All About the Virgo Moon Sign

All About the Virgo Moon Sign

Have you ever read through your horoscope and felt like the personality of your Virgo zodiac does not define who you really are?

Have you ever encountered a time when you saw your exact personalities in a different zodiac sign?

This must be the answer: Your zodiac sign is comprised of three parts and these are the sun signs, moon signs and rising signs.

These parts are calculated differently and may or may not have the same characteristics therein.

While we only follow the popularly known patterns and predictions of our sun sign, it’s still important to see the other sides so we can fully assess which sign matches us the most.

In this article, let me share with you the differences and similarities of each sign and how it can possibly help you in your daily life encounters and goals.

Let’s focus primarily on the moon sign, specifically the one that encompasses the Virgo zodiac sign.


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All About the Virgo Moon Sign


The Sun and the Virgo Zodiac Sign

Sun, Moon and Rising Signs: What are they?

Each person’s natal chart serves as a roadmap to understanding the twists and turns of life.

It contains the position of the celestial bodies the moment you were born. 

These movements are classified into three: the sun, the moon and the rising signs.

Your Sun sign is defined by the month and day you were born. It is a representation of your outer self or what is commonly expected from your assigned zodiac.

It is who you are based on your sign’s details written in horoscopes and astrology books.

On the other hand, your moon sign defines who you truly are from the inside. It represents your inner self, your deepest fears, and your most hidden emotions.

Your moon sign is determined by the exact month, day, and time you were born into this world. 

The moon describes your natural self, and it is not entirely on the same level with your sun sign.

Meanwhile, the rising sign, better known as your ascendant, is all about the impressions you make on other people.

It represents how you present yourself to society and how others see you.

Like the sun sign, it is also about your outward personality, but on a deeper and wider level.

There are different ways to know which sun, moon or rising sign you are in.

Some consult an astrologer while some rely on online charts or references.

There are also people who take a trip to the library or spend extra time online to study about their birth chart and its meaning.

Whatever your resource is, the best thing to do is to bookmark this article so you will have an all-in guide to the ins and outs of the Virgo moon sign. 

Before we dig deeper into the topic, remember that a better understanding of the different signs will help you understand yourself better and will provide you with a clearer path towards your life’s journey.

Now that we’ve run through the three classifications, let us now move forward to the more exciting part.

Let’s get to know more about people born under the Virgo moon sign and discover ways on how to deal with them effectively.

Let us uncover their strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.

Strengths of the Virgo Moon

Strengths of the Virgo Moon

1. The Systematic And Analytical One

A Virgo moon person is all about organization, structure and detail.

If you were born under this sign, you are likely to work better in an environment where there is system and order.

You are inclined to follow routines, whether at home or at work. 

You feel most secure when things are arranged in an apple-pie order and you feel uncomfortable in a disorganized setting.

As an analytical thinker, you function best by following methods, logical strategies and well-established plans.

You carefully analyze any tasks at hand and you make sure every step is done correctly.

Your systematic and practical approach in life leads you to greater heights and makes you a great asset in the workplace. 

Your amazing eye for details bring forth success into both your personal and professional life.

Additionally, you love smart and meaningful conversations, for it helps stimulate your brain and sharpen your mind.

Virgo moon disorganized homes

2. The Meticulous And Organized One

Your need for order is not limited to rules and standards within your society.

It is also evident in how you clean your home and your surroundings. 

You get frustrated with disorganized homes, piles of clothes, stacked papers, and anything that is not clean or not arranged properly.

Cleanliness is on top of your list and you feel happy and satisfied in an environment that’s neat and orderly. 

Your neatness reflects even in your healthy habits and physical appearance.

Virgo is a helpful and loyal friend

3. The Helpful And Loyal Friend

Their quick way of thinking and problem-solving skills make the Virgo moon a friend anyone can count on.

People born with this sign are always there to lend a helping hand and offer sound advice to anyone who needs it.

These people are born to serve and provide guidance and assistance to friends, colleagues, families, partners and even to strangers.

Reaching out to others provides you with a sense of fulfillment nothing else can replace. 

They’re the shoulder to lean on and the person you can count on at any given situation.

Born with the moon in Virgo, you put your organizational skills and methodical approach to good use by being a service-oriented person to the community.

You love being like a therapist, physician, parent or healer and you do it really well.

The moon in Virgo

Weaknesses of the Virgo Moon

1. The Overthinker

Although unintentional, you tend to submit to overthinking and overanalyzing quite often.

You arrive at wrong conclusions, make regrettable decisions and become a worrywart and this is all because of how you think and strategize on things.

It’s awesome that you love structure and order but it won’t hurt to loosen up a bit and let things happen naturally.

Remember that overthinking leads to stress and stress can cause burnout, and all these can affect your performance and productivity at work.

2. The Perfectionist

I hate to break it to you, but your thirst for order and cleanliness can sometimes become your weakness or downfall.

The Virgo moon influences you to seek for stability, control and neatness in every single thing.

As a result, you become the perfectionist that everybody dislikes.

You become a control freak and an unreasonable person when things are in disarray. 

As a Lunar Virgo, your analytical skills and perfectionism can be a double-edged sword in your life.

What you can do is relax, breathe and accept that everything is not hardwired to be perfect.

Maintain your drive for cleanliness but avoid being a control freak so as not to cause conflict with the rest of the signs.

3. The Realist

Remember how I said you can always count on a Virgo to help you and give you advice?

Well, you have to prepare your ears and heart for what this person has to say.

The Virgo zodiac is represented as the virgin, the realist and the purist of the zodiac. 

The Virgo moon is an intensified version of the realist in the Virgo sun sign.

Simply put, this moon sign has a sharp tongue and is not a fan of filtering words or statements. 

As someone born with the Virgo moon, your way of helping is by making the person realize what’s real and true.

Yes, your straightforward personality is indeed refreshing, but be careful because you might end up hurting a person instead of helping out.

Dealing with the Virgo Moon

Dealing with the Virgo Moon

People born with the Virgo moon exhibit numerous impressive personalities that are beneficial to the workplace and to society.

As someone born with this sign, you are more of a follower than a leader.

As a follower, you make sure that you carefully analyze every step and examine every piece of the puzzle.

However, you also come close to being a perfectionist and a control freak in the process.

To avoid this, you have to relax and try to calm down in the midst of a mistake or in the course of a roadblock.

Another thing to remember is that your genuine desire to help may not be beneficial for everyone.

There are people who get offended by words easily and who are not good in accepting the realities of life.

Try to be a little more careful with words in order to avoid conflict.

If you’re in a relationship with a Virgo moon, you need to be considerate and exert the same effort in keeping the house organized.

When working with someone with this sign, you need to understand their methodical and logical approach to every task or project.

It’s not bad to express yourself and let them know if you feel uncomfortable, but you should also try to accept and understand them first. 

Lastly, keep in mind that more than their negative qualities, they have more than enough qualities you’ll definitely love.