3 Surprising Secrets of The Moon in Taurus

3 Surprising Secrets of the Moon in Taurus

3 Surprising Secrets of The Moon in Aries

People born under a Taurus moon sign are great providers and this is because they are responsible and they work hard to achieve their goals and live a sustainable life.

Determining your zodiac sign is quite easy as there are loads of references everywhere and all you have to do is find your date of birth

But did you know that there is a striking difference between a Sun sign and a moon sign?

In astrology, your Sun sign portrays your zodiac personality, the character you want to develop, and the person you want to become. 

Meanwhile, your Moon sign defines your natural self or who you are from within. 

Less popularly known compared to the Sun sign, the Moon is also important for it represents the character that you already have.

The Sun-Moon combination affects you and your life’s operational mode so a better understanding between their similarities or differences is essential.

Apart from this new learning, let me share with you secrets about the Sun and Moon signs, specifically the Moon in Taurus.


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3 Surprising Secrets of the Moon in Taurus


The Moon Sign and Its Importance

Before we discover the Secrets of the Moon in Taurus, let us first shed more light on the moon signs.

The moon sign unravels your inner energy, emotional nature, inherent spirit and inner mood.

It depicts who you naturally are;It defines your deepest needs, and it determines what can really make you feel happy, secure and contented.

Simply put, the Moon Sign is about the “inner you” as it also shapes your soul.

The Sun sign is more focused on what is expected and what is generally accepted in each zodiac sign.

That being said, never be afraid to go beyond the Sun signs and get to know more about the Moon signs for both of these play a major role in your life’s journey.

Taurus and the Moon and Sun Sign

How to Determine Your Moon Sign

Your natal chart is composed of the position of the stars and planets the moment you are born.

It is your soul’s road map and it serves as your general guide in living and loving life.

From here, astrologists draw your Sun and Moon signs

A person’s Sun sign is defined by his/her day and month of birth.

On the other hand, the Moon sign can be determined by a calculation of one’s full date, place and time of birth.

This is because the Moon moves quickly in a span of one month around all the signs and stays for about 2 days in each sign.

Even if you have the exact time, factors like the closeness of the moon to the changing signs may also affect so you might want to consult an astrologer if you’re not really sure about your calculation or go to legitimate sites to verify which Moon sign you belong to.

Now that we’ve run through the basics, let us know move forward to the juicier part.

Because we have so many signs in the astrological wheel, let us first discover the 3 Secrets of the Moon in Taurus, how to deal with these secrets and how to improve as a Taurean and leave the bad personalities behind.

The Taurus symbol and the roadmap

1. The Taurus Moon Sign is Defined By Stability And Security

Security is a Taurean’s mantra and stability is the name of their game.  

This is also related to how Taureans are rooted in their ideologies and ways of life.

As a Taurus, you are very secure and this gives a domino effect, making your loved ones and friends feel more secure around you.

You also have this distinct personality to make people feel calm and well taken care of.

Taurus individuals enjoy beautiful things and material comforts but they dwell on the more important ones, such as building a lovely home that will last a lifetime.

This is also closely related to the fact that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty.

The moon in Taurus also inspires them to invest in their relationships the same way they invest in their possessions.

Moreover, material things greatly affect their emotional security and their level of self-esteem.

They aim for things that can help them live a stable life and make them feel contented for a longer period of time.

While stability and security sounds perfect, this may be a disadvantage, especially to people who are in a relationship with a Taurean.

Due to the fact that the Taurus loves to stay in their comfort zone, this zodiac may not easily recognize their partner’s need for change, growth, excitement and emotional stimulation.

Being steady also means a Taurean may sometimes show slow progress, and that is something that other signs may not work well with.

The position of the Moon in this Zodiac is so steady and secure that Taureans won’t make a move unless it’s an advantage to them and they’re sure it’s 100 percent safe.

Taurus Moon Sign and The Domino Effect

2. The Taurus Moon Sign Is Loving And Sensual.

Ruled by the Goddess of Love Venus, the moon sign Taurus also exhibits a loving, caring, open and sensual personality.

Being tied to the physical world and to the five senses, a Taurean has a higher familiarity with smell and touch.

Physical connections such as massage, back rubs and aroma appeal most to this bull.

This also means that the Taurean has strong instincts and they can easily sense if something is worth it or not or if you’re trying to do something that is against his/her will.

Also, the Moon in Taurus also encourages it to have a heightened desire for physical pleasure.

When it comes to relationships, Taurus proves that it is a fixed sign for this bunch doesn’t really prefer breakups even during the worst times.

However, a Taurus can also be unforgiving, especially when they’ve reached their boiling point.

In addition, a Taurean gives his/her all when it comes to love. Problem is, the Taurus often gives too much love and care that others tend to take advantage of this sign.

The Moon in Taurus can be loving and sensual when treated the right way but it can also be controlling and possessive when he/she senses mistreatment, dishonesty and disrespect.

Venus and Taurus are both loving

3. The Taurus Moon Sign Is Both Relaxed And Energetic.

A Taurean has two speed or energy levels, the first one being relaxed and the other one being completely hyped up.

People under this sign are sometimes mellow, calm and still but they can also be wild and active especially when their quiet spot is disturbed or when the situation calls for it.

The Taurus knows how to use their speed or energy levels wisely, only investing maximum levels in things that are worth their time and energy.

The Moon in Taurus can also move to its original slow and steady state, and this is often the most comfortable and winning zone for this sign.

Taurus zodiac sign is relaxed and mellow

Dealing with The Moon in Taurus

Overall, the Moon in Taurus can be considered as one of the nicest placements for the Moon.

This particular sign exhibits abundance, stability, security and physical comfort. It also portrays the ideal of caring and unconditionally loving other people, whether they be friends, family or life partners.

However, a Taurus should be careful in being too comfortable with all the lush things in life and in giving away too much of himself/herself.

Having too much leads to overindulgence in material things, which may then lead to physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

Additionally, Taurus tends to stick to always finding their constant, familiar setting, their comfortable place and their secure spot.

This means that you should anticipate how hard it may be to introduce something new to this sign and you should reserve an increased level of patience when dealing with them.

Remember that a Taurus may shift from their constant to their hyped up mood so things may take a better turn if you’re are able to convince them that what you’re presenting is totally worth it.

However, take note that they conserve their attention and energy wisely and they don’t go to battles without analyzing everything first.

That being said, the challenge in dealing with The Taurus Moon sign (and this applies to other signs as well) is knowing when to push it a little further and knowing when to stop.

Each Moon sign entails a different set of emotions and the best way to keep peace and harmony intact is to learn how to adjust, adapt and understand each sign, no matter how hard or easy it may be.

When in a relationship with someone born under the Taurus Moon sign, you should remember that cozy environments filled with good food and luxurious things excite them the most.

Minimize surprises and spontaneous adventures and focus on the steadier and more constant things.

Looking at it closely, the Taurus Moon sign is one of the easiest to deal with given that they are not always aggressive and you can always find them in their sweet spot.