5 Surprising Secrets of the Moon in Pisces

5 Surprising Secrets of the Moon in Pisces

5 Secrets of the Moon in Pisces

There’s more to discover about a Pisces sign than just its symbol and basic representation. Many of us may not be familiar with this, but the Pisces sign consists of characteristics controlled by the Sun and Moon.

Curious to know what these personalities are?

Read further as I share with you the secrets of the Pisces Moon and everything in between. 

First thing’s first, let’s get to know the meaning and importance of the Sun and Moon signs.

Basically, a person’s Sun sign is represented by his or her day and month of birth.

It represents an individual’s zodiac personality and sets a baseline on what we can expect from a certain zodiac sign. 

That being said, we can say that Pisces people with the Sun sign are those born between February 18 to March 20. 

Meanwhile, the Moon sign is determined by a person’s month, day and exact time of birth and this makes the story a little different.

It means that when you were born, the Moon was traveling through the Pisces sign at that very moment.

Confusing? Not really.

All you need to do is find an app or astrologer who can calculate this one for you and then you’re good to go.


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5 Surprising Secrets of the Moon in Pisces


What’s a Moon Sign for?

In the astrological chart, the Moon is said to govern a person’s moods, actions and feelings.

There is in fact a multitude of explanations behind a Moon sign, but the most basic description is that it is your emotional personality.

Going deeper into this, it means that your Moon sign knows more about what’s inside of you and it is aware of what your inner feelings and personalities are.

It knows your heart’s desires, and it knows what makes you feel comfortable and secure.

The Moon sign knows exactly who and what can make you feel happy and contented.

Your moon sign also defines what can make you angry and frustrated.

It is a great advantage to familiarize yourself with your Moon sign, for it will help you be in control, especially during difficult or challenging times.

Even if you’re not a Piscean, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the Moon sign so you know what makes your Piscean lover/friend/family happy and what makes him/her tick.

Plus, the combination of the Sun and Moon sign is both powerful and beneficial so it’s a great thing to have a deeper understanding of yourself or of a Piscean you’re related to.

The Pisces Moon Sign Explained

The Pisces Moon

Pisces people are an interesting bunch, but you should also try to get to know Pisces Moon Sign individuals in particular.

Who are these people and how do they differ from Pisceans, anyway?

Pisces is a water sign and anything that is liquid is controlled by the Moon.

This just means that the already intense Moon sign is much more intensified by the presence of water in Pisces.

It also means that a Pisces Moon person may have waves of emotions coming in every now and then.

Now, let us reveal each secret one by one so that we can get to know the Pisces Moon sign on a deeper level.

1. The Pisces Moon Sign Is Sensitive And Emotional

This is probably the most prominent trait of a Pisces.

As mentioned, someone who has the Moon in Pisces has a stronger set of emotions so don’t be surprised if you encounter a Piscean who is a lot more sensitive and emotional than the rest.

Another thing to remember is that a Pisces sign has the tendency to take in too much emotions without expressing them.

It is sometimes difficult for this sign to express their feelings through words so extra patience is needed when dealing with them during their emotional days.

As a Piscean, you should also remember that keeping things to yourself could be dangerous for your physical, emotional and mental health.

This last sign in the zodiac wheel also tends to carry and absorb all the attributes of the rest of the signs.

It is fairly noticeable how the Moon in a Piscean allows him/her to absorb other people’s emotions and even the positive and negative energy within the surroundings.

A Pisces Moon knows exactly how to relate and empathize with other people, especially those who need it most.

The major downside is that a Pisces Moon person often finds it hard to get out of another person’s pain or drama and this often causes delay especially in this sign’s progress.

The Pisces Moon Sign And Drama

2. The Pisces Moon Sign Is Mysterious And Imaginative

Do you always notice how your Piscean partner seems to have some sort of mystery in them?

Or do you often find yourself confused with your emotions as a Piscean?

