How to Tell if You Are a True Taurus – 10 Taurus Personality Secrets

How to Tell if You Are a True Taurus

How to Tell if You Are a True Taurus - 10 Taurus Personality Secrets

Stubborn, hot-headed, and aggressive - that’s how some people would commonly describe Taurus personality.

 You might readily think that this zodiac sign seems to be troubled and chaotic just from these three words. 

Like these are the types of people you don’t want to pick a fight with or even cross paths with.

But hold that thought!

Let’s not judge them yet!

Born from April 20 to May 20, this zodiac sign is an Earth sign represented by the Bull.

Now, you’ve probably heard of this animal in a human vs animal contest called bullfighting.

It doesn’t ring a bell?

Well, bullfighting is a traditional contest in Spain wherein humans attempt to subdue or immobilize an enraged bull.

Bull fighting in spain related to the taurus star sign?

Oops! Still not looking good for the Taurus sign!

But still, hold that not-so-good thought!

You see, the Taurus sign is ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of beauty, love, and money. 

Planet Venus rules over the zodiac sign Taurus

This explains why people born on the Taurus sign tend to be more relaxed when enjoying luxurious and sensible things and services.

That’s why you’ll probably find them in a spa or buying the best brands to treat themselves. 

Now, you’ve probably changed your mind. Or you might be thinking that that is a weird combination.

Don’t worry!

This is actually the perfect combination to the unique personality of the Taurus sign.

More than that, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac

While Aries, the first sign gives away that fiery and energetic character, the Taurus balances this out.

How? Taurus personality tends to be more grounded on reality and structure.

All these contribute to the amazing Taurus personality.

As you scroll down this article you’ll learn that Taurus is more than their strong personality.

So buckle up, throw that judgment away and get to know the Taurus sign.

taurus dates and symbol explanation


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How to Tell if You Are a True Taurus - 10 Taurus Personality Secrets


Here are 10 of the most unique personalities of a Taurus

  1. Chill and Laid Back

Did you read it again?

There’s no typographical error or mistake! Yes, Taurus are chill and laid back.

 You might be wondering why, but contrary to the popular belief that Taurus personality is aggressive and stubborn, they are actually chill most of the time.

They also love to take time off and just enjoy the luxuries of life.

You’ll probably see them travelling, shopping, or just eating out.

Or probably they’re just at home soaked in the tub filled with water and essential oils while enjoying a nice bottle of wine and their favorite music.

You see, Taurus is normally calm unless you give them a reason to not be.

This is when they’ll unleash their prowess. 

You don’t want to see an enraged bull so don’t mess up with a Taurus.

They’ll definitely fire back and that won’t be pretty.

  1. Strong, Independent, and Self Reliant

Yes! Taurus personality is better than Chandler Bings famous mantra in Friends: “I’m a strong independent woman.”

Taurus are strong, independent, and take note, self-reliant.

As we all know, Taurus are known to have a strong personality which translates to them being independent and self-reliant.

So whatever life brings them, they will surely face it head on.

Who says they need a man / woman to make them happy?

They are stable and will grow just on their own and the best part is: they are self sufficient.

So if you’re trying to impress a Taurus, helping them on their work or homework, won’t do you any good.

They could manage all by themselves.

  1. Realist

If you’re looking for a friend to slap you in the face with reality, Taurus could slap you as hard as you want.

But really, Taurus would be the perfect friend to give you an objective advice.

Being full of common sense is one of the best personalities of a taurus.

Sure, they’re pessimistic and straightforward, but sometimes it’s the perfect push you need to really open your eyes.

So if you need that reality check once in a while, the realist personality of Taurus will help you get out of your bubble and really see things more clearly.

They’ll keep you grounded on facts away from emotions and unnecessary elements.

  1. Honest

Taurus personality could be a lot of things, but they are never dishonest.

They’re not a fan of sugar coating either. 

They’ll tell you the truth straight away, no filters and no turning back.

For some people, this approach could come off as a bit rude and arrogant.

However, this is just their way of telling the truth which comes through to some of their friends.

Likewise, this is one of the best Taurus personalities, especially to friends who need that wake up call.

  1. Extremely Compassionate 

Despite their tough exterior and strong personality, Taurus are actually caring people.

