Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Libra Symbol

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Libra Symbol

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Libra Symbol

The Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, coming after the Virgo and before the Scorpio. 

It is linked with the period between September 23 and October 22, meaning, people who were born on those dates will take Libra as their zodiac sign.

“Still, like air, I’ll rise.”

- Maya Angelou

Libra is one of the three zodiac air signs, the other two being Aquarius and Gemini.

Their ruling planet is Venus.

And just as the Venus is commonly known for its symbol of love, passion, and beauty, the Libra is also known for having a charming, gentle, and peaceful nature.

They find the beauty in everything, and they have an excellent sense of style.

Like a strong breeze flowing freely through the trees and into the mountaintops, a Libra is always up for a daring adventure.

The Zodiac Symbol for Libra

The established zodiac symbol (or glyph) for a Libra is the Scales.

The simplified drawing of the Scales is a symbol of balance -- something that is associated to the unique characteristic of a Libra.

The Libra sign symbol is often portrayed as a weighing scale that is used to achieve harmony and perfect balance of things.

The zodiac that we commonly recognize today has been said to have emerged in Mesopotamia around 1000 BC, but the astrology of the Babylonians is believed to be older than that.

Now, you might be wondering:

What exactly does the zodiac symbol for Libra means?

Let’s take a closer look…


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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Libra Symbol


What does the Libra symbol mean?

What does the Libra symbol stand for

The Prime Libra Symbol: The Scales

As mentioned earlier, the Libra symbol is the Scales, symbolizing the energy of balance, harmony, and equity.

The loop on the top bar of the drawing symbolizes the sun, whereas the bar itself is a symbolism of the horizon.

This portrays the beautiful and balanced expression of being in-between things.

Think of it like gazing at a sunrise and sunset, watching them climb in-between the opposite sides of the earth -- balanced and perfectly fair.

In addition to this, the Babylonians associated the constellation - as well as the Zodiac sign - to a scale, probably connecting it to the shape of the constellation found in the sky.

The constellation has two equal sides and a centerpiece, similar to the design of the old-fashioned weighing scales.

Hence, the well-known balanced character of Libras.

Now, just as the Scale symbol represents the good nature of balance and harmony, Libras are also known for their natural instinct to find peace, justice, and equity in this world.

They are peacekeepers, seeking for the needed fairness at all times.

Libras weigh out things and use their natural instinct to come up with the best course of action to take.

They are highly intuitive, and they are definitely not afraid to fight against any injustice that comes their way.

Just like the scale, Libras seek balance in all things.

Libra Zodiac Sign stands for balance

The Elemental Libra Symbol: Air

As mentioned earlier, Libra is one of the three zodiac air signs, the other two being Aquarius and Gemini.

Like a cool, soothing breeze dancing through a windy night, Libras are also known for being gentle, peaceful, and kind.

They are a breath of fresh air, and they are fun to be around with.

Just as the wind carries secrets from those who whisper their thoughts into the air, Libras are good at reading invisible emotions and seeing hidden feelings. 

Libra is one of the three air zodiac signs

They have the natural gift of being able to see the unseen and feel the unfelt.

Libras can be intuitive, and they try to see things from varying angles and different point of views.

They are great listeners, but they want you to listen to them too.

They can use this ability to help other people, especially to those who hold a special place in their hearts.

However… just as the wind could be unpredictable and changing, a Libra, too, can also be unstable at certain times.

They might start to unravel themselves and expose the negative qualities that they have been carrying all along.

But that’s okay. Because who’s perfect, right?

Everyone has a negative trait, and a Libra is not an exemption to this.

In fact, the uncertainty of a Libra is what makes them… well, them -- uniquely special and majestically fascinating.

Like the marvelous wind flowing through this vast world, a Libra is just as wonderful and amazing.

Libra symbol is all about justice

Personality Traits and Characteristics of a Libra

Now that we know the meaning behind the Libra’s symbol (which is the Scales), let’s now take a closer look on their personality traits and characteristics.

Like a scale holding two different set of things, a Libra also has its fair share of positive and negative traits.

Depending on where they are, who they are with, and the situation that they are in, a Libra can choose to show varying traits and characteristics.

Let’s first start with their positive traits.

the weighing scale representing libra

Positive Traits of a Libra

1. Fair and Just

Like the Scale symbol they take, a Libra is fair and just.

They carry this strong sense of justice wherever they go and try to see the fairness in everything they do.

A Libra sticks to what is right and avoid those that are wrong.

Like a perfectly balanced weighing scale, they weigh out things, situations, and problems that rise upon their paths.

They see things from a fair perspective, and as much as possible, they take the needed time to analyze things to help them come up with the best decision and course of action to take.

A Libra might be tempted to get something they want out of desperation, but they will never resort to unfair and unjust actions.

Like a weighing scale symbolizing just and fairness, a Libra tries to hold balance of things at all times.

The scales of the libra

2. Romantic and Charming

The Libra is ruled by the planet Venus -- a planet of beauty and love.

Because of this, Libras are known to be expressive of their love and radiates a magnetic charm and irresistible beauty.

They find great pleasure in being surrounded by beautiful things such as art, culture, and peacefully warm environments.

A Libra is romantic -- unafraid of expressing the feelings that they carry deep within the crevices of their bones.

They have the natural gift to articulate their emotions and show you their love through their own intimate language.

Charm is their power, and they are very fun to be around with.

Just as Venus represents love and beauty, a Libra is both romantic and undoubtedly charming.

Libra's are charming and loving

3. Sociable and Friendly

Libras are social butterflies and are very friendly individuals.

They love hanging around with their friends, and they are always up to meeting new people.

Because of this natural gift, it is fairly easy for Libras to connect with other people and make new friends if given the chance.

They enjoy engaging with discussions, especially if they love the topic that is being discussed.

They can talk and chat for hours with you, and will surely make a great friend.

Friendliness is their name and socializing is their game.

Butterflies are like Libra's

Negative Traits of a Libra

Now that we know the positive traits of a Libra, let’s now take a closer look on their not-so-good ones.


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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Libra Symbol


1. Indecisive

Since a Libra tries to balance all the aspects of their life, they might have a hard time coming up with a needed decision.

They try to see things from different angles, think hard about the decision they are going to make, and next thing they know, they’ve spent way too much time coming up with a decision.

This isn’t necessarily bad since some things should be well thought of and properly weighed out.

But still, this might take a toll on a Libra because they do more thinking and less doing.

So, if you’re a Libra, watch out for this trait.

Libra's are also indecisive

2. Superficial and Vain

A Libra might also have the tendency to be caught up in outer beauty.

Because of this, they might become superficial and vain at times and ignore the more important things -- a good character and a gentle inner beauty.

It is okay to take care of yourself and make the effort to improve your physical appearance, but a Libra should draw the line between taking care of themselves and being plain superficial.

At the end of the day, it is best to focus on the more important things which is the beauty that they carry deep within their hearts and the grace that is in their soul.

Libras are amazing and uniquely wonderful in their own special way.

Like the symbol they take, a Libra seeks fairness and justice in all things, like a perfectly balanced weighing scale. 

They carry both positive and negative qualities in their hands, but it is up to them which qualities would they choose to harness and improve.

Libras are wonderful, and their love for balance and harmony makes a better world.

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