Let me tell you this, it’s natural, and it’s something you can definitely improve on.

In astrology, Pisces is considered a sign of mystery, so just imagine how this is intensified once the Moon enters the scene.

As a Piscean born with the presence of the Moon, you are also likely to have a strong imagination.

In fact, you are in love with anything that sparks your imagination and challenges your mind.

You know how to channel your creativity through dance, music, art and many other outlets.

You find comfort in daydreams and beautiful visions.

Oftentimes, you use creativity as a channel to escape from harsh realities and troubles within the real world.

The downside is that this sign may also get lost in daydreams and imaginative thoughts so don’t feel weird if a Piscean suddenly goes out of topic during a conversation.

The Pisces Moon Sign Is Mysterious

3. The Pisces Moon Sign Is Romantic And Compassionate

This sign has a strong penchant for love and compassion.

Someone with a natal Moon in Pisces is very romantic, and I’m certain many people can totally agree with me.

As a Pisces with a Moon sign, you love unconditionally and you accept a person despite the flaws.

As good as it sounds, it may sometimes be a disadvantage because you only see the sunny side and you become blind to the harsh realities of life.

This may often result to partners or friends taking advantage of you and the overflowing love you offer.

When in a relationship with this particular sign, you also have to learn how to swim in your partner’s pool of emotions for that is an effective way to strengthen your relationship.

The Moon in Pisces also intensifies its need to help, reach out, sympathize and show compassion.

This side of a Piscean can sometimes be overwhelming that it becomes more of a liability than an asset.

People Under The Pisces Moon Sign are Romantic

4. The Pisces Moon Sign Is Instinctive And Intuitive

Pisces is popularly known as the number 1 psychic out of all the signs in the zodiac.

It’s like this sign is hard wired to read other people and to anticipate future events and unseen life situations.

The Moon in Pisces finds comfort in the unknown and always seems to know how to handle the unforeseen.

The negative side of this is that as a Piscean, you may often find yourself confused between emotions and intuitions.

Sometimes, those with the natal Moon in Pisces also tend to act on hunches instead of verifying the facts first.

In addition, this sign sometimes shows a lack of logic because he/she solely relies on his/her intuition even if it involves important life decisions.

5. The Pisces Moon Sign Is An Escapist

This is definitely one of the less appealing characteristics of the Pisces Moon sign.

The tendency to escape from reality strikes when a Piscean feels a strong surge of emotions he/she can no longer hold.

This is especially true when a Piscean has absorbed way too much negativity and pain within its surroundings.

It is also not surprising when the sign goes into his/her own little world for it needs to conceptualize, think or accomplish a work or personal project.

It is highly possible that Pisceans become out of reach for they love to unplug from the real world from time to time.

Dealing with the Pisces Moon Sign

The zodiac wheel is composed of diverse personalities that are made more complicated with the presence of elements like the Sun and the Moon.

The hard part is knowing how to deal with each personality without causing tension and learning how to make other signs understand that you have your own set of emotions, too.

Pisceans with the natal Moon sign are comprised of three great personalities: imaginative, romantic and compassionate.

Meanwhile, they also have a few qualities you will surely dislike: mystery, evasiveness and their love for drama. 

This might seem hard at first, but like a Piscean, try to appreciate their positives first and then slowly deal with their negative side later.

Try to explore creative things with them, show your romantic side and express gratitude for their generosity.

At the same time, give the Piscean the space he/she needs and welcome him/her with open arms after the much-needed break. 

Understand that this sign needs to withdraw from the real world in order to recharge and get back on track again.

Also, try to understand a Piscean especially during bad days just like how he/she understands you amidst your worst moods.

If you have a Pisces in your life, what’s important is to reciprocate that person’s feelings and be appreciative that you have someone as loving as him/her in your life.

All these tips are also applicable when dealing with the rest of the signs and all you need to do is adjust, keep an open mind and learn to appreciate each zodiac’s strengths and weaknesses.