All You Need To Know About Leo Dates, Symbol Meaning & More

All You Need To Know About Leo Dates, Symbol Meaning & More

All You Need To Know About Leo Dates, Symbol Meaning & More

Leo is a dominant character that possesses confidence, loyalty, and leadership. Leo is also known as the Lion which would explain why they are natural born leaders.

You probably know that Leo dates are from July 23 - August 22.

If your birth date is among these dates, then your zodiac sign is most likely to be a Leo.

But if you wanted to be accurate, you have to consider the year and time you were born.

This nitty gritty details could give you a more exact answer to your zodiac sign.

Their element is fire and they are ruled by the Sun.

No wonder Leo could always bring flair and in everything that they do. They are confident and straightforward. 

What’s not to like? So go on and meet a Leo, you’ll surely love their outgoing attitude and positivity.

But first, you have to know more about the Leo dates.

If you are born between July 24 and August 22, you don’t actually have to worry.

Breathe in and breathe out! You are part of the fierce and confident Leo zodiac sign.

But if you’re not, sorry my friend.

You have to double check to ensure a seat among this extroverted sign.

This means that if you are born on July 23 or August 23, you might be hanging by a thread to be considered part of the Leo circle.


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All You Need To Know About Leo Dates, Symbol Meaning & More


The leo zodiac sign symbol

Here goes why...

You see, zodiac signs are not just decided as it is on the date of your birth.

Zodiac signs are predicted based on the position of the sun on the day of your birth.

Not the actual position of the Sun in relation to Earth, but its position as seen on Earth.

It is assumed that the sun takes a specific position on the zodiac sign, every 30 days in a year.

However, a year is not full on 365 days but 365.25 days per year.

That’s why leap years occur every 4 years wherein we add one day, specifically in February to be exact.

This is the culprit behind the discrepancy in Leo dates.

This phenomenon results in a slight change on the position of the sun and ultimately affects the start and end of Leo dates.

So if you want to be exact, it could be a bit early like July 22 or a bit late like August 23.

Leo dates could start on either July 22 or July 23 and could end on either August 22 or August 23. 

Leo zodiac sign is based on lions

If you are right at the start or at the end of Leo dates, then you’re a very special case

As we all know, the end of a zodiac sign means the start of another and vice versa.

Just as easy as that.

It becomes tricky if your birthday is on or near the cusp (beginning of the next zodiac sign.

For instance, if your birth date is right at the beginning of Leo dates on July 22nd and July 23rd, then it is also right at the end of Cancer.

And if your birth date is at the end of Leo dates on August 22 or August 23, then it is also at the beginning of Virgo.

Now this could be a little tricky because your zodiac sign will depend on the time and location of your birth.

Aside from that, this could also mean that you might just have the characteristics of both zodiac signs embedded in you.

Yes! You read that right!

You could be a hybrid of two zodiac signs if you are right at the beginning or end of a zodiac sign.

But isn’t that twisted?

In the case of Leo, it could be a hybrid of Cancer & Leo or a hybrid of Virgo & Leo.

That’s totally a whole new and different character.

If you were born on July 22 or July 23, then sun’s position is right at the end of Cancer, then you have Cancer traits yet you’re inclined to be a Leo.

But if it is at the very start of Leo, then you are definitely a Leo.

Same goes with birthdays on August 22 or 23.

If the position is at the end of Leo, then you have both Leo and Virgo traits. 

However, if you are born right at the beginning of Virgo, no questions asked! You are definitely a Virgo!

This is because the sun sign is not yet prevalent on the first and last seven days.

Therefore, for those of you who were born on dates that fall here, you could observe a mixture of both zodiac signs.

Goodluck on that!

Already confused? You don’t really have to analyze all these.

Lion as Leo

In conclusion, Leo dates may seem generic, but they aren’t

You might encounter an individual born on the Leo Sun sign, yet her character is different than the typical Leo characteristics.

Or you personally want to know if your birth date fall under a Leo date.

This could be because he/she is a hybrid of two Zodiac signs or maybe he/she is not really a Leo in the first place.

That’s why it is best to know how astrologers compute your Zodiac sign to avoid confusion.

Empower yourself through knowing your true Zodiac Sign.

Learn how leap years ultimately affect our zodiac signs and how the sun’s placement is important in determining your Zodiac sign.

Whichever path you choose, it’s a win win to know your real zodiac sign!