What Virgo Sign Symbol Personality Traits and Qualities Do You Relate To?

What Virgo Sign Symbol Personality Traits and Qualities Do You Relate To?

Find Out Just How Virgo You Are

Virgo for example, one of the most distinct characters of a Virgo individual is being self-aware, but not all Virgos are.

Each zodiac sign in the astrological chart represents not just people with different birthdays but also characteristics.

It is also important to remember that not everyone will exhibit the same set of traits and qualities that their zodiac sign is said to have … and that’s okay.  

Does this mean those who are oblivious to their actions aren’t Virgos at all?

They still are, it’s just that they have mixed personalities that could be a result of being influenced by other people with different zodiac signs … or it’s really not only in their nature.

How about you? Do you feel a strong association with your zodiac sign?

Or you’re not sure yet? If so, then this is the place to be because we’ll help you find out whether your traits are a close match to your zodiac sign or not.

But since we can’t do all of them because that would be ridiculously long, we’re just going to do one, and it’s Virgo.  

If you want to test your Virgo-ness, then this is the article for you.

We’ll be discussing some of the best and worst qualities of a Virgo person along with other crucial details about the zodiac sign.

For every item you relate to, both good or bad, you have to give yourself 1 point, and at the end of this post you’ll see whether you are a full-blooded Virgo (if that’s a thing) or your traits are a mix of different zodiac signs.

Sounds interesting? Then let’s go straight to the first one.


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What Virgo Sign Symbol Personality Traits and Qualities Do You Relate To


What Virgo Sign Positive Personality Traits Do You Have?

Are You Humble? 

Is the Virgo Sign Humble?

As suggested by their maiden symbol, Virgos are naturally humble.

It is rare for them to go out of their way just to brag about their accomplishments.

Virgo-born individuals are humble and hardworking individuals who will get things done as quickly, efficiently, and quietly as possible.

-    Alright, so do you think you’re humble enough? If you really feel like you are humble, then go ahead and give yourself one (1) point.

But if you often brag about anything and everything you’ve done then read the next trait including in our list of what Virgo sign positive traits you could relate to a lot.

Are You Intelligent? 

Virgos are highly intelligent, they are very interested in getting themselves familiarized with as many things as possible to increase their knowledge. 

They also love to study and analyze facts to come up with reliable answers on things that are unclear to many.

Virgos think deeply, and this gives them the ability to create great ideas that people of other zodiac signs won’t be able to.

-    Do you believe you have impressive intellectual prowess? Then give yourself another point. But if not, then don’t.

Are Virgo People Able To Think On Their Feet

Are You A Quick-Thinker? 

Yes, quick thinking is often associated with being intelligent.

But the thing is not all smart people can think fast, right? 

Thanks to the fact that Neptune rules this zodiac sign, Virgos are natural fast-thinkers.

They can quickly create ideas, opinions, and possibilities that can help solve a variety of situations.

And since mind-restlessness is right up their alley, they have the tendency to over think things and start multiple projects at the same time.

However, it also makes them clever, which helps them respond quickly to situations.

-    If you consider yourself a quick-thinker then add another point to your score. But if not, then move along.

Is The Virgo Sign Able To Adapt Quickly

Are You Adaptable? 

Virgos have mutable quality, and this allows them to adjust to changes brought by life or other circumstances quickly. 

They are well aware of the fact that all things will eventually come to an end and so letting go is not something that they find themselves having a hard time dealing with.

In fact, they may even help other people go through these transitioning phases and adapt better to the new changes in their lives.

-    Are you someone who adjusts easily to changes? If so then add another point but if you find it hard to let go of things then better skip this one without adding one (1) more point to your score.

What Virgo Sign Is Able To Learn Continuously

Are You a Sucker for Self-Improvement? 

Virgos are obsessed with the idea of reaching the best version of themselves, and as a result, this makes them self-aware and a bit of a perfectionist

From what they’re wearing and how they look like to the things they say and commit, Virgos make sure that everything they do can help them improve themselves.

This desire to reach their best version also prompts them to avoid anyone or anything that can be a bad influence on them.

-     Is achieving the best version of yourself a top priority for you?

If so, then add another point to your score list. 

But if you’re still content with your current self then head on over to list of what Virgo sign negative characteristics, you might have.


After going through some and looking for what Virgo sign positive traits, you could have it’s time for us to discuss the negative ones. 

Yes, even Virgos have bad qualities too.

The same thing applies, alright? Add one (1) point to your score per trait that you find relatable. 

