All You Need To Know About Pisces Dates, Symbol Meaning & More

All You Need To Know About Pisces Dates, Symbol Meaning & More

All You Need To Know About Pisces Dates, Symbol Meaning & More

The 12th zodiac sign in astrology is no other than Pisces. People who have this zodiac sign should be born on Pisces dates starting from February 19 to March 20.

Similar to other horoscopes in astrology, there are a lot of things that Piscean and non-Piscean folks can learn about the last of the 12 zodiac signs.

We’re talking about the meaning of its symbol, the Pisces dates, personalities, and even common assumptions about Pisceans.

Pisces has a lot of information to offer to anyone who wants to gain more knowledge about it, if you are one of those people then this is definitely the post to be in.

This article will show you the most important and interesting things you need to know about the Pisces zodiac sign.

So, what are you waiting for?

Read on!


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All You Need To Know About Pisces Dates, Symbol Meaning & More


Pisces: Symbol and Meaning

Pisces is known as the 12th and final zodiac sign in the astrological chart and is represented by the symbol of a pair of fish.

Speaking of its symbol, there have been a lot of discussions as to what the pair of fish means, but the most common ones allude to their duality and tendency to just go with the flow.

pisces symbol is a pair of fish

Pisces Dates: When Does It Start and When Does It End?

Folks that are under this zodiac sign must be born on Pisces dates of February 19 up to March 20.

However, there are times that the Pisces dates can start as early as February 17 to 18 and may end on March 19 depending on the days of the year.

pisces dates and symbol

Pisces Dates: Was Your Birthday On A Cusp or Not?

If your birthday falls on the Pisces dates of February 19 or March 20 then there’s a chance that you may not be Pisces after all.

How? It’s because if you were born on February 19 then your sun might either be at the very beginning of Pisces or right at the end of Aquarius.

And if you came into this world on March 20, then your sun would be at the ending point of the Pisces season or at the start of Aries.

In case you want to make sure what sign you’re in then use you can use a Zodiac calculator.

Just make sure you know the exact time and city you were born in so you can get accurate answers. 

Pisces or Aries cusp

Pisces Dates: The Possibility of Having a Mixed Zodiac Sign

Yes, you can have a mixed zodiac sign depending on the date you were born in.

For example, if your birthday is on February 18 to 19 and your sun is still in the Aquarius space then you are both a Piscean AND an Aquarian.

Don’t worry too much about it though because Aquarius people who are born during this period have traits that are closer to Pisceans than their own.

But if your sun is already on the Pisces’s region on the moment you came out of your mother’s womb then you are 100% Piscean no questions asked.

The same thing goes for when you are born on March 19 or 20.

You may have traits that are mixed of Pisces and Aries. 

But if your sun has already broken in into the Aries season then that is obviously your zodiac sign.

pisces mixed zodiac sign


Hopefully, all that talk about Pisces dates didn’t you confuse too much already as we still have A LOT to cover.

After our discussion on the meaning of its symbol and the Pisces dates, it’s time to delve deeper into the zodiac itself by knowing – and understanding- the planet, element, and quality it is ruled by.

And then, we’ll take a look at not just some of the best and worst traits of a Piscean but also how they deal with their relationships.  

Pisces: Planet, Element, and Quality

1. Planet 

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.

Known as the king of the planets, Jupiter governs the exploration of ideas for intellectual and spiritual progress.

It’s the planet that reminds people to review not just their moral and ethical values but also their overall sense of optimism.

Jupiter is heavily involved in philosophy and religion as well, so much that it would go to the farthest places just to find the answers to their questions.

Zodiac signs ruled by Jupiter are excellent guides too.

jupiter connected to the pisces sign

Neptune, on the other hand, is a charitable and spiritually oriented planet.

It’s the one that governs illusions, dreams, and thoughts about the unknown.

Neptune believes that a person’s spiritual energy plays an important role in his/her self-betterment and that there’s a way to harness that particular energy to improve one’s awareness and insights on the things around them.

Being that this is the planet of illusions, Neptune does not also showcase its true colours easily.

