Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Virgo Symbol

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Virgo Symbol

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Virgo Symbol

Virgo is the sixth of the 12 zodiac signs and applies to people who are born from August 23 to September 22. People under the zodiac sign of Virgo are humble, self-aware and generous.

Like the other 11 horoscope zodiac signs in astrology, the Virgo sign is also represented by a symbol or a glyph that tells the story behind it.

Speaking of Virgo, if this is your sign and you want to know what its symbol means then this post is for you.

Written below are all the most important things you need to know about the Virgo symbol zodiac sign.  

We’ll not only tell you what it is and its origin but also some very interesting stuff about Virgos in general.

So, are you in?

Then read on.


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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Virgo Symbol


What Is The Virgo Symbol Zodiac Sign?

Virgo’s sign is the maiden or virgin.

It is often depicted as an image of a woman holding wheat or the alphabetical letter “M” styled with an inward loop at the end.

There have been several discussions on what the loop actually means but some of the most common interpretations include sexual modesty, the ability to differentiate right from wrong, a cycle that will take the person back to their roots, and a shield against any sort of impurity.

The Virgo possesses a lot of interesting things that make it one of the most remarkable zodiac signs we all know.

Not convinced yet?

Then take a look at some of the most interesting signs about the Virgo symbol and zodiac sign.

Interesting Facts about the Zodiac Virgo Symbol & Sign

1. It’s an Earth Sign

People whose zodiac signs are under the earth element believe to be pretty grounded. 

This means that they are the ones who will likely remind us to keep our feet on the ground, that having a slow start and a steady base is so much better than building things as quickly as possible.

And because of this, Virgos are known to be dedicated, practical, and loyal especially when things get rocky.

They can also become very materialistic and impatient when having a bad day.

Virgo gets materialistic and impatient when in a bad mood

2. It’s also a Mutable Sign

Zodiac signs such as Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini are all considered as mutable signs, why?

It’s because they are the ones that end each season.

Virgo, in particular, is responsible for ending not just the summer season in the northern hemisphere but also the winter season in the southern hemisphere.

Mutable signs such as Virgo are known to be sympathetic, flexible, and adaptable.

They are good at handling endings and can even help other people adjust to all the changes that will take place starting from the transitioning phase.

But, those who are included in this group can also come off as very critical, uncommitted, and unreliable at times.

The Virgo sign is responsible for ending the summer season in the western hemisphere

3. Non-Animal Symbol

Out of all the 12 zodiac signs, the Virgo symbol is one of the only three that are not based on animals along with Gemini and Libra.

How cool is that?

Virgo sign is one of the three not based on animals

4. There’s a Meaning behind The Maiden Symbol

As mentioned, the zodiac Virgo symbol can also be represented by a maiden

This depicts the positive qualities of a Virgo individual such as being innocent and helping others voluntarily.

Out of the 12 zodiac signs, the Virgo is also deemed as the purist and most-organized as they like to keep things in their natural order.


After telling you some very interesting stuff about the Virgo symbol, it’s now time to discuss what Virgos are like in general.

You’ll find their strengths, weaknesses, trademark personalities, luck, and even common misconceptions about them.

If you are a Virgo then you may find these things very relatable.

But if you are not, then don’t worry about it because at least you’ll have an idea what they are like.

And on that note, let’s start.

The Virgo Maiden Symbol

Virgos: Strengths

Mercury-ruled Virgos are known for being well-organized, hardworking, humble, and suckers for self-betterment.

Their ability to discern good from bad can make them great friends as they will honestly tell you what your best qualities are and the areas that you can improve on.

Their knack for discernment also makes them awesome advisers as they can effectively weigh the pros and cons of each situation before giving you tips that can help you the most.

People who are born under the Virgo symbol are also very generous and service-oriented, they love putting a smile on other people’s faces.

Virgo's love to put a smile on other people's face

And since they have a strong desire to reach their best version; Virgos tend to be very self-aware which could help them know the things they must avoid to prevent leaving a bad impression on other people.

To make it simpler, here are some of Virgo’s best qualities:

•    Helpful

•    Responsible

•    Organized

•    Ability to discern good from the bad

•    Honest

•    Loyal

•    Focused on self-improvement

Virgo Zodiac Horoscope: Weaknesses

Virgos have the tendency to be too focused on certain areas that they forget to see the bigger picture.

Besides to that, they are also perfectionists by nature.

This means that they can be too hard not only on themselves, but also to the people they are working with.

Virgos are also prone to having anxiety which leaves them vulnerable to nervous breakdowns if they can’t find an outlet for it.

They may come off as obsessive as well especially when it comes to their desire to reach their best self.

But what has to be the biggest downfall of Virgos is how they give and take criticisms.

Although they truly want to help other people by criticizing them constructively, their words can sometimes cross the line and end up with them looking very negative towards others.

Virgos may also have a hard time accepting criticisms as they can be so oblivious of their own faults.

To sum it up, here are some of the negative traits of a Virgo:

•    Perfectionist

•    Overly-critical

•    Extremely anxious

•    Too focused on details that may not important

•    Prude

•    Inability to know when their words are becoming hurtful

•    Can’t take criticisms well


After sharing with you Virgo’s best and worst traits, it’s time to see how they deal with different sorts of relationships

Take a look at the following to find out.

Virgos have difficulties accepting criticism

Virgos: Friends, Family, and Significant Other


Virgos are excellent lovers for they value relationships a lot.

Sure, they may need constant reassurance that they are loved and needed but they make up for their shortcomings by taking you on spectacular bedroom adventures.

Yet, you really can’t trust them to be vocal about their feelings as they prefer to show it through actions. 

Virgos also prefer long-term relationships than short-term ones as they always look at commitment as a long-term thing.

People who are born under the zodiac Virgo symbol are loyal, devoted, and reliable lovers.

They are more than ready to stand by their significant others through thick and thin.

The Virgo symbol values friendship a lot


Virgos are also great when it comes to handling family relationships. In fact, they love spending time with their families as much as they could.

Virgos are naturally caring and dependable so they will do their best to be with their loved ones whenever they are needed.

Virgo people will also turn out to be awesome parents someday as they are both caring and protective.

But the thing is, Virgos also have the tendency to insert themselves into a family drama just to protect the people they love the most.

Family is everything for Virgo's


Virgos make awesome friends as well.

They are loyal, dependable, great advisers, generous, and naturally caring to anyone they consider their friend.

But, they don’t really open up to people that much and that is the main reason why they are sometimes seen as secretive and rude.

Our discussion about the Virgo symbol and sign will not be complete without giving you some of the most common misconceptions about them.

Friendship is everything for the Virgo


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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Virgo Symbol


Take a look at the following to see what they are.

Typical Misconceptions about Virgos

•    They are not self-aware

•    They are emotionally insecure

•    All work no play

•    They’re super judgmental

•    Obsessed with perfection

•    Superficial

•    They are extremely prudish

There are a lot of things that make Virgo special. 

But just like other horoscope zodiac signs out there, Virgo also has positive and negative qualities.

Now that you reached the end of this post, do you feel closer to your zodiac sign?

Or just about the same? Whichever it may be, hope this post gave you a much clearer view of what being a Virgo is all about.

And hopefully, it will help you reach your best and most authentic self.