The Pisces Woman: Personality Traits, Relationships, Sex, Fashion

The Pisces Woman:  Personality Traits, Relationships, Sex, Fashion, And More

The Pisces zodiac sign is considered as a water element, has a mutable quality, and is ruled by the planets of Neptune and Jupiter.

There are a lot of things that make the Pisces woman a standout in the crowd.

From their enchanting looks and captivating style to their mysteriously imaginative and pleasingly compassionate nature, Piscean ladies are surely ones you won’t forget easily.

Now, how about we get to know them more, would you be interested?

If you are then do not think of going anywhere because this article is packed with tons of Pisces women-related things you need to know about.

And to get things going, let’s start the discussion with a quick introduction to the zodiac sign that Piscean women have.


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The Pisces Woman Personality Traits, Relationships, Sex, Fashion


Pisces Woman: Her Zodiac Sign

Pisces is listed as the 12th and final zodiac sign in the astrological chart.

It is represented by a symbol depicting a pair of fish and applies to people who are born from February 19 to March 20

Pisces Woman: Her Zodiac Sign


After giving you a quick look at the Pisces zodiac sign, let’s go straight to their personality traits.

A Pisces woman may not have the loudest personality in the bunch, but it doesn’t mean she is a plain Jane.

Believe it or not, Piscean ladies have significant characteristics as well, both positive and negative.

And guess what? Some of them are listed right below.

Pisces Woman: Personality Traits

Pisces Woman: Personality Traits

Best Qualities


The Pisces woman is not always vocal about her thoughts and feelings, but it doesn’t mean that she will keep it all to herself.

Ruled by the Planet of Neptune, women who have this as their zodiac sign often express their emotions and passions through artistic activities such as singing, dancing, and painting. 


Pisces ladies always make it a point to see the good in everyone because they are big on the idea of treating others the way they want to be treated.

But don’t take their kindness as a weakness or because just like water, they can quickly become cold when they feel like they are being wronged or abused.


The delicate femininity, ravishing features, and sinfully seductive appeal of a Pisces woman make her one of the most irresistible ladies you will come across with.

Her beauty is so hypnotizing that it will make you stop on your track and just admire her for an extra second or two.


A Pisces woman is a natural observer. 

Whether it’s with people, things, or scenarios, she loves to look at all the little yet essential details and figure out why things work the way they do.

It’s prevalent for Piscean ladies to have a deep understanding of their environment, and this trait helps them a lot in figuring out how they would navigate a particular person, place, or situation.  


Pisces women are notoriously passionate.

So much so that when they are in love, they will do everything for the person who owns their heart even if it lands them in precarious situations.

Pisces ladies are naturally faithful as well, their love can last forever as long as nothing comes in the way.

The intense romantic nature of these Pisces women also drives them to continually think of small yet effective means of showing their love for the people they care about.

Their intense emotions and occasional crazy-for-love approach in relationships also make them the kind of lover that guys (and girls!) will take years to forget.

Worst Qualities Of Pisces Woman

Worst Qualities 

Falls in Love Easily

Falling in love with a Pisces woman can sometimes feel like a responsibility as she may have this tendency to fall head over heels in an instant.

Yes, it’s cute at first, but once you realize just how quickly she wants to take your relationship to the ‘next level’ then you might find yourself panicking a bit.

This trait also makes all Pisces ladies prone to falling for the wrong person and entering a relationship that can potentially hurt them in the end.


Since their zodiac sign is ruled by the Planet of illusions and daydreaming, Pisces women may spend a little too much of their time inside their own fantasy world.

They love to make plans that, although sounds excellent, may not seem doable for everyone.

Their artistic nature can also serve as their escape whenever they encounter difficult situations, this doesn’t always seem, but it can be if their presence and participation can mean the difference.

Being Drawn To Drama

Their empathetic nature and genuine concern for the people they care about can often make them include themselves in situations they did not need to be in.

Whether it is family, work, or friend kind of drama, you can trust that a Pisces woman is there supporting a person or group she is close to.


The Pisces Woman can make her entire world revolve around her partner, and that is pretty bad.

