Libra Sign: The Scales of Justice and Keeper of the Peace

Libra Sign: The Scales of Justice and Keeper of the Peace

Libra Sign: The Scales of Justice and Keeper of the Peace

Libra, the sign of balance and the scales, is the seventh sign in the 12 star signs and relates to the element of air. Libras are diplomatic, artistic and intelligent.

You, assuming you are a Libra, are also a cardinal sign.

As one of three air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) Libras are the diplomats of the Zodiac.

You are lovers of peace and harmony and rarely get involved in arguments.

Libras can be sensitive, but you are not overly sensitive like some of your fellow water signs.


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Libra Sign The Scales of Justice and Keeper of the Peace


Libra Sign - Venus: the Ruling Planet

Libra is ruled by the ​planet Venus.

This tells us a lot about Libra’s nature!

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and sensuality- it is a planet often referred to as a ‘she’.

This because Venus is feminine in nature, she represents feminine energy.

So Libra sign does too.

Meditation, diplomacy, fairness and peace are predominantly feminine qualities as they enable one to connect to their emotions and more introspective qualities.

Meditation is one of Libra's qualities

Unlike their masculine or fiery counterparts, there is nothing aggressive or competitive about them.

Librans are the masters of compromise, cooperation and bringing people together.

You can see all aspects of a situation and generally choose diplomacy over conflict.

The energy of Venus can therefore be seen to reflect in many aspects of your life and nature.

For anyone who has Venus strong in their charts (so naturally, Libra) there is a grace, charm, elegance and eloquence to them, for the most part.

Beauty, a love for art and certain pleasures are all loved by Libra sign.

Sexual intimacy is also something many Librans can’t go without.

Harmonious energy, romance and sensuality are highly favored in those with a Libra sun sign.

The best way to understand the sexuality of Libra is to look to Venus’ counterpart or opposite.

Mars and Venus are essentially the duality of one another, they are both two planets symbolic of love, sex and desire; yet they have completely different approaches towards them.

Mars is more of an ‘aggressive lust’ and although highly passionate, is less feminine, sensual, harmonious and graceful in nature.

He is the warrior planet (and also a ‘he!’). Libra, therefore, is symbolic of Venus energy and attributes and further quite the opposite of the Martian nature. 

Venus governs the zodiac sign Libra

Libra Sign Balance Within

As a Libra, you love to be sociable yet you also love to be alone.

You are a very balanced sign, alternating between relying on people and external situations for your emotional and mental well- being, and thriving in independence.

You have a rich inner life and enjoy introspective activities.

Reading, immersing yourself in literature or music, art and nature are all your favorite pastimes.

Libra loves to immerse in music

You also have a supreme knowledge which comes through your love of learning and accessing your higher mind.

The higher mind is your higher self- the aspect of self which connects to something ‘above and beyond.’

It connects us to some abstract concept, extraordinary ideas, and advanced levels of imagination and creativity.

Libra sign is highly intelligent and intellectual.

As an air sign, you are one of the most intellectual signs around. 

This can help you thrive in social situations and you like connecting on an intellectual level. (As opposed to other signs like Pisces who connect on an emotional frequency.)

You are also the sign of the scales as briefly mentioned.

This implies that you strive for justice, fairness and equality in all that you do.

You may also be known to have a gentle energy and aura to you.

Libra zodiac sign is intellectual

‘The Libran Shadow’

Every person on earth has a shadow self. Without light there would be no dark, and vice versa.

Day flows into night and from the darkness the sun starts shining.

There are opposing (yet complementary) forces present in all of life.

The same is true for the sun signs. Libra’s shadow may not be as extreme as some signs, such as Aries martian character or Pisces extremely self- sacrificing nature; however it is still useful to be aware of the shadow aspects of the Libra sign personality.

As the diplomat, mediator and ‘keeper of the scales,’ you can be too adaptable.

Sometimes it is better to choose a viewpoint and stick with it.

