How to Tell if You Are a True Scorpio – 9 Personality Secrets

How to Tell if You Are a True Scorpio - 9 Personality Secrets

How to Tell if You Are a True Scorpio – 9 Personality Secrets

Scorpios have powerful, intense characteristics such as their burning passion to achieve things and their fearless will to live life to the fullest. They are very strong-minded, and they are definitely not afraid of a challenge.

Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

- Japanese Proverb

Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac, coming after Libra and before Sagittarius.

The Scorpio originated from the constellation of Scorpius and is known to be linked with the period between October 23 and November 22 -- meaning, people who were born within these dates take Scorpio as their zodiac sign.

Its symbol is the Scorpion, and it is one of the three water signs, the other two being Pisces and Cancer.

A Scorpio’s ruling planet is Pluto -- but it is also associated with the planet Mars during the ancient times.

Like a venomous scorpion ready to fight its predators, a Scorpio faces the world with a brave heart and an even braver soul.


Aside from the strong and powerful traits of a Scorpio, they are also filled with other unique characteristics that you might not have heard of... yet.

 So, to know a Scorpio better, let’s take a closer look at their personality traits.

Without further ado, let’s start with the positives.

Positive Traits of a Scorpio

Scorpio Personality no. 1 – Passionate and Driven

Scorpios are burning with passion and are highly capable of achieving the things they want in life.

Once a Scorpio sets their mind into doing something, stopping them might almost be impossible.

You will often see a Scorpio spending their days continuously working -- driven to reach the goals they have set for themselves.

Their flaming determination makes it easier for them to discover the path they want to take and get to wherever it is their heart wants to go.

A Scorpio is also self-motivated and will push themselves to reach new, daring heights and get whatever it is that they want -- whatever it takes.


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How to Tell if You Are a True Scorpio - 9 Personality Secrets


Scorpios are full of passion

Scorpio Personality no. 2 – Fearless and Brave

Another positive trait of a Scorpio is their remarkable bravery and striking fearlessness.

They know the extent and power of their abilities, allowing them to face challenges and problems with their head held high.

A Scorpio stands fearless and brave against the hurricanes of problems this life has to offer.

They daringly fight the wars of life, using their sword of bravery and shield of fearlessness to get the victory they wish to take.

Sure, a Scorpio will inevitably fear something or someone at some time, but they will never let this fear consume them.

Instead, they will turn this fear into power and propel them forward to achieve greater things in life.

Scorpio is able to face off a hurricane of problems

Scorpio Personality no. 3 – Intuitive and Perceptive

A Scorpio also has a natural gift of making good decisions out of their intuition.

They are naturally perceptive and are capable of seeing things other people might have a hard time noticing.

A Scorpio has a strong sense of inner insight, allowing them to understand things instinctively and read between invisible lines.

Because Scorpios are naturally intuitive and perceptive, they can easily decode other people’s behavior and see past the mask they show to the world.

They are natural mind-readers, and they are very good at remembering directions

So, if you want to go hiking at unknown woods, bring you Scorpio friends – they could be your human compass.

Scorpios have good intuition, so bring them always with you to the forest

Scorpio Personality no. 4 – Faithful and Trustworthy

Scorpios are also known for being faithful and trustworthy.

They are great to be friends with, and you can count on them in times of need.

A Scorpio values your trust -- keeping your secrets until the end of time and showing you just how much you mean to them.

Their loyalty would not only make them a good friend, but also an overall great partner in life.

They are great listeners, and they would do their best to keep your trust and remain loyal to those they love the most.

A Scorpio is a shoulder to lean on, and they are a friend that would be there for you when life sails through tough, turbulent seas.

A scorpio stands by your side through rough seas

Scorpio Personality no. 5 – Protective and Understanding 

Most of the time, Scorpios are also highly protective -- an additional trait to the list of why they are great to be friends with.

They hate seeing their loved ones get hurt, and so they will do everything in their power to protect them.

They are also fairly understanding and will try to see things from varying point of views before making any rushed, impulsive decision.

Their emotions might get the best of them sometimes… but more often than not, a Scorpio tries to be the bigger person and be the one to give way and understand.

Negative Traits of a Scorpio

Now that we know some of the most delightful and positive traits of a Scorpio, let’s now take a closer look at their negative traits.

Scorpio Personality no. 6 – Possessive and Overprotective

As mentioned before, a Scorpio has a natural instinct to protect those they love.

However, at times, they might have a tendency to go a little overboard and become very possessive and overprotective.

This tendency of a Scorpio might push people away from them, ruining existing relationships and hurting not only themselves but also the people they love.

To avoid further damage, a Scorpio should take the time to reevaluate this unreasonable behavior and know that being possessive will do more harm than good.

Scorpio Personality no. 7 – Jealous and Envious

Another not-so-good trait of a Scorpio is their tendency to become jealous and envious at times.

This tendency roots from insecurity -- a feeling of not being good enough.

While this surely isn’t true, a Scorpio might feel otherwise and start comparing themselves to other people.

This negatively affects their sense of self-worth, and their attention might gravitate towards the things they lack, rather than the things that are right in front of them.

Aside from this, jealousy and envy could also harm their existing and future relationships – something that none of us would like to happen.

To stop this negative trait from continuously sprouting, a Scorpio must take the time to appreciate the things they have in life, breathe in the things they are thankful for, and start focusing on the things that truly matter.

Scorpios need time to appreciate the good things in life

Scorpio Personality no. 8 – Secretive and Closed

From the fear of getting hurt and judged by other people, a Scorpio might choose to keep things on their own and bottle up their emotions.

They might hide their pain through fake smiles and forced laughs, resulting to them stacking up piles of secrets until they can’t take it anymore.

More often than not, becoming secretive and closed is a Scorpio’s defense mechanism, thinking that they wouldn’t get hurt if they don’t give people the chance to know them.

This, however, is relatively unhealthy and would only hurt them more in the long-run.

To avoid this from happening, a Scorpio should try to openly express their feelings more, speak the words that must be said, and keep their doors open if possible.

Only then would they be able to live their life with true, meaningful happiness.

A scorpio should be open about their feelings and always have their doors open


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How to Tell if You Are a True Scorpio - 9 Personality Secrets


Scorpio Personality no. 9 – Resentful and Vindictive

Since Scorpios are easily hurt and sensitive at times, they also have the tendency to become resentful and vindictive.

It is easy for them to hold a grudge, and so sometimes, they will seek revenge and try to get even with you.

If you have wronged a Scorpio before or treated them unfairly in the past, chances are they won’t forget what you did – even worse, they might seek revenge.

But, as long as you treat them right, Scorpios are fairly harmless and are still great to be friends with.

Just make sure not to get on their bad side or else you might suffer the consequence of their burning wrath.

Scorpios carry a lot of strong, intense characteristics that make them uniquely different from everyone else.

They are passionate, fearless, and perceptive.

Their loyalty makes them a great friend, and their natural protectiveness gives you a good sense of security.

Sure, Scorpios also carry a lot of negative traits.

But if you take the time to know them and treat them with honest respect, you would realize just how amazing they are.

Watch out for the venomous sting of a Scorpio, they are ready to take over the world

Like a scorpion facing its predators with a venomous sting, Scorpios are always ready to take one the world.