2. Element

Pisces is represented by a pair of the fish symbol and ruled by Neptune so obviously, it’s under the element of water.

People with zodiac signs that are in this element, such as Pisceans, are known to be sensitive and intuitive.

They are in touch with their emotions and may feel a lot of things depending on the situation they’re in.

Water signs are very compassionate and caring towards others, so much that they’ll make sure each decision they make looks great to everyone.

They are artistic, nurturing, and imaginative as well.

element of water in the pisces sign

3. Quality 

Pisces is the only zodiac sign that has a water element and a mutable quality.

And as a result, Pisceans can be both accommodating and emotional when it comes to dealing with changes.

The empathetic nature of these mutable signs is what drives them to help other people during transition stages.

Those with mutable quality are also considered versatile, resourceful, wise, and often well-liked by their peers.

Pisces are often well liked by their peers

Pisces: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Relationships

Best Traits:

•    They are selfless - Pisceans love to help others even though it can be very inconvenient for them at times. Unfortunately, other people use this nature to abuse and take them for granted.

•    They are sensitive  - People who are born under this sign are deeply connected to their emotions. They are gentle, affectionate, and very empathetic towards others. Pisceans can be greatly affected by what’s happening around them and may react in ways that other people would find ridiculous. But this sensitivity is ultimately what makes them naturally kind and compassionate, something that folks with other zodiac signs can’t say for themselves.  

•    They are adaptable - Yes, Pisceans can be very emotional but here’s one thing they are absolutely good at – adjusting to changes. Having a mutable quality makes them very flexible, they know how to just go with the current and easily adapt to any new things that will come along the way.

•    They are intuitive - Pisceans don’t make their decision based on facts alone. They also use their intuition to come with up the best solutions.

Pisces dont rely on facts only they use their intuition more

Worst Traits:

•    They can be indecisive - Since Pisceans want everyone to be on the same page when they make a decision, it can be hard for them to even come up with one. So much that they may need another person to assure them that they are doing the right thing before they go with it. This trait of them can affect various situations.

•    They may get too lost in their imagination - The imaginative quality of a Piscean can be great when it comes to coming up with out-of-the-box ideas. However, this can also backfire as they have the tendency to spend so much time in their fantasy world that it would be hard to pull them back to reality.

•    They can be very lazy - Pisceans can be extremely lazy especially when it comes to things that they are not necessarily interested in. In addition to that, their enthusiasm and energy levels don’t last as long compared to other signs.

•    They can be submissive - Due to their sensitivity, Pisceans can get hurt and offended easily by the words that people say to them. They often see themselves as not being good enough despite having the skills needed to succeed. Their weak-willed nature also makes Pisceans easy to push around and subject to abuse by other people.

Pisces can get lost in their own imagination

Pisces: Relationships

Love - Pisceans are naturally romantic, making them excellent lovers. They care for their partners so much and are almost always looking for ways to impress them.

Friends  - Due to their kind, compassionate, and helpful nature, Pisceans make great friends. However, these same traits also make it easy for them to be manipulated and pushed around.

Family - Pisceans love their family so much. The loyal, empathetic, and charitable traits of Pisces folks extend towards people of their own. They love to spend time with their family but might need some moments to themselves to reflect and think about things.

Workplace -They are loyal, trustworthy, and dedicated, making them the kind of employees that will last for years – even decades- working for a company.

Pisceans are quiet but hardworking individuals who can contribute a lot to the operation.

pisces are the perfect employees for in the office

Leadership-wise, they are not very good due to their indecisiveness and sensitivity.

But they make very good team players as they are very supportive, helpful, and empathetic.

So there you have it, all the interesting things you need to know about the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Hopefully, after everything we’ve talked about, you now feel closer to your zodiac sign.

And if you’re a Non-Piscean folk, may this article help you understand the 12th astrological symbol better.  

Pisces Moon

The Pisces Moon

Still want to know more about a Piscean? Let’s head on over to the less talked about part of this zodiac.

Moon signs are not as popular as sun signs but it is equally important to know about the moon in our zodiac.

Sun signs define a person’s zodiac personality while the moon sign defines the inner soul and emotions of a Piscean.

