10 Sagittarius Personality Secrets You Must Know

10 Sagittarius Personality Secrets You Must Know

10 Sagittarius Personality Secrets You Must Know

Simply, Sagittarians just want to live in the moment. I mean Sags are the Centaurs of the Zodiacs, they will literally give you a wild ride!

You probably know by now who among your friends are the archers based on their Sagittarius personality.

They are the natural explorers of the group - always on the move and up for an adventure.

Clearly, you’ve been charmed by their go go go personality. Who wouldn’t?  

However, if you do decide to get into a relationship with a Sag, let me give you some handy pointers before making that first move.

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) is the ninth sign of the Zodiac and belongs to the Fire element.

And like a true Fire sign, a Sagittarius personality wouldn’t be complete without a good amount of spontaneity and big passion.

Listen up, fiery is the keyword here.

This sign can flare up any time, whether due to a sudden burst of inspiration or just out-right rage. 

True to their roaming nature, Sags love exploring.

And I don’t mean traveling per se (though they do love that).

They are truth seekers, scholars, and philosophers who are fascinated with seeking knowledge in an area that interests them.

See, Sags grow through learning and they thrive on change.

This brings out one of their best Sagittarius personality — their flexibility.

Not surprising though, since Sagittarius is a mutable sign and mutable signs know how to go with the flow.

We can see now that people with the Sagittarius personality have a lot going for them — positivity, a large heart, a great sense of humor, and passionate determination to explore the world and live life to the fullest.

But, true to every sign, there’s another side to this coin.

Yup, a Saggitarius personality isn’t all fun and rainbows. 

We got some dirt on them too...

Read on so we can start spilling some tea, honey.

Sagittarius Personality Traits


If you want some hardcore sit-down session with someone who will go in deep with you, Sags will do the trick.

This broad-minded sign will have no hard time warming up to topics relating to big questions.

What’s the meaning of life?

Find a quiet corner and get a couple of beers and a Sagittarius will be ready for you.

Religion and Spirituality?

Sagittarians won't shy away from sharing their thoughts and will be ultimately excited to hear yours as well. 

A heated discussion may follow but no worries! Sags enjoy exchanging views with people.

Their inquisitive nature makes it easier for them to ponder such things. It pushes them to see the “big picture.”

And as the natural ruler of the 9th house, Saggitarius is a reflective sign, so these healthy discussions on views about life are very stimulating for them. 

The sign itself is attracted to people who go beyond small talk.

You know what to do now.

Polish your Philosophy chops and bring-your-a-game!

Sagittarius tend to be philosophical


For a sign that enjoys deep conversations and have so many musings in life, Sags can get real superficial.

Gasp! We know, surprising isn’t it.

Sags do have a spiritual side but they don’t get that much time exploring it because they’re always on the go.

Oftentimes, they get so caught up in life to actually reflect on the changes happening with them.

And since it became such a fast-paced life, they don’t get the chance to look below the surface to see the substance of people surrounding them.

Sadly, this sign is one of the Zodiacs that end up focusing on outer looks. Yup, this is one stinky Sagittarius personality trait.

But! This only happens when a Sag forgets to slow down and reflect on things.

Remember, Sags are one of the great thinkers of the Zodiac.

All they need is to mellow out, reflect on their behavior and they’ll be right on track.


One of the best Sagittarius personality traits is honesty.

Ask a Sagittarius in your life for some brutal truth and they’ll give it to you straight out, no holds barred.

This truth-seeking sign, won’t shy away on sharing their thoughts on a particular subject either (And they got some strong opinions too).

You can always trust Sags to voice out what’s on their mind no matter what.

Most importantly, they value honesty in their partner.

Any relationship with a Sag is built on trust

Sagittarians are indeed stubbornly honest but they expect the same treatment from their partner.

Dating a Sag means you have to be straightforward.

Leave your passive-aggressiveness at the door.


Just as you expected, there’s an ugly side to the Sagitarrius personality trait mentioned above. 

