The Virgo Sign: 11 Best and Worst Traits and Characteristics of a Virgo

The Virgo Sign: 11 Best and Worst Traits and Characteristics of a Virgo

The Virgo Sign: 11 Best and Worst Traits and Characteristics of a Virgo

Virgos are known for their great attention to detail and their natural inclination to seek perfection. They want the best and only the best things in life.

“Perfection cannot be defined or seen; it can only be found in your heart.”

- Kelly Millar

Do you have a Virgo friend? Or are YOU the Virgo friend?

Whatever your answer is, this article will definitely help you understand a Virgo better.

After all, they are filled with so much personality traits and characteristics that other people might not see at first glance….

… But if you take the time to look closer, then you’ll see the beauty they hide within and the flaws that come with it.

In other words, you’ll see the best and worst of them.

So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

The Virgo Sign: A Brief Introduction

The Virgo is the sixth astrological Zodiac sign, coming after Leo and before Libra.

The Virgo sign symbol is the Maiden (or the Virgin Maiden), representing an “m” shaped character curling in on itself.

They are one of the three earth signs (the other two being Taurus and Capricorn), and their ruling planet is Mercury.

They won’t settle for less, and they would do everything until perfection is within their reach.

Perfection is the name of their game.

The Virgo Sign on the traits and characteristics of a Virgo

11 Best and Worst Traits & Characteristics of a Virgo 

Now, here’s the thing:

Aside from their tendency to seek perfection in everything, Virgos are still overflowing with other personality traits and characteristics (both good and bad ones) that is worthy of your attention.

So, to help you know the Virgo sign better, here’s a list of some of their most common personality traits and characteristics.

Let’s start with their best ones.

Best Virgo Traits and Characteristics:

Virgo Trait/Characteristic no. 1 – Highly Intelligent and Smart

As students, Virgos are probably the type of person who raises their hands multiple times during a class recitation or discussion.

Ask them a question and you’ll get an answer.

To be honest, this isn’t surprising since Virgos are highly intelligent, and their minds work in fascinating ways.

They find pleasure in studying different subject matters, ESPECIALLY if the topic piques their interest.

If you start talking about the things they like, then you better get your ears ready because they can talk about it for an hour or two.

Their intelligence and brilliance makes them a great addition to a team, and they are sometimes seen as the “brain of the group”.

This characteristic of a Virgo often attracts other people, making it easier for them to build new friendships and make new connections.


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The Virgo Sign: 11 Best and Worst Traits and Characteristics of a Virgo


Virgo Trait/Characteristic no. 2 – Logical and Analytical

If you present a complex problem to a Virgo, then chances are they would have an answer for it.

Virgos are very logical and analytical.

They try to see things from different angles, and they meticulously examine the information that is given to them before they come up with any conclusion.

Virgos won’t believe anything you say unless you give them the facts they’re looking for.

If you don’t give them that, then what you’ll say will go in one ear and out the other.

This characteristic helps them make rational, reasonable, and wise decisions in life, allowing them to survive almost any situation by using their logical and analytical skills.

If you think you can easily deceive a Virgo, then you better think twice.

Virgo Trait/Characteristic no. 3 – Strong and Fierce

While not all Virgos are physically built and strong, their spirit screams otherwise.

Virgos are naturally strong and fierce, and they won’t let anything bring them down.

Life might be too hard for them sometimes, but their spirit remains alive, burning with an unwavering fire.

They will continue to rise over and over again with their head held high and their determination higher.

This strong and powerful characteristic make Virgos good at hiding their feelings and emotions.

They don’t want to be seen as weak and so they mask their pain and pretend to be strong even when life seems so dark and difficult.

A Virgo’s eyes might cry, and their skin might bleed, but their spirit will remain fierce and strong against all odds.

Throw them to the wolves, and they will return leading the pack.

Virgo Trait/Characteristic no. 4 – Bright and Cheerful

Like the shining sun casting its refreshing light into the earth, Virgos are known to be bright and cheerful people.

They have a good sense of humor, and their witty comments and jokes makes them a fun to be around with.

If you’re in a bad mood, then they would probably start cracking jokes just to put a smile in your face.

They don’t like seeing anyone sad and so they will often try to make everyone around them happy.

They could be playful, goofy and silly at times – making it easy for them to get along with a lot people.

If you find yourself feeling down and troubled, then Virgos can turn your frown upside down.

Virgo Trait/Characteristic no. 5 – Humble and Modest 

Another amazing quality of a Virgo is their humility and graceful modesty.

They don’t let flattering compliments or even success get to their heads. Instead, they remain humble and grounded like the element they take which is the earth.

To be honest, Virgos sometimes find it hard to accept compliments since they don’t know how to react to people’s admiration for them.

In fact, they sometimes see themselves as lesser than they truly are, overlooking the beauty and value they truly possess.

But regardless of this, Virgos are still worthy of everything they want in life.

They are proud of their achievements and success, but they would never overly brag about it.

Their humility and modesty makes the world a better place, and it is something all of us could learn to have in time.

Virgo Trait/Characteristic no. 6 – Self-sufficient and Independent

Virgos are also known for being self-sufficient and highly independent.

