All About Scorpio Element, Symbol & Traits You Should Know

All About Scorpio Element, Symbol & Traits You Should Know

Are you a Scorpio or do you know someone born with this sign?

Then you’re in for a ride of a lifetime!

Scorpios are known to be the most misunderstood out of all the signs.

They’re also one of the signs with the strongest and most powerful characteristics. 

In this article, let me share with you everything about the Scorpio element, including its symbol, traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s take a closer look into the world of a Scorpio born and discover how we can easily mesh with them.

As a Scorpio, let me show you how you can maximize your strengths and use your weaknesses to your advantage.

Understanding your Scorpio element and how your zodiac works is an essential part of your day-to-day life.

Knowing your own or a fellow Scorpio’s quirks and moonds can help you build a lasting relationship and avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in the entire zodiac wheel.

Scorpios are notorious for being intense people, but their long list of qualities doesn’t end there.

They have traits you will like, traits you will hate and traits you would want to have even if you belong to another sign.

Can you really cope with these Scorpio traits or is it possible to change them?

The answer depends on you and how you deal with each trait, but another way is to just let things run its course and accept the extremities of this sign. 

Remember that the key to building harmony and peace within the astrological wheel is to accept that each of us has his/her own flaws and shortcomings.

With all of these, I’m very sure you are thrilled to discover more about the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Let us now dig deep and know more about this zodiac.

What You Should Learn About The Scorpio Element And Symbol

1. Scorpio: Element, Planet, Symbol and Fast Facts

Scorpio Fast Facts

Scorpio Mode: Fixed

Governing Planets: Pluto

Scorpio Element: Water

Most Compatible Signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, 

Least Compatible Signs: Aquarius, Leo, Aries, Gemini

Opposite Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Scorpios are individuals born between October 23 to November 22. 

Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign in the astrological cycle. It forms part of the water signs along with Pisces and Cancer. 

Scorpio Sign

The Scorpio symbol is represented by a scorpion and its stinger. 

Scorpio zodiac is said to be ruled by this all-powerful and enigmatic animal. 

Scorpio’s spirit animal influences this sign to wait for the right timing to strike or attack its opponents. 

The glyph for Scorpio is also illustrated as a tailed letter “M” that is said to symbolize the scorpion’s pointy tail. 

The Scorpio sign is also said to be represented by other strong animals such as the eagle and the phoenix. 

Scorpio is often mistaken to have a fire element although it actually is under the element of water. 

Water influences Scorpios to be still and calculate every move while planning several strategies before heading for the big battle.

Scorpio is also related to the colors dark red, crimson, black and maroon. 

Individuals born with this sign are either called Scorpio or Scorpion. 

Scorpio is governed by Pluto, the planet of transformation and destruction. 

Scorpio Planet

Scorpio Eminent Personalities


  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Julia Roberts
  • Emma Stone
  • Richard Burton
  • Demi Moore


  • Mahalia Jackson
  • Katy Perry
  • Paul Simon
  • Art Garfunkel


  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Lucy Hawking
  • Pablo Picasso


  • Indira Gandhi 
  • Joe Biden
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton
Scorpio Element

2. Traits of the Scorpio Element

Let us now navigate to the strengths, weaknesses, negative and positive characteristics of Scorpions

In this part, I will help you figure out how to utilize the Scorpion strengths to your advantage and how to lessen or deal with Scorpion weaknesses properly. 

Positive Scorpio Traits

Trait # 1: Scorpios Are Strong, Intense And Passionate

These three qualities may sound intimidating for some.

That’s 100% true but these traits are also part of the reason why Scorpions turn out to be effective leaders.

Scorpios have strong physical features and they are strong from the inside, too. 

They have this intense aura that can either please you or irritate you.

You will always feel the presence of a Scorpio whether it be at school, work or at home. 

Their emotions and actions portray their intensity and extremity. 

A Scorpion’s energy is limitless, and this person’s passionate nature is praiseworthy. 

People born with this sign are strong-willed and always motivated by goals and aspirations. 

However, these strong energies can often drive a Scorpio to be forceful and filled with both positive and negative thoughts.

A Scorpio’s strong aura can also easily intimidate people within his/her circle. 

They can also be filled with overwhelming thoughts that drives them to become emotional and overly dramatic.

Just like its spirit animal, a Scorpio can be too aggressive at times. 

People with this sign can either inspire you or intimidate you.

How to deal with it: 

Scorpio Relationship Secrets

If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, you should show interest in this person’s passion and aspirations in life.

You should also learn how to embrace their intense and emotional side and accept that it is part of their nature. 

In any case, you should understand that their Scorpio element is a powerful one and the best you can do is to appreciate their positive side and accept or just ignore the negative side.

Scorpios are a pleasure to be with for they make effective leaders but you should also learn how to stand your ground without disappointing them.

