3 Secrets of the Moon in Sagittarius

3 Secrets of the Moon in Sagittarius

Have you ever come across articles about your moon sign?

If you haven’t already, you’ve come to the right place!

Many of us are familiar with our zodiac, particularly our sun signs. 

Your sun sign is determined by the month and day you were born and is represented by your zodiac personality.

Meanwhile, your moon sign is defined by the month, day and time you were born.

It describes your inner personality, emotional nature and everything about your inner world. 

There is also a third aspect called the rising or ascending sign and it is about how the world sees you and how you represent yourself to the community you belong to.

It refers to the sign that is ascending on the eastern horizon when you were born.

These three signs make the world of astrology more interesting and a good knowledge of these can help you walk through life better.

In this article, let’s know more about signs and traits, specifically about the moon in Sagittarius.

A Closer look at the Moon Sign

Before we take a closer look at the moon in Sagittarius, let us first know more about the significance of a moon sign.

The natal chart is a map that represents the position of the heavenly bodies the moment you were born.

These movements involves three segments and those are the sun, moon and the rising.

Your moon helps complete your astrological profile for it unravels your deepest desires and your most hidden personalities. 

It shapes your inner being and uncovers your inner soul.

Your moon sign represents your greatest fears and unleashes your darkest emotions.

Only those within your circle know what your moon sign is like.

Sometimes, you may feel disconnected with your sun sign so it is also a good thing to check what your moon sign is. 

How do you exactly know your moon sign if it’s not readily published in online articles or magazines?

Because it involves your time of birth, you can try out different astrology calculators online or better yet consult an astrologer for this matter.

The Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon in Sagittarius

Now it’s time to discover more about the moon in Sagittarius.

Let me share with you three of the most kept secrets of the Sagittarius moon sign.

Today, you will uncover who Sagittarians really are and you will discover how to deal with them better.

Join me as we take a journey into the inner world of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Moon’s Secret 1: The Positive Side

1. The Optimistic Adventurer

Sagittarius is an adventurer

As someone born with the moon in Sagittarius, you are always seeking for higher grounds, wider horizons and bigger goals.

You are an expansive person who never gets tired of looking for answers to life’s biggest mysteries.

Just like how the Sagittarius symbol is pointed upwards, you always aim for higher ideals and positive energies in life.

You are a very optimistic person and your sunny personality shines through the crowd.

You love looking for new adventures, creating new life chapters and expanding your horizons.

Adventure is definitely the name of the game for you.

Sagittarius ruled by the planet of Jupiter

2. The Intelligent and Creative One

Sagittarius is a sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and knowledge. It’s no wonder why Sagittarius moon people are also very intelligent and creative.

Just like their love for adventure, the moon in Sagittarius also loves to seek for new ways to learn, grow and improve.

These people like to expand their knowledge to its full potential by enrolling for new classes, meeting a diverse set of people or immersing themselves in educational activities or points of interest.

3. The Free Spirit

The moon in Sagittarius influences you to live life without rules and boundaries.

You are on top of your game when you feel independent and when nobody else is holding you back. 

You live in your own terms, and this makes you the free spirit of the zodiac.

4. The Charismatic Friend

You have so many friends and followers, thanks to your unique charm and sociable personality.

You are an engaging person who loves good and hearty conversations with people.

People are drawn to you because you know how to inspire and uplift them with your optimism and knowledge.

5. The Honest and Generous One

You don’t only inspire others with words but you also make them feel special with your generosity.

You go out of your way to help others and you’re willing to go to great lengths just to help out in a charitable event or volunteer for a summer camp.

Your compassion for others is probably one of the best traits you have as a Sagittarius moon.

Another good thing about you is that you are very honest and sincere.

You value honesty and truthfulness and sugar coating things to protect another’s feelings is definitely not your forte.

Sagittarius Moon’s Secret 2: The Negative Side

Now let’s talk about the negative traits of the moon in Sagittarius.

These traits are pretty much easy to handle, especially once you’ve figured out the reasons behind the quirks and moods of a Sagittarius moon.

1. The Reckless and Inconsistent One

Sagittarius loves outdoor activities

It is definitely hard to locate or pin down a Sagittarius moon.

Due to this person’s love for the great outdoors, they are always on the run and it will be impossible to keep up with their speed.

Although their love for new adventures is commendable, this can also be their downfall at times. 

They can become inconsistent due to their penchant for jumping from one adventure to another.

Their restlessness can also lead to a lack of focus and interest in one particular task.

Sagittarius moons can also become reckless and irresponsible because they easily lose interest in routinely projects or tasks.

2. The Spontaneous One

Sagittarius moons have an open heart and an open mind.

It’s not like being spontaneous is negative, but Sagittarians can become too unconstrained that it’s hard to keep up with them at all.

They hate routine and anything that occurs on a regular basis. With them, you always have to make sure to bring something new to the table.

Having a Sagittarius moon lover can be very hard because you have to make sure they’re not bored or else they will flee and look for a livelier environment.

Variety and exciting plot twists are the must-haves when you’re with a Sagittarius moon.

Their freedom and love for expanding horizons can be bothersome at times but it’s just how they are hardwired.

A little understanding goes a long way and a little twist to old routines can possibly help spice up the relationship.

3. The Straightforward Friend

Like I said, people with the moon in Sagittarius in them value honesty so much that they won’t make up lies just to please you.

Asking your Sagittarian friend for advice means you have to be ready for some real talk and some offensive statements.

It’s not like they want to offend or hurt anybody.

It’s just that they believe you deserve to hear what’s real and true.

Sagittarius Moon’s Secret 3: How to Deal With Them

Now I’m going to reveal the most effective ways in dealing with a Sagittarius moon.

Note that not all individuals are the same, and there can be differences in how you should handle or deal with people born under this sign.

The important thing is we know how to appreciate, understand and accept how these people roll.

First, you have to embrace their negative side and I must say, their bad traits are pretty easy to deal with.

Have a Sagittarius friend who is too blunt?

Don’t take it personally for this person just wants to help or give advice. Have a Sag lover who’s hard to tie down?

Let him be and respect that he needs his own creative space.

Is your Sagittarius moon relative easily bored?

Try something new and fun like visiting a new restaurant or signing up for an art class.

At the end of the day, small adjustments and big spaces for love and understanding can do the trick.