Your flexible and peace loving nature and ability to see all angles may be attractive to some, but to others it can come across as a bit ‘flaky.’

Strength and conviction are good qualities to work on.

Other aspects of the Libra sign shadow include vanity, superficiality, self- centeredness and egocentricity.

Due to your highly intellectual and mostly eloquent nature, you as a Libra can be slightly snobbish!

Libra is an air sign

Looking to Libra’s Elements

If you are a Libra then you are a cardinal sign.

Cardinal has a very initiating and inventive quality to it.

As a Libra, being a cardinal sign means you are all about new beginnings. Ideas, new thought, reasoning and invention all relate to your personality and nature.

There is a sense of new beginnings and new energy associated with being a cardinal sign.

You are also an air sign, so you may sometimes have your head in the clouds! In saying this, this is great for your imagination and you are capable of advanced and great levels of imaginative thought and expression.

Air signs represent action, ideas, movement and motion.

They also defined by intellect, intuition, thought and mindful expression.

For these reasons Libra sign can be a breath of fresh air for some of the other star/ sun signs.

The fire signs Sagittarius, Leo and Aries can benefit from Libras airy nature.

To a fiery, highly passionate, mainly extroverted and forceful sign, a calming mental energy and influence is a positive and refreshing thing.

For the earth signs Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus- Libra’s mental energy is stimulating and grounding simultaneously, helping balance the characteristics of earth’s structured and rooted qualities.

For the water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio the air qualities of Libra help balance and harmonize their positive watery- emotional characteristics, also providing the intellectual and ‘mental- intuitive’ aspects water signs also love.

Other elements of the Libra sign personality based on air are the abilities to analyze, rationalize, synthesize information and think in logic and higher reasoning.

Libras are very clever and like to use their mental abilities to come up with solutions for problems.

Libra is also a water sign

Libra Strength: Communication

Owing to your airy qualities and innate love for diplomacy, harmony and cooperation, communication is a strong point for you.

You are curious, perceptive and inquisitive with a great love for literature, study and educational pursuits.

Simultaneously, you may very business or entrepreneurial minded.

However you choose to express yourself in whichever outlet, communication is a breeze for you.

You feel very comfortable in your mental abilities and genuinely enjoy discussing important or relevant topics, or exploring human behavior, the psyche or consciousness.

Furthermore, Libras are also very kind and warm- hearted, so your communication skills really shine through when you are talking about humanitarian or welfare- compassionate rooted topics.

Again, balance is a key word here. You literally are ‘keeper of the scales.’

In addition to your strength of communication cooperation and community- social values also lie in Libra’s realm.

The Libra sign sometimes can’t stand not being around others.

Although quiet time can bring to the surface the fabulous Libran mind, if presented with a choice those born under this star sign would place family, friends and social interaction as a priority.

Libra Sign Key Words:

  • Justice and equality.
  • Balance.
  • Fairness.
  • Cooperation.
  • Peace and harmony.
  • Reason, logic & rationality.
  • Intellect.
  • Intrigue.
  • Invention.
  • Curiosity and inquisitiveness.
  • Communication.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Kindness.
  • Diplomacy.
  • Pragmatism.
  • Understanding.
  • Sincerity.
  • Charm.
  • Intelligence.


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Libra Sign The Scales of Justice and Keeper of the Peace


Libra people are all about love

Libra and Love, Sex & Intimacy 

Libra sign people are ultimate idealists.

They fantasize about the ‘perfect relationship’ because of their strong sense of balance and harmony. 

Libras truly believe that there is a perfect relationship, and it is almost as intense as Pisceans and their ‘fairytale love!’

However, due to being primarily in their mental body Libras can learn to detach and be content alone, using intellect and reason to separate themselves from their deep inner desires.

Because they are ruled by Venus, Librans love the idea of being in love and having someone they can share their fondness of art, beauty, and all of life’s finer things with.

Peace and harmony in a relationship is the motto of the Libra sign, in short.