Libra Personality: How To Tell If You Are a True Libra

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Libra Personality: How To Tell If You Are a True Libra

Libras are airy as they are ruled by the quality air. Anything which can be associated with the air element can equally be applied to the Libra nature

The best way to portray the Libra Personality sun sign is to look to its element. 

Unlike the other star signs, Libra is not represented by an animal, human or physical entity, but by “the scales.”

This provides us insight into the Libra Personality!

The scales as a personality symbol signify Libra’s need for balance, harmony, peace, order, justice and equality.

There is nothing warrior or aggressive- like with those born under the sun sign of libra.

Chaos, destruction, aggression, conflict and disharmony are rarely displayed as character traits, and most libras will happily sacrifice some part of their self to keep the peace.

Because of this fundamental personality trait, libras are very much liked.

They are in fact one of the most compatible signs with Mars- ruled Aries, the ‘hot- headed,’ impulsive and often impatient Ram of the zodiac.

Libra and Aries are opposite each other, therefore the Libra Personality can balance and ‘cool’ the Aries nature.

This truth in itself says a lot about libra and everything they represent.

There is no other sign that is as calm and collected, patient and peace- loving as Libra; not even spiritual, sensitive, empathetic and deeply generous Pisces.

In saying this, Libra sun sign does have a shadow, and this is necessary to explore before delving further into the positive aspects of the scales.

Relationships are very important to the “peace, harmony and diplomat” symbolic Libra sign. 
relationships are imporant to libras


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Libra Personality. How To Tell If You Are a True Libra


Negative Characteristics of Libra

One of the main negative personality flaws of a Libra is that they cannot handle criticism well!

This may go completely against their charming, kind and peace loving nature, however if they feel threatened or exposed in a negative or ugly light in any way, shape or form, they can literally lash out.

They need to be seen in a positive light and love being admired (due to such strong venus influence), therefore anything which threatens their sense of personal greatness and inner beauty can be met with great force.

They may even go so far as going on the ‘personal attack’ on par with some extreme symptoms and displays of narcissism.

This may seem completely contradictory to the diplomatic, kind, gentle and sensitive nature of the Libra Personality, but the truth is that this star sign has a vicious side.

This is all to do with the Libra Shadow.

Everyone has a shadow side as we are all light and dark, yin and yang, and susceptible to inner duality. 

The problem with Libra is that they are so much into their peace loving, harmonious, justice seeking and innerly beautiful parts of self, that they forget they have an inner shadow.

It is almost like they don’t want to see it, or refuse to see it. 

This can lead to its opposite and extreme when repressed or denied for too long.

A healthy amount of shadow is good for the soul, spirit, mind and emotions- it allows one to see their own light and appreciate it.

Yet by choosing to only focus on their favorable qualities and deny their shadow altogether, Libra sun sign can ironically increase and perpetuate their ‘darkness within.’

If not careful or honest, this repressed darkness can be extremely destructive.

Linked to this but perhaps less severe is the need to be praised, adored and loved.

There is a strong element of self- centeredness and intellectual or psychological superiority present in the Libra Personality.

As stated, they do not take criticism well and do like to be admired, even if they hide this desire from others.

Finally, Libras’ need for beauty can make them forget the importance of inner beauty- in those who are steered towards vanity and material definitions and expressions of beauty.

One may overlook and become ignorant to a friend, partner or lover’s full character and inner world.

This can, of course, be a projection and reflection of the Libra’s ‘inner ugliness.’

Again, denial of their own shadow can lead to some pretty distorted viewpoints and beliefs!

Fortunately, most Libras do not display these shadow aspects frequently or if they do they are not too extreme.

If you do find yourself dealing with a Libra with these negative personality traits amplified and in full force- you may be dealing with a narcissist!

Libras are generally kind, tranquil and justice- loving souls, who wouldn’t dream of causing harm to anyone.

the libra zodiac sign is almost like yin yang

Libra Personality Careers

Libras make excellent actors and actresses, entertainers, performers, singers, musicians, wordsmiths, writers, artists, analysts, investigators, politicians, presenters, librarians, and anything that makes use of their unique intellectual and intuitive abilities.

Although the Libra sign may not initially appear as one of the zodiac’s most intuitive star signs, because of their profound intellect, mental abilities and extraordinary imagination; they are.

A Libra’s intuition comes from their sincerity and sensitivity to others.

They can enhance their intuition through the genuine desire of being of service or help, and through the bringing of peace, harmony and diplomacy to any situation.

The often ‘extreme’ need to having a loving, cooperative and conflict free scenario, in all aspects of life, inevitably makes them intuitive and sensitive to others; and liked as a result!

Furthermore many Libras find themselves working in the healing, creative or artistic and charity fields.

A traditional path of analytics, research, writing, law or science may not suit them (based on other individual aspects of their chart/ horoscope), therefore ‘the strive’ towards justice, equality and humanitarianism can result in many Libras choosing these professions as a life choice.

The need for harmony also means that those with the Libra Personality will thrive in any job or role which involves teamwork.

Despite them making great leaders, intellectuals, intuitives and analysts, Libras are great at teamwork.

Some would be happy to sit on the sidelines playing a mediating or silently powerful role, one where they are not in the spotlight but can still use their subtle powers and communication and observation skills for great effect.

Some key characteristics of the Libra Personality:-

  • charming
  • observant
  • great listeners
  • perceptive
  • strive for bonds and companionship/ partnership
  • appreciators of beauty
  • ruled by Venus- the goddess of love (which reflects in all aspects of the Libra personality)
  • sensitive
  • artistic
  • despisers of cruelty, nastiness and vulgarity
  • naturally gentle and loving
  • diplomatic
  • tranquil
  • peace- loving
  • fair and just
  • cooperative
  • intellectual
  • logical and rational
  • intuitive
  • communicative
  • pragmatic
  • understanding
venus goddess rules over Libra zodiac sign

Other Key Traits of the Libra Personality 

As a symbol of “the scales” or justice and diplomacy in its finest, Libra sun sign has a strong ethics of wrong and right. (For the most part!)

This implies that regardless of who they are with, whether that be friends, lovers, family or work colleagues, the Libra Personality will always be the one to take on a mediating role.

They can bring people together in times of great hardship, conflict or opposing interests.

Combined with their unique love of beauty, art, music and the finer things in life, those with the Libra star sign may be a breath of fresh air in any social or family situation.

This of course links to Libra’s ruling element, air.

A Libra can use their profound intellect, reason, rationality, harmony- loving aura and ‘diplomatic vibration’ to help shape and influence connections, collaborations and shared interests.

The only thing they have to be mindful of is becoming a people- pleaser, or appeasing everyone else and suffering in silence as a result.

Cooperation, mediation and peace- promoting should not be replaced with self- sacrifice.

Sometimes minor conflict, healthy debate and opposing interests are healthy, and this is something those with the Libra Personality need to recognize.

Developing and integrating this balance, combined with self- love, a strong sense of personal leadership and standing up for oneself, inevitably lead to greater emphasis and successful manifestation of their positive qualities and strengths.

So long as Libra is not falling into their shadow or narcissistic tendencies (which can be very apparent in such an intellectual, naturally- superior and mind- based sign), they should live a peaceful, prosperous and harmonious life; one where they are valued, loved and cherished by friends, family and peers.