How to Deal with a Sagittarius & Top 5 Secret Traits

How to Deal with a Sagittarius – Top 5 Secret Traits

How to Deal with a Sagittarius

A Sagittarius is never afraid of bumpy roads, complicated pathways and difficult life situations. However, it can sometimes be hard to deal with someone like a Sagittarian.

You’ve probably searched far and wide for the best reference related to dealing with Sagittarius people.

While there are loads of articles online, it’s hard to read through everything in one go.

Good news is, this article will give you easy access to the exciting world of a Sagittarian.

There’s a lot more to learn about Sagittarius than its unique archer symbol.

A Sagittarian is encompassed with a number of positive and negative traits, a set of quirks, a couple of strengths and weaknesses, and a lot more interesting things to discover.

You may have a friend, student, husband, wife, partner, relative or colleague who is a Sagittarian.

You may be a Sagittarius but you’re not really aware of where the bad and the good in you comes from.

Either way, it’s interesting to learn more about each zodiac sign so let us unravel all the mysteries behind the 9th astrological sign.

Let us also tackle each Sagittarius trait and how to deal with them.


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How to Deal with a Sagittarius – Top 5 Secret Traits


Knowing a Sagittarius Trait

Before we dig deep into the Sagittarius traits and how to handle them effectively, let us first talk about the basic facts about this zodiac sign.

A Sagittarius is one who is born between November 22 to December 21.

The Sagittarius symbol is represented by centaur Chiron, a half-human and half-horse archer who is considered as the most important centaur in Greek mythology.

The symbol consists of a bow and an arrow.

Centaur is part of the Sagittarius symbol

Trait # 1: Positive, motivated but careless

This is probably the most prominent of all the Sagittarius traits. Sagittarius people are very optimistic.

Their symbol comprises an arrow pointed skyward, and that’s exactly how they view life.

For them, it is always about moving forward and taking on challenges.

It is always about aiming for a higher ground, taking risks and going for the bigger goal.

These people are highly motivated, positive and ambitious.

This person’s willingness to take risks can often result in carelessness.

Too much energy and drive can make Sagittarians impatient, making the rest of the people around them uncomfortable and irritated.

Moreover, too much positive thinking can result in overconfidence.

Believing that nothing will go wrong can result in making more mistakes, and this is what you have to watch out for in a Sagittarius person.

Sagittarius people are very positive

How to deal with it:

Never say “I can’t” in front of a Sagittarian.

With them, anything is possible and there’s no room for giving up or backing down.

While you can try to control them, don’t. I’ll give you the reasons in just a bit.

Sagittarius zodiac sign people like to explore new things

Trait # 2: The desire to be free, to learn and explore new things

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of knowledge, expansion and authority.

This zodiac sign also holds the element of fire.

This is closely connected to why Sagittarius traits involve a burning fire to learn and expand to his or her fullest potential.

This person is highly intellectual and always interested in various kinds of topics.

The Sagittarian loves to be free to encounter new experiences, wander around and seek a new adventure.

People who belong to this zodiac sign are hard to pin down and refuse being bound by restrictions.

With this, it can be hard for them to conform to rules and stick to the standards.

This will be a big disadvantage especially if you are dealing with a Sagittarius colleague or life partner for they dislike being tied to a demanding career or a manipulative relationship.

Explanation on Sagittarius in a relationship

How to deal with it:

Sagittarius traits are diverse, but their love for adventure and new things strikes out the most.

They do not like feeling bored and doing repetitive things.

To get along with this star sign, you have to always bring something new to the table.

They dislike boredom and routine.

As a friend, you can go out and try new things with your Sagittarian friend. 

If you’re in a relationship, always try to explore new things with your partner and keep those little surprises ready for your loved one.

In terms of their love for freedom, this is my advice.

Don’t push it. Just let them be and respect their love for open spaces.

If you are not ready to commit to a person who loves freedom, then you have to think twice before dating a Sagittarian.

Trait # 3: Honesty is really their best policy

One of the best known Sagittarius traits is honesty.

In fact, Sagittarians are the most straightforward people you’ll ever encounter in all of the zodiac signs. 

However, these people can appear too blunt at times.

How to deal with it:

You have to realize that a Sagittarius just values truthfulness and it is not his or her intention to be tactless.

This person does not see the point in filtering words so you can either ignore it or choose not to take it personally.

When it comes to a Sagittarian’s level of honesty, you are only left with two choices: it’s either you love it or you hate it.

People under the Sagittarius symbol are very intelligent

Trait #4: Highly intelligent and opinionated

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, a Sag is known for having a high level of intelligence.

This star sign loves deep and meaningful conversations.

They love to teach others and share what they know. 

If it’s your first time to come across a Sagittarius, it’s more likely you’ll see the person as a know-it-all.

In reality, they just want to voice out their views and realizations. 

One more thing about a Sag is when they are right, they are right and they will get that message across.

No filters, no holds barred. People with this sign are very opinionated and they can be argumentative and flaky during bad days.

jupiter governs sagittarius

How to deal with it:

A Sagittarian may sound preachy, but they’re just trying to get their opinions out.

The best thing to do is to listen to what a Sagittarian has to say.

Of all the Sagittarius traits, this could be the easiest to handle. This is because a Sagittarian is also a good listener and respects how other people see things.

Again, the only trick is to listen to what they have to say as well.

Sagittarius people can be very generous

Trait # 5: A Sagittarius can be too generous

There’s nothing wrong with having a big heart for other people.

One of the unique Sagittarius traits you’ll always hear about is that these people are really generous.

They can go above and beyond just to help you out the best way they can.

How to deal with it:


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How to Deal with a Sagittarius – Top 5 Secret Traits


Not that generosity is included in the worst of all Sagittarian traits, but sometimes it can be too overwhelming.

This can result in a Sag being taken advantage of.

The generous Sag may also appear as too naive to other people’s true motives.

The least you can do is not take advantage of a Sag’s big heart.

Of all the Sagittarius traits mentioned, I’m pretty sure you already have an idea of how to deal with them better the next time you see them.

Better yet, I’m sure you had a quick reality check if you’re reading this as a certified Sagittarian.

Sagittarius traits can seem overwhelming, hard to embrace and difficult to understand. 

Truth is, we just have to keep an open mind and remember that we all have our own set of annoying and pleasing characteristics.

A little reminder to a Sag friend can go a long way, but it’s also a must to accept them for what they truly are.

Appreciate the good, try to help them improve the bad. If it doesn’t work, don’t push it.

Regardless of the zodiac sign, some people are just downright irritating.

At the end of the day, acceptance, appreciation, and communication are key to a harmonious relationship with the rest of the astrological signs.