They can take care of themselves, and more often than not, they can do things on their own.

If they can manage themselves, then they won’t bother asking for help since they don’t like the feeling of being indebted to anyone including their friends and family.

Virgos also tend to live in their own world away from the nuisance and troubles of reality.

When they feel sad and down, they hide themselves from the world and choose to reside in their own company.

For this reason, Virgos are also believed to be avid readers and fans of fictional movies and shows since they like the idea of living in a world of fantasy way better than they like reality.

If you made them choose between reality and fantasy, they would probably pick the latter.

After a while of isolation, they’d come around and start emerging from their own bubble, ready to interact and socialize with other people.

They just need some time alone then things would normally get back in motion.

Remember: Alone time is Virgo time.

Worst Virgo Traits and Characteristics

Now that you’ve seen the best traits and characteristics of the Virgo sign, let’s now take a closer look at some of their not-so-good ones.

Let’s start.

Virgo Trait/Characteristic no. 7 – Perfectionists

As mentioned earlier, Virgos have the natural tendency to strive for nothing but perfection.

While this trait could help them get the greater and finest things in life, this want for perfection could also be the cause of their own downfall.

Because of their perfectionism, they might never be able to completely move forward in life since they are stuck trying to get something that is inherently unattainable.

Trying to be perfect all the time could do more harm than good to them, and it is something they  must realize sooner than later.

If a Virgo truly wants to be happy, then seeking perfection isn’t the path to take since the idea of perfection will only hold them back from the improvement and growth they truly need in life.

To avoid sprouting more damage, a Virgo must remember that perfection is something they must never ever burden themselves with.

Nobody, and not a single thing, is ever perfect. And that’s okay.

As Nara Lee, a writer and artist, says, “Chasing perfection is a losing battle. You already are perfect.”

When a Virgo learns to stop seeking perfection, only then would they truly be happy and start a journey of continuous growth and inner peace.

Virgo Trait/Characteristic no. 8 – Critical and Judgmental

Virgos also have the tendency to become very critical and judgmental.

They can easily spot imperfections around them as their eyes gravitate towards the noticeable flaws of things.

After all, perfection is the number one thing they look for – nothing less, nothing more.                                                    

Because of this, Virgos can be highly critical not only to other people but also to themselves.

Whenever they look in a mirror, the first things they see are their flaws and imperfections.

For this reason, Virgos often find it hard to love themselves wholeheartedly, thinking they are not perfect enough for this world.

To avoid this from happening, a Virgo must start acknowledging their own uniqueness and their distinct traits and characteristics.

They must learn to know their worth and remember to see the beauty they truly possess.

Virgo Trait/Characteristic no. 9 – Sensitive and Emotional

More often than not, Virgos also have the tendency to become very sensitive and emotional.

They sometimes find it hard to control their overflowing emotions, leaving them frustrated, lonely, and sad.

If you say something they don’t like, then chances are they would take it seriously and would think about it longer than you would expect.

They might try to act indifferent or like they don’t care, but the truth is they do.

They just don’t show it because they are afraid of being judged.

To give solution to this, Virgos should try to control their emotions a little better and not let it get the best of them.

Hurtful words might carry a lot of weight, but a Virgo’s value doesn’t decrease from someone’s inability to see their worth.

They might be sensitive and emotional at times, but their hearts remain soft and kind as ever.

Virgo Trait/Characteristic no. 10 – Picky and Highly Selective

If you give the food menu to a Virgo, then you better be wearing your pants of patience because they could be very picky and highly selective.

Why? Since Virgos are perfectionists, they want to come up with the best decisions they could possibly make.

This includes choosing what to eat, whom to be friends with, where they want to go, and other situations that require them to choose and decide.

This characteristic causes a Virgo to spend an unreasonable amount of time coming up with decisions – something that can do more harm than good at times.


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The Virgo Sign: 11 Best and Worst Traits and Characteristics of a Virgo


Virgo Trait/Characteristic no. 11 – Overthinkers and People-pleasers

Overthinking. We all do it sometimes, and it does NOT feel good.

Seriously, it sucks.

However, despite it being very stressful (and very inconvenient), Virgos find it hard to stop their minds from running miles and miles of marathons.

They overthink a lot, and this often roots from their desire to please the people around them.

They tend to care a lot about what others think of them and so they try changing themselves just to fit in.

After all, they want to be perfect in every way that is possible to mankind.

This could seriously affect them… and not in a good way.

The more they think and try to please everyone, the more they lose themselves and their unique authenticity. 

People would see them not for who they truly are but for something they are not.

Worse, overthinking (according to research and studies) could increase their chances of developing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and such – something that they surely don’t want to happen.

To avoid this, Virgos must realize that overthinking and pleasing people would only cause them unnecessary stress and worry in life.

And no one wants that, right?

Remember: Think less, and live more.


Like day and night, Virgos have traits and characteristics that could either be a source of warm, refreshing light… or a source of blinding darkness.

They carry strong, intense, and powerful personality traits and characteristics, making them uniquely special among the other Zodiac signs.

They are intelligent, bright, and gracefully modest – traits that make them beautiful and amazing human beings.

Like a beautiful and majestic sunset, a Virgo is someone to watch out for.