the overall vibe, Leo’s confidence will sweep you off your feet.

They’re the go-getters who're not afraid of prying eyes.

To be honest, we all need some of this big lion energy.

Wear those clothes you’ve been eyeing for a month. 

Ask out your crush.

Lead a big project. Let’s just go live our best lives!

Sometimes we just need to follow Gina Linetti and be the human form of 100 emoji.

  1. Vain

A Leo characteristic that always follows this sign is narcissism.

Yes, confidence is good but when you’re blinded by your ego, it becomes very toxic. 

Not just for you but to those surrounding you as well.

Who wouldn’t be a little annoyed by a constant and often public display of vanity?

Spare us your minute by minute selfies and no, we don’t need to hear the story of your spontaneous DJ gig at some posh party for the ..nth time.

Leos are already a very proud zodiac but when Leo's ego is challenged, they’ll take any criticism as an attack to their very being.

This makes everyone walk on eggshells around them.

And although we stand by the fact that we still need that big lion energy, we should always remind ourselves to drink a big glass of humility after.

  1. Outgoing

What else is there to say?

Leos are freaking fun to be around! Watch as they slowly take on any party. 

They got that flamboyant nature.

After all, Leos are natural born entertainers - their creativity coupled with their confident charisma makes them the life of the party.

Extroverted, Leos enjoy the company of others.

They’re comfortable with being the center of attention and they give off a very approachable vibe.

This makes it easy to befriend a Leo.

Their energy attracts people towards them.

This Leo characteristic positively defines what Leos really are: fun-loving people.

Leo's love making friends
  1. Attention Seeker 

Finally, we’re down to the Leo characteristic mostly associated with the sign: their need for constant attention.

You’ve all seen the memes and heard all the jokes.

Leos demand to be the center of attention. 

The quote “All attention is good attention,” really applies to their situation.

They just can’t help it.

They have the energy and the drive to be at the center, and they took that to go even further.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a friend or a lover, Leos should be your sole focus and in return they’ll give you their full attention.

They’ll shower you with compliments, but you also need to shower them with compliments.

They’ll make you their number one, but you also need to make them your number one.

Looking at it in this perspective, Leos just really want love and happiness to be a two-way street.

They just get really greedy at times and their expectations can be a tad bit delusional but they mean well.


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10 Powerful Leo Characteristics For Dating a Leo


There you go! Now you know all the things you need to know when dating a Leo

How was it?

Do you think you can handle dating them?

Of course, you can!

What we really uncovered here in the list we’ve compiled is that this sign is not perfect.

But, so are all the other signs.

We are human. We are flawed.

We take what we’re given and we work on what we can.

We are a creature with limited time so what else can we do but live our day to day lives and constantly evolve.

Yes, Leos can be such an obnoxious person.

They’re dramatic, overbearing and needy but we can’t help but see their other characteristics.

Their courage, generosity and happy nature will remind you why you fell for them in the first place!

It’s all about balance.

The Leo sign teaches us how easy it is to be generous, how gratitude should always be expressed and how we should be brave enough to express ourselves.

Take some of that big lion energy and ask your Leo crush out now!

We’ll be here rooting for you.