The Best and Worst Scorpio Personality Traits That Scorpios Have

The Best and Worst Scorpio Traits That Scorpios Have

The Best and Worst Scorpio Traits That Scorpios Have

Represented by the symbol of a scorpion, this feisty horoscope applies on people who are born on dates starting from October 23 to November 22.

Scorpio is the eight zodiac sign in the astrological chart and is also the ruler of the 8th house.  

Just like the other horoscopes in the zodiac, Scorpio also represents a distinct group of people with various personality traits

In fact, Scorpios have some of the boldest, strongest, and complex traits and characteristics a person could ever have. 

So much so, that it often leads to them making the wrong impression and being misunderstood by other people.

Not convinced yet?

Then you’re in the right place because this article will show you a couple of the best and worst Scorpio traits to prove that Scorpio-born individuals have larger than life personalities.

So, are you in?

You sound like you are, so let’s begin.


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The Best and Worst Scorpio Traits That Scorpios Have


Best Scorpio Traits & Characteristics

People who are born under this sign boast a lot of positive Scorpio traits that make them some of the most exceptional folks you’ll come across with.

Written below are some of them.

Highly Intelligent 

The first on our list of best Scorpio traits is their impressive intellectual capacity.

Scorpios use their brains a lot that they rarely make a decision without thinking about it deeply.

Folks who are born under this sign also have naturally smart and curious minds so it should not be a surprise why they are open to the idea of exploring things that others may not be comfortable with such as religion, occult, death, reincarnation, and more.

The brain prowess of Scorpios is so strong that some of them actually have psychic tendencies. How cool is that?


Scorpios treat loyalty as something significant so you can bet that they will stay faithful to you even if they have another choice.

However, it is essential to remember that their faithfulness is not blind as they don’t have any problem turning their back on someone whom they feel like they can’t trust anymore.


One of the best things about Scorpios is that they are goal-driven individuals.

When they want something, they will work hard and not stop at anything until they reach it. 

And since they have great focus as well, you can trust that once they’ve decided it will take something huge and significant to change their mind about it.


The fourth entry in this list of positive Scorpio traits is their braveness.

Scorpio-born individuals are not the type of people who will quickly back down once they find themselves in stressful situations. 

In fact, it is where they thrive the most.

Their fearless nature is what allows them to push forward and not be afraid to face any challenges that will come on their path no matter how hard they are


Scorpio folks love to test their mental and physical strength.

And as a result, they have this tendency to be very competitive not just in school and work but also in sports.

They love to have an adversary as they know it will make the whole thing more fun.

The good thing about Scorpios is that although they are competitive, they are also matured and understanding.

They won’t lash out when you defeat them as long as they know you did it fair and square.


The next positive characteristic on our list of Scorpio traits is their protectiveness.

Scorpio people will protect not just themselves but also their loved ones from anything and everything that can hurt them.

Their sheer protectiveness applies not only on tangible things but also to the ones that are felt by the heart and mind.

This trait causes our Scorpio fellows to be secretive and to put up walls that will help them to hide their feelings.


Since Scorpio is a water sign, people who are born under it are very much connected to their emotions. 

They feel things on a grander scale, which makes them very intense.

Scorpio-born people are passionate, committed, and filled with desire, so it’s definitely a great idea to get on their good side as they will value you a lot. 

This also means that you don’t want to be their enemy as they can be unforgivingly cold and ruthless.

Their intense nature can be a good thing as this gives them the push they need to take on whatever is on their way, but there are also times where it is a bad one as it often leads to them being misunderstood by other people, it can even land them in trouble.


Those are the best qualities of Scorpio folks … impressive, right? But just like everyone else, they are not perfect.

Read the following to see some of their most negative Scorpio traits that Scorpios have.

Worst Scorpio Traits & Characteristics

Just like every other zodiac sign in the astrological chart, Scorpio also has its fair share of negative personality traits and characteristics. 

Check them out.


The first on our list of bad Scorpio traits is this particular characteristic that makes Scorpios the kind of people you definitely don’t want to screw over.

Scorpios can get offended or hurt easily, and to them, the only way they could move past that lousy treatment and get over their emotions is to get back at the people who made them feel that way in the first place.

Since it is impossible for Scorpios to forgive and forget the person who wronged them completely, they often resort to revenge just to get even.

And because their resentment towards someone can last for a long time, there’s a possibility that they will retaliate even when everyone else has calmed down and moved on from the situation.


Scorpios love to be in control, and since they have a strong personality characteristic that can immediately intimidate other people, they almost always get everything done EXACTLY the way they want it to.

Folks who have Scorpio as their zodiac sign are not afraid to use not just people but also the situation they are to their advantage.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will manipulate their way in life because Scorpios are also known to work hard for what they want.


Due to their possessive nature and tendency to over-analyze things, Scorpios can become irrationally jealous, especially if something – or someone- they genuinely care about is involved.

This intense jealousy often results in fights that can put their relationships AND mental health at risk.


Scorpios have this strong desire not to let themselves get hurt by other people.

And as a result, they put up walls and keep a lot of things to themselves.

In fact, making Scorpios talk about their life and experiences is almost an impossible task. 

Although this can be seen as their very own defense mechanism, it also makes it hard for Scorpios to socialize and gain friends.

Their secretive nature also makes them seem unworthy of someone’s trust as their quietness is very hard to read.


Thanks to their innate ability to overanalyze things, people who are born under the Scorpio sign can be very wary of other people’s actions and motives.

This can be a terrible thing because once a Scorpio gets stuck in this headspace; he/she can image certain things and claim that they are real even though they are just made up.

This is definitely not so good of a Scorpio characteristic.... 

It can also make them assume the worst case scenario and lash out without proper reason. 

These are just some of the best and worst Scorpio traits that can prove how fascinating Scorpios are.

They have great qualities and characteristics that make them some of the most daring people you will ever meet and also bad ones that can prompt you to avoid them at all costs.

But as complex and interesting as they are, Scorpios, in general, are great people to be with.

If you are a Scorpio yourself, then I’m pretty sure you related to some of the things we talked about, if not all of them.

But if you’re not, then by now you probably have a solid idea what Scorpios are like.  

So, what do you think? 

Aren’t Scorpios some of the most personality-filled folks out there?