Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Leo Symbol

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The Leo symbol is deeply connected to the energetic symbolism of the lionLeo is the fifth astrological sign and corresponds to the constellation Leo. 

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Leo Symbol

When looking at your personal astrology or astrology of a loved one, using the term ‘Leo the lion’ may not be what you originally had in mind to discover Leo sun sign’s meaning and personality. 

The Leo symbol is deeply connected to the energetic symbolism of the lion.

Leo’s are also known as the heart of the zodiac as this sign sits right in the middle.

It’s constellation also coincides with the timezone known as the heart of summer in the west, between July 23rd and August 22nd.

Lions are known to thrive in summer months when sunshine is at its strongest and most supreme.


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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Leo Symbol


Leo Symbolism

The lion glyph is the symbol for Leo sun sign.

The closed circle inherent within the Leo symbol is symbolic of the sun, the life force shining down.

This links strongly to all Leo represents.

The sun is actually Leo sign’s astrological ruler, hence why this star sign is known as the center or heart of the zodiac.

The ‘crescent’ of its mane is representative of the phases of the moon, and together the Leo glyph symbolizes balance.

This is a balance between the solar energies of the sun and the lunar energies of the moon.

How does this relate to the Leo symbol or Leo star sign?

Well, the moon relates to femininity, emotions, intuition and receptivity.

The sun symbolizes masculinity, mind and intellect, action and will power.

They are like yin and yang, opposing yet complementary forces.

In this respect, the key message of the Leo symbol glyph is to find balance and harmony- a harmony and unity of the head and the heart, reason and rationality and feeling and emotions.

The sun is the star sign of the zodiac symbol Leo

‘The Closed Circle’ 

The closed circle is also a symbol of completion, unity and ‘coming full circle.’

This is a representation of the self and returning to the heart.

In the grand scheme of things, love is all there truly is and unconditional love for all- family, friends and our communities is the ultimate lesson in this journey.

The Leo symbol shows this through its symbolism of sun and moon, the harmony they aim to bring, and the links to the heart and symbol- circle of completion.

Community and connection are also key themes with Leo the Lion.

The leo glyph is based on the lion

Fire: Leo’s Ruling Element

Leo is ruled by fire. Fire represents passion, energy, action and creativity- it can be forceful, bold and take center stage.

This is true when we look to the Leo sun sign’s nature.

Leos have many wonderful qualities, however one of their less so favorable characteristics, when expressed negatively, is the need to be the center of attention or in the spotlight.

In saying this, fire can be an initiatory force, a spark for creation and manifestation and an inspiration for new ideas, projects or group interests.

Fire is passionate and highly expressive.

Fire is also symbolic of the soul and spirit, which is highly accurate when looking at the Leo personality.

Leo’s are magnanimous, generous, kind and compassionate; with incredible hearts.

What better expression of love or heart is there than soul and spirit?

Other associations of fire relating to the Leo symbol and nature include enthusiasm, playfulness, zeal, and uncontrollable emotions.

These emotions can include anger, temper, pride, the need to protect loved ones, friskiness, and exaggeration; in both its positive and negative lights.

Leo Symbol Relating to Personality

Drama, fire and self- expression, baby! In short, Leo is one of the most expressive star signs.

Leos love fun, self- expression, joy, laughter, playfulness, creativity and taking center stage.

There is nothing humble about their personality, although they are capable of real and sincere displays of humility.

These personality traits portray how Leo sun sign is deeply connected to the glyph of the Lion, which explore further in the next section.

Because the Leo symbol is ruled by the sun and the sun is the center of our solar system, all corresponding connotations and meanings can be seen to equate with this symbolic truth.

Leos dislike being ignored very much, and they enjoy the company of friends, family, colleagues and peers.

If they feel ignored or threatened in any way, the real ‘Leo pride’ can come out in full force, often leaving targets or victims feeling very intimidated, annoyed or turned off!

Those born under the Leo symbol sign have this dazzling drama to them, often majestic and magnificent with a strong sense of divinity, yet also prone to some ‘shadow’ personality traits and expressions.

When a Leo chooses to give in to their deep- seated pride and need to put on a show, not much can stop them.