As a fixed sign, it might be impossible for a Scorpio  to change so the best you can do is deal with their quirks and have extra patience during their worst moods. 

Why Scorpio's Are Intelligent

Trait # 2: Strategic,  Intuitive, Ambitious And Brilliant

Scorpios have a more profound comprehension of life.

They have a deeper understanding of the human race and they always think differently compared to their opponents. 

Often called the psychic of the zodiac, a Scorpion has strong intuitions and they are always able to perceive events like no one else can.

They take time to calculate each action and come up with strategies to help scale up their business, improve their personal lives or defeat an opponent. 

They willingly enter unknown horizons and battles no one would ever dare join. 

The combination of their instincts, tactics and intelligence makes them advance through life and win in every challenge that comes their way.

The drawback is that a Scorpio can exhibit slow movement and progress during most times. 

Another impressive quality of Scorpions is that they are ambitious and goal-driven.

They have a can-do attitude that is hard to surpass and ambition is in fact the name of their game. 

This is evident in the list of eminent personalities that were born under the Scorpio element. 

However, they can also be overly competitive and extreme when it comes to challenges and battles.

People can sometimes dislike them because of their fierce and competitive side.

Nevertheless, the above mentioned positive traits of a Scorpio can help them achieve their goals in life, no matter how slow their progress is. 

The Honest Scorpio

Trait # 3: Honest, Loyal and Protective

People born with the Scorpio element value honesty and loyalty a lot.

They exhibit these wonderful traits but they expect to get the same amount of trust and loyalty from those within their circle. 

Scorpions are ideal as a life partner because they can protect you and give you the importance you deserve. 

They will never let you down and you can always count on them during your worst times. 

The downside is that Scoprios can be overprotective at times and they can be very demanding in terms of feelings, time and attention. 

Talking about trust, another thing to know is that this sign can be extremely unforgiving once you've double-crossed them. 

They dread being betrayed by people that they just drift away once their instincts tell them to do so.

They tend to avoid individuals who don’t seem to deserve their trust and loyalty. 

Scorpions trust and love their partners so much but once they are betrayed, it will be hard to gain their loyalty back.

They are loyal to family and friends but they can easily burn bridges once they get tot heir tipping point.

People with the Scorpio element are an unforgiving bunch so make sure to avoid getting into conflicts with them.

Honesty is also a great Scorpio personality but it can be a double-edged sword for them.

While Scorpios love connecting with people, they can also be brutally honest when it comes to giving expert tips and life lessons.

When in a relationship with a Scorpion, expect that they can give hurtful statements at times and they may also find it hard to comfort you with sweet, flowery words.

Nevertheless, Scorpios will always have something to say and what they say is usually true and makes a lot of sense. 

Scorpios also exhibit an air of mystery even when they are popularly known for being open and trustworthy.

They love keeping secrets and they will never open up to you, especially if you have a bad reputation or if you have already ruined their trust. 

Scorpios can be very hard to read, especially when they are in a heavy mood.

Why Scorpios Want To Win So Bad

Trait # 4: Scorpios Are Focused And Detail-Oriented

Scorpios have a strong need to win and they do it by being focused and detail-oriented.

Their need for perfectionist endless and they are intense in every challenge or task they face. 

People born with the Scorpio element have an unending desire to outshine the rest of the team and they do this by being the best version of themselves.

The downside is that they tend to be perfectionists and they tend to make a big deal out of the smallest things.

A simple path can turn into a complicated roadmap for a Scorpion and this can either make or break them.

Scorpions also tend to be too hard on themselves and they can end up sacrificing their physical and mental health in their desire to be perfect.

As a Scorpio, you may often feel more stressed that the rest of the signs because you always push yourself to the limits.

Learn how to find that perfect balance wherein you are reaching your goals without overthinking and feeling overly stressed.

Avoid going overboard by reaching out to people and accepting that success is easier to achieve if you learn how to accept help from like-minded people.

Your ability to focus allows you to reach your goals but it does not have to compromise your health and emotions.

When in a relationship with a Scorpion, learn to cope with their moodiness and accept that they can get very angry especially when things start going downhill.

In addition, learn to give the Scorpion the space and time he/she needs because this person can get very angry when disturbed. 

The Strenghts Of The Scorpio Symbol Are Impressive

3. The Takeaway

The strengths of a Scorpio are truly impressive, especially the fact that they are always motivated, focused and strong-willed in whatever they do.

These people are also the type you’d want to have for a partner because of their loyalty and protectiveness. 

These people are also great to have as leaders because they know what they want and they always have a prepared set of plans to achieve their goals. 

However, they can be a pain to deal with, especially if they are in their worst mood.

They can also be very intense when it comes to challenges so you should learn how to treat them as an ally more than as an enemy. 

Scorpios go all-in when it comes to offering their love and trust so make sure to exert the same amount of feelings and effort to make the relationship work.