Sags have always been notorious for their lack of tact. Basically, the fast-talking Sagittarius is blunt.

Their sharp-tongue often comes out without them knowing and when we say sharp, we mean sharp.

Yes, they are stubbornly honest but unchecked, that honesty often leaves people hurt by their harsh remarks.

Especially if it’s not needed nor warranted.

Just make sure you won’t let yourself get dragged by their words. 

We don’t want you mistaking nosiness for honesty.


Like the Centaurs representing this sign, Sags are indeed wild. 

They are warm fun-loving people who thrive by being in the company of others.

They’re extroverts by nature — easy to approach, funny and up for anything. 

No wonder you got charmed by this archer. They are very sociable so people are just naturally drawn to them.

There’s a certain lightness that Sags bring to every party.

It might be their easy-going nature or their knack for attracting a crowd, but Sags just really know how to have some good time.

And it shows. If you bring a Sag to a party, you’re sure to enjoy it. Just, uh, prepare for anything.

With a Sag around, you won’t know where you’ll end up in.

Centaurs represent the Sagittarius zodiac sign

Attention Seekers

Here we go, we just need to say it.

Sagittarius loves to be the centaur of attention (did you catch that?). This fun-loving sign just can’t help it.

They have the power to draw in people and they just get a tad bit addicted to it.

It’s a me-world when Sags don’t control their tendency to grab people’s attention. 

Being one of the more extroverted signs, it’s easy to understand how it can come to this.

But careful, not all attention is good attention.

Just be prepared to keep up with Sags party antics, ’cause there’ll be a lot of them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you . . .


What else is there to say? Sagittarians just have the thirst for knowledge! It doesn't matter how simple or complicated the topic is.

Once a subject piques a Sag’s interest, they’ll go on full study-mode.

Not surprising since they are passionate individuals in the first place. 

Expect a Sag to go gaga on a very niche topic that you might think no one will care about.

They just love discovering things and the idea of learning itself makes them happy.

Also, expect a Sag to offer you a piece of knowledge you don’t know you needed.


Sags do know a lot of things but they don’t know everything!

By now we think you know where this is going.

Yes, Sags can be overconfident and arrogant. 

Their misplaced confidence often puts a strain on the people surrounding them.

We get that you have a lot to offer but when no one, I mean absolutely no one is asking you for it, it means nobody needs it.

Sags are knowledgeable so they can’t help to get a bit up-showy at times.

They have this constant need to be right and they absolutely hate losing.

They’re passionate, all right.

Furthermore, left unchecked, this trait may cause conflicts that could have been avoided by just well, shutting up.

We love a confident Sag but we need some humility here and there.

Free spirited

We’ve finally come to the trait most associated with the Sagittarius personality: their free-spiritedness.

Freedom is a very important thing to Sags. 

They have a constant need to keep moving and they need the freedom to do that.

They are adventure-seekers in their core and they enjoy change. 

They embrace the need to evolve, even by paving their own path.

Sags understand they have their own way of doing things and respects the need for space to grow oneself.

Being a free spirit, it’s obvious that they hate being controlled, this sign will do everything possible to stay independent.


We’re down to the last one!

This is often the hardest Sagittarius personality trait for them to overcome, as they might not necessarily recognize the behavior as negative.

Their free-spiritedness comes with being reckless.

It’s part of who they are. It’s their charm, yes. 

But this recklessness puts them in danger and it’s times like this that Sags need someone to ground them.

If you’re up for it, you might just be the one they need.

We’ve covered a lot of things you need to know before dating a Sag. How was it? It was a bumpy ride, right?

But we know you get that it’s worth it.

Above all else, Sags just want a partner that they can explore the world with. 

Someone who values freedom and knows the joy of discovering new things!

And aren’t that the qualities we should look for a lover? 

It may be hard to catch a Sag, let alone to keep one, but if you’re successful we know you’ll be happy with a Sag by your side.