Arrogance, severe stubbornness and a general disregard for anyone else’s feelings can shine out in their ugliest light.

The reality is, Leo doesn’t care- they know they are still the center of their own universe and brilliant at the start and end of each day; so why should they care?

This character trait can leave them shining in their majestic, Lion- like glory- with all their unique talents, gifts and confidence on full display, or it can leave them temporarily ousted by friends and family.

Everyone can tolerate a bit of drama and ego, but sometimes there really is such a thing as going too far.

Despite this, those with Leo symbol as a star sign are still one of the most kind, compassionate, giving and heart centered signs in the zodiac.

The reality is they just need to be noticed and loved.

There is a strong sense of dependence with Leos, and regardless of how independent they like to think they are or make out; the fact that their shadow characteristics come out so strong and with such force shows just how needy and codependent they are.

This is, of course, completely understandable when considering the Leo glyph, related Lion qualities and energetic associations, and the fact that Leo is right in the middle of the Zodiac.

Leo and the Lion: Key Similarities and Energetic Associations 

Lions are majestic, powerful and the dominant force in most natural habitats.

They are often referred to as “king of the jungle” or “queen of the sahara,” and there is a reason for this.

There is a strong sense of sisterhood, brotherhood and community values associated with lions, and this reflects into the Leo sun sign personality.

Female lions are highly productive in their communities and take on a very protecting, nurturing and providing role.

They engage in their fair share of food provision whilst simultaneously being rocks for their male counterparts.

They also manage to care for their cubs and take sufficient time for rest and play! She takes immense pride in caring for her family.

Male lions have this fiercely protective quality to them.

They are both caring, protective and loving, and willing to fight in times of need.

This is on par with those with Leo symbol as their star sign. Leos can be aggressive, impatient, angry and resort to real displays of aggression and violence (mental, emotional or physical).

Other associations of the lion in relation to its symbolic meaning and energetic significance:-

  • Self- leadership
  • Power and majesty
  • Emotional mastery
  • Royalty and ancient wisdom
  • Dignity
  • Generosity
  • Personal authority
  • Personal power
  • Assertiveness
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Self- esteem
  • Justice
  • Loyalty
  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Passion
  • Self- empowerment
  • Brotherhood and sisterhood
  • Community
  • Solar energy
  • Humility and integrity/ demeanour

Looking at the above meanings and energetic symbols associated with the lion, the key aspects to the Leo personality can clearly be seen!

Those with Leo symbol as their star sign are essentially very similar in nature to the glyph’s sign- the lion.

Leo zodiac sign glyph

Leo Star/ Sun Sign

Exploring other key elements to the Leo sign  can also help us understand the Leo symbol and all it represents.

Leos are generally charismatic, optimistic, faithful and loyal.

They are popular with many friends, yet also have a highly ambitious and autonomous side.

If anything questions their greatness, self- assertiveness, or advanced levels of self- love and respect, there could be trouble in majestic paradise.

Confidence, generosity, responsibility and community- values define them.

They love to lead and are happy to serve their friends, family and lovers in selfless ways.

They do, however, require a certain amount of attention, respect and admiration in return. 

To them, giving and receiving and the balance inherent is a natural part of life.

They are loyal, warm, friendly, dramatic, passionate, romantic, expressive and natural leaders, with strong personalities.

Sometimes egocentric, overdramatic and self- centered, this fire sign makes up for their shadow traits with their heart, kindness and sincerity.

Like the lion, leos are force unto themselves; proud, fiery and with great self- esteem and personal power.

Leo Symbol’s Colors 

Leo symbol and subsequent star sign have certain colors associated which can be utilized for healing, personal empowerment and self- development.

The colors for Leo are yellow, gold and orange.

Yellow and orange symbolize Leo’s fiery, expressive and passionate nature, also linking to creativity and strong emotions.

There is a very warm quality to orange and yellow. 

Gold is a representation of all ‘Leo the lion’ has to offer; majesty, royalty and the need to be first or number 1.

Gold is a winner’s color, and also naturally associated with feelings of pride.

Leos can incorporate these colors into their lives for enhanced creativity, confidence, self- expression, and feelings of warmth, friendship, family and community.