Why? It’s because once that relationship falls apart, she will be left with nothing.

And since Pisceans are naturally emotional and sensitive, it will surely be tough for her to get over the pain.


Pisces ladies are not the type that always fights back.

Because of their kind-hearted and compassionate nature, it’s easy for them to be manipulated or pushed around.

And unfortunately, most of the time, it’s too late for them to realize that they have already been taken advantage of.

Personality Traits Of The Pisces Woman

Pisces Woman: More Things You Need To Know About Her Personality Traits

1.    She’s intuitive

2.    She can be a bit too sensitive

3.    She likes to take care of other people

4.    She’s selfless

5.    She’s spiritual

6.    She has this mysterious vibe that immediately draws people in

7.    She tends to be an escapist, often running away from her problems by distracting herself with other things

8.    She can be very lazy at times

9.    She can be painfully indecisive

10.    She can be her own worst enemy

11.    People may find her weird or eccentric because of the way she acts


Now that we’re done talking about the personality traits of a Pisces woman, why don’t we find out how they treat their friends and family? If you’re still interested, then read the following.

Pisces Woman And Her Family

Pisces Woman: Does She Treat Her Family Well?

The answer to that question is yes.

In fact, Pisces women love to spend time with their family and help them as much as they could.

However, they may also need some time to recuperate and reflect.

Pisces ladies are naturally supportive and loving so you can expect that they will always be there for their loved ones through thick and thin.

Pisces Woman: Is She A Good Friend

Pisces Woman: Is She A Good Friend?

She is. The chill and kind-hearted nature of a Pisces woman partnered with her attractive appearance help her gain friends quickly.

Her selfless, intuitive, and intellectual self also makes her the go-to friend for advice or help requests.

A Pisces woman is also an affectionate and loyal friend, she will always have your back no matter what situation you may be in.

Should You Have a Pisces Woman as a Girlfriend

Pisces Woman: How Is She As A Girlfriend?

Having a Pisces woman as a girlfriend is incredible because she will be fully invested in all aspects of a relationship, whether it’s in the physical, spiritual, emotional, or even sexual sense.

She is also easy-going and not afraid to show her feelings.

However, it’s essential to be gentle and honest to her because she doesn’t handle betrayal and rejections well.

Her emotional nature can also sometimes prompt her to take things fast, which can be very overwhelming for her partner.

The Sexual Pisces Woman

Pisces Woman: Is She Sexual?

Believe it or not, most Pisces women are awesome in bed.

Pisces ladies are naturally sensual and giving, especially when it comes to their partner.

Women who are born under this sign may not be a massive fan of roughness and role play when it comes to sex, but they are more than willing to entertain those ideas and give them a try if it’s what their partner wants.

Fulfilling her better half’s sexual desire is something of great importance for a Pisces woman, and this is one of the many qualities that make her a great girlfriend or wife.


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The Pisces Woman Personality Traits, Relationships, Sex, Fashion


Pisces Woman: Her Fashion Sense

The Mutable Quality of a Pisces woman extends even to her fashion taste, this means that she is very adaptable and does not usually follow fashion trends. 

Actually, Pisces women tend to gravitate more towards clothes that they feel comfortable in.

And due to their free-spirited nature, they tend to go for pieces made of soft fabrics such as silk and have flowy silhouettes like a Maxi dress.  

A Pisces woman is also a big fan of clothes and accessories with colors inspired by beautiful gems like sea green, abalone, and purple.

She tends to go for outfits that have a whimsical flair and romantic vibes.

Some of the things that a Pisces woman would usually wear or use include

•    Cardigans

•    Crop tops with ruffled sleeves

•    Maxi dresses

•    Loose sweatpants

•    Above-the-knee dresses

•    Skirts

•    Suits

•    Strappy Sandals

•    Jacket / Coat

•    Long Necklaces

•    Small handbags

•    Floral headbands

The Pisces woman is special in so many ways.

But just like other ladies out there, she also has traits that may not be liked by everyone.

Hopefully, this article gave you an idea of what a Pisces woman is like, and why she’s one of the best kinds of people you’ll ever meet.