They could come of as rude and arrogant sometimes, especially when triggered and provoked.

However, they are actually have a soft interior.

They are extremely compassionate, most particularly to the few people they truly care about.

So if you’re lucky enough to be one of their friends and family, Taurus will do anything for you to make your day, to help you with your problem, or to simply be there for you.

  1. Responsible and Organized

Stability and security are two of the most important things to a Taurus.

They constantly find stability in career, relationship and in people they associate with.

They have this craving for a structure that would make them feel secure, not just for themselves, but also for the most important people around them.

So if you are in any way a threat to their stability, you are definitely a  red flag to their bull’s eyes.

Prepare to face the prowess of the bull. Kidding aside, these are what they truly value, keep your hands off and all will be good!

  1. Loyal and Trustworthy

Well, loyalty is a big word to fulfill, but please bare with me.

The taurus sign has a fixed modality, which explains why Taurus are very loyal.

In fact, loyalty is one of their personalities that best define them.

They are even considered to be one of the most loyal among the other signs.

Once you’ve earned the coveted trust of a Taurus, expect that they will be loyal to you until the very end.

You could definitely tell them your deepest darkest secrets and their safe with them.

They’ll take it to their grave if that’s what it takes. However, they will expect the same commitment from your end in return.

But being the most loyal of the signs is not always the best.

Taurus usually get too fixated on people that they may sometimes take some time before leaving a toxic environment, situation, and even a relationship.

  1. Hardworking

Ever heard of the phrase bull’s eye? This is how a Taurus operate.

When they’ve set their eyes on their target, they are dedicated to finish that goal no matter what. Challenges?

Hurdles? Easy Peasy!

They’ll get through any challenges and hurdles in no time. 

Once they have their eyes on it, there’s no stopping them from their path towards success.

Moreover, they also have this certain urge to finish work as soon as possible.

It’s like a disease, but a healthy one.

They have to get the job done and nothing else matters. 

You are also assured that the work is not just done but is perfectly done.

Taurus have high standards that they also apply even on the quality of their own work.

This Taurus personality is also linked to their love to luxury and comfort.

They are especially motivated if they are rewarded generously for that dream shopping spree and travel getaway.

  1. Reliable

Given their self-reliant and hardworking personalities, they tend to be very dependable to the people closest to them.

You can count on them if you just want things to be done.

They’ll surely deliver and they will do it with flying colors and flair.

Their loyal character also adds to this Taurus personality.

They won’t readily leave you if things get rough. T

hey’re right beside you no matter what and they’ll help you get through the tough times because of their compassionate personality.

  1. Enduring and Persistent

Even if the road to their dreams is arduous, they will do anything to be there.

Taurus endures the rough road and wouldn't mind getting their hands dirty to reach their dreams.

If they’ve set their goals, they’ve also made up their mind to take that dream no matter what it takes to get there.


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How to Tell if You Are a True Taurus - 10 Taurus Personality Secrets


Are you now convinced now that Taurus sign has a unique personality?

You might still be surprised that the Bull is more than their aggressive nature.

Yes, Taurus could be aggressive and stubborn, but it doesn’t outweigh some of their most positive characteristics.

Yes, they could be blunt and tactless, but their honesty and objectiveness will wake you up from your emotions that’s been drowning you.

And their bluntness could just be the nudge you needed to keep you from making mistakes or to lift your from a dark situation.

See, there’s more to taurus than their bullish personality.

And being close to them would let you enjoy some of the perks of being a friend to a Taurus. 

Their loyalty, reliability, trustworthiness, and compassion would go a long way just to help a friend in need even at the toughest of times.

The circle of Taurus could be the luckiest for the boundless support a taurus could offer.

And more importantly, Taurus are career-driven.

They’ll do anything to reach their goal that ultimately translates to success.

Even if it takes more time and effort, they’ll surely deliver the job because of their relentless motivation.

Do you believe now that the Taurus personality is more than aggression?

A loyal friend, model employee, and a reliable colleague - these are just some of the best personalities of a Taurus.

If you still don’t, you have to see it for yourself.

Get to know the steady and driven Taurus.

We’ve already given you a heads up, so you’ll know them better now.

Let us know if we missed any personality that makes Taurus even more unique than the other star signs.