Are you ready? 

Then read the following to find out what Virgo sign negative personality traits you may have.

What Virgo Sign Negative Personality Traits Do You Relate To

What Virgo Sign Negative Personality Traits Do You Relate To?

Are You a Perfectionist? 

Due to their intense desire to reach the best version of themselves, Virgos have this tendency to become perfectionists.

They can be tough not just on themselves but also the people they are surrounded by, especially when their performance is less than flawless.

-    So, are you like that? If you’re a perfectionist, then go ahead and give yourself another point. Read the next trait, otherwise.

Are You Hyper Critical?

One of the biggest downfalls of a Virgo person is being too critical of others.

Yes, they just want to help other people by giving them constructive criticisms.

But the thing is, their perfectionist nature partnered with their lack of ability to pick the right words can make them cross the line and actually hurt the person they are trying to help.

-    If you are guilty of this trait, then add another point to your score. But if you think you are not, then skip this one.

Are Virgo People Obsessed With Details?

Are You Having A Hard Time Seeing The Bigger Picture Of Things? 

Another negative trait of Virgos is their tendency to focus on details that aren’t that important, which often prevents them from seeing the entire scope of things. 

This trait stops them from being able to come up with practical solutions to different problems they might encounter.

It also affects their ability to see the deeper purpose of things and provide meaningful advice to other people.

-    If this is one of the traits, you have to add one (1) more point. Go straight to the next one if you don’t relate to this.

Is The Virgo Sign Zodiac Self-Aware?

Are You Having a Difficulty Seeing Your Own Faults? 

Yes, a lot of Virgos are very self-aware of their own actions, especially when it comes to their progress and the things they must avoid so they won’t leave a wrong impression on other people.

But there’s this one problem, that self-checking ability doesn’t extend to the mistakes that they make.

This negative trait makes it hard for them to accept criticisms as they are not always able to see their own faults.

-    Be honest, okay? If this is something that you feel like you relate to then add one (1) more point to your score list.

But if not, then read the final trait in our list of what Virgo sign negative personality traits you have.

Are You Obsessive? 

The last entry on our list of what Virgo sign negative traits you could have is being obsessive. 

Their perfectionist nature can sometimes be so intense that they can be obsessive when it comes to things that either makes them feel good about themselves, or they just can’t get right.

The obsession of Virgos on the things they want to focus on can be so robust that it won’t falter until they achieve their goal.

-    If you’re someone who obsesses a lot over things, then add another point to your score list. But if you’re pretty chill then move on to the next part of the article.


After finding out what Virgo sign positive and negative traits you could be relating to a lot, do you think it’s time for us to take a look at your score?

Nope, not yet, because we’re giving you bonus content before we reach that part, and it’s all about the most common myths about Virgo.  

Believe it or not, Virgos are some of the most misunderstood people out there.

So to help you feel closer to your zodiac sign, here’s a short list of some of the most common things about what other people think about Virgo-born individuals.

Feel free to yell “false” if you know they’re not real.

What Virgo Sign Common Misconceptions Do You Find Yourself Relating To?

1.    Virgos are too stuffy and uptight

2.    Virgos are too focused on their careers

3.    Virgos are irrationally critical 

4.    Virgos are emotionally insecure

5.    Virgos are superficial

6.    Virgos are over-thinkers

Okay, so are you ready for the scoring part? Take a look at the following:

*Personality Traits

•    9 to 10 pts. – You are as Virgo as it gets

•    7 to 8 pts. – Still a Virgo but with a bit of influence from non-Virgo folks.

•    5 to 6 pts. – You have about 50% of the characteristics of a Virgo person.  The rest of your traits are either mixed or influenced by other people with different zodiac signs.

•    3 to 4 pts. – Your Virgo traits aren’t as strong as the others so mostly, your characteristics are influenced by other zodiac signs.

•    0 to 2 pts. – Are you even a Virgo? Just kidding, you still are, it’s just that almost all of your traits could be a mix of the traits found in other zodiac signs. 

So, how was it? Did this bring you closer to your Virgo self or not?

You know what? 

It actually doesn’t matter whether you have all of the personality traits that can be seen among Virgos or not because you still are one no matter what.

Several factors can affect your personality, from your culture to the person you spend most of your time with, these things can have significant effects on your characteristics and may, therefore, result into having mixed traits.

The critical thing is … as long as you know yourself well enough, and you’re continually trying to do better, then you are genuinely a Virgo folk no questions asked.