The moon in Pisces uncovers this sign’s desires, secrets and innermost feelings about everything and every person in his/her circle.

People with the Pisces Sun Sign are an interesting bunch, but in particular you should also try to get to know individuals with Pisces Moon Sign.

Who are these people and how are they similar or different from one another?

Pisces is a water sign

Pisces is a water sign and the Moon governs everything that is made out of liquid.

It simply means that by the presence of water in Pisces, the already intense Moon sign is much more amplified with great and not-so-pleasing personalities you can ever imagine.

It also means that every now and then, a Lunar Piscean may have waves of emotions coming in. 

First on the list is that the Pisces Moon sign is highly sensitive and emotional.

The Pisces sun sign already has a lot of emotions in its soul so just imagine how much emotions it can be when it comes to the moon sign.

Don’t be surprised if you meet or date a Piscean who is a lot more sensitive and emotional than other Pisces natives you know.

Another thing to remember is that there is a tendency for a Pisces sign to take in too many energies and emotions without voicing them.

It is sometimes difficult for this sign to express their feelings through words so extra patience is needed when dealing with them during their emotional moments. 

Pisces is the last in the astrological wheel,

Being the last in the astrological wheel, this zodiac tends to absorb and reflect all the attributes of the rest of the signs.

You can easily notice how a Pisces moon can absorb all the energies of the people around, whether they are negative or positive.

In addition, a Pisces moon can form stronger bonds with people that are definitely hard to break. 

This can be a double-edged sword for this sign.

When you have the moon in Pisces, you will find it harder to get out of another person’s dramatic story and things can go downhill from there. 

You can definitely make many friends with these great traits of yours but you should always make it a point to create a balance between helping people and helping yourself as well.

The moon in Pisces also influences this person to be more mysterious, imaginative, romantic and passionate.

Lastly, Pisces is popularly known as the psychic of the zodiac wheel. It's like this sign is hardwired to read other people and foresee events and changes within the society.

The Moon in Pisces finds comfort in the unknown and always seems to know how to handle the unexpected.

The negative side of this is that as a Piscean, you may often find yourself confused between what’s true and what’s just an imagination.

Sometimes, those with the natal Moon in Pisces also tend to act on guesses and intuitions rather than relying on the facts first.

This can mean lack of direction and logic within the life of a Pisces moon. 

Pisces: Birthstone

Pisces: Birthstone

The birthstone for Pisceans is known to be Amethyst. In fact, this gem and this zodiac are interconnected in more ways than one.

This particular stone helps keep the wearer grounded to the physical world while permitting his / her psyche to stream unreservedly to mystical measurements too.

Amethyst additionally retains negative energies and this is advantageous for the Piscean who always tends to assimilate both positive and negative energies inside the environment. 

Amethyst in Greek is a word that means “not drunk” or “not intoxicated”.

Apart from protecting a person from intoxication, Amethyst helps instill sobriety to Pisces’ overflowing emotions.

It helps keep a Pisces calm, sober and grounded. Pisces is the twelfth and last astrological sign in the zodiac wheel.

It is a negative mutable sign and it is symbolized by two fish swimming in entirely different directions.


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All You Need To Know About Pisces Dates, Symbol Meaning & More


This means that people with this sign often feel torn between two choices and two roads to take.

This sign can often find it hard to decide which is which, or even make a small step throughout his/her life’s journey.

Meanwhile, Amethyst keeps the person grounded and it also has the ability to absorb stress and shield the user against any negative feelings or energies. 

Pisces Zodiac Stone Aquamarine

Another stone assigned to Pisces natives is Aquamarine, the stone that speaks to truth and valiance.

If you’d like to attract luck and fortune for always, be sure to keep these gems in your collection.

Truth be told, it only takes an extra amount of patience and understanding to make the zodiac wheel run peacefully and harmoniously.

Blending in with everyone in the zodiac can mean total chaos but it does not mean it can never happen.

One way to gain a fruitful connection with a Piscean is to just let them be the best version of themselves while helping them stay grounded to the physical world.

Acknowledge their milestones, be extra patient and be true to them and you’re definitely